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Eddie's Answers

Jeff Ferrer ( asks:
With you leaving the super-books, I have to ask, will the "Superman: Birthright" continuity issues ever be resolved?

Eddie: By years end that continuity as well as others should be sorted out.

Freddie Crespo ( asks:
Hi, thanks again for everything and sorry to see ya go! To the point: You already answered a question about Kryptonite and the atmosphere, but in the same issue ("Superman/Batman #19"), on the last page, we see Lex wearing a glove with all kinds of Kryptonite attached to it... Does Lex know what affect each one has on Superman, or is he simply hoping they'll have some kind of negative affect on the Man of Steel?

Eddie: Thank you. And Lex is a scientist, so natuarly, he's been doing some testing with the different Kryptonite, and we'll see to what end later this year.

Ian Staley ( asks:
Can Superman see in the dark? Does he have night vision and if so, when has he used it?

Eddie: Yes, the same way our pupils dilate, his do to a much greater extent. And he uses this when he's going somewhere very dark like the bottom of the ocean.

Ryan Ignatius Pratt ( asks:
Thanks for taking time out to answer our questions. What would you say to someone who believes that Superman should be the only Kryptonian (i.e., truly the "last son" and "sole survivor" of Krypton), to entice them to give the new Supergirl series a chance?

Eddie: I agree that Superman should remain unique, which is why Supergirl was kept from being a Kryptonian for so long. But in doing so we made her too complicated. As Kara is now, she's easy to explain as Superman's cousin from Krypton. Of course, that doesn't mean we're making her simple. She will be unique in her own right with a handfull of surprises in store as her series rolls out. Why just her meeting with Power Girl has some very interesting repercussions.

Thales Gomes ( asks:
Eddie, please answer this question, the doubt is killing me... What ever happender to Lena Luthor, Lex's daughter? Last we knew she was under Lex's care when he was President... With him in exile (thought dead by most people), what has happened to Lena?

Eddie: With Lex presumed dead, she's in foster care and very safe away from everything. Lex has secretly seen to that, so I don't want to give anything away.

Jonn_jonz ( asks:
Not that I mind the "new" Supergirl, but what happened to the the other one? You know good ol' Matrix? Will the new Supergirl interact with her at all?

Eddie: Linda vanished, and at this point there's no plans for her return.

David L. Patterson ( asks:
I'd like to know if there's any chance that the Elseworlds' "Superman & Batman: Generations III #1-12"; and "Superman: Last Son of Earth #1-2" and its sequel "Superman: Last Stand on Krypton" will ever be released as trade paperbacks?

Eddie: Trades Senior Editor Bob Greenberger tells me that none are planned. Sorry.

Mariano Alfonsi (Bs. As., Argentina) ( asks:
Eddie, thanks for taking the time. My question is... Is the series JUSTICE (by Alex Ross) going to be in continuity with the main books or is it going to be some kind of Elseworlds???

Eddie: You're just going to have to read it, aren't you?

Stephen ( asks:
Hi Eddie, Since Byrne's "Man of Steel," Superman has always had two standard weaknesses, Kryptonite and magic. Now all of a sudden the old pre-Crisis red-sun weakness is back, he bleeds constantly, and he is mind-controlled with ease by both Eclipso and others (don't want to spoil anything). Why does it seem like there is a specific effort to make Superman less "super"? (Thanks Eddie, and good luck with your new assignments. You will be missed here on the Superman Homepage!!!)

Eddie: Thanks again, and it's not an effort to make him less Super, but more a matter of continuing to challenge him because he is so Super. Also a lot of creators who come on to the books have a fondness for the Silver Age stories, and if they find a new spin on something we try it out. But Red Kryptonite was re-introduced early on in his revamping, though.

Thanks for answering our questions Eddie! Any word from Matt Idleson in regards to continuing this forum when he takes over as editor?

Eddie: He said he'd love to.

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