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Max ( asks:
Hey, Eddie. I have got to say, all the die hard Superman fans are sick and tired of Superman tolerating Batman's condescension. It was sweet in "Superman #182", when Clark finally stands up to Batman. 'Course, Batman was already out of the window when Clark finished his speech, but it was still something great. I'm hoping the fans can look forward to more confrontations like that in the future. (I was just reading "Dark Knight Strikes Again", and Superman gets his ass kicked by Batman. Thing is, I can get angry, but the way things usually go between them in present day comic continuity, it's probably the most realistic future for Superman. That is seriously disappointing.) Superman is a smart guy, maybe not as smart as Bruce, but he's got other great qualities that rival the Dark Knight's. Those qualities should be explored in the Superman comics. Don't get me wrong, I love what you guys have been doing lately, I love the complex relationship between the two heroes. It just feels like Bats always has one up. Hopin' that some change'll be coming in either the new "Superman/Batman" book or in the Supes comics themselves. (And congrats on your promotion!) Thanks for lettin' the fans vent, Eddie. It means a lot, keeps the connection. (By the way, not angry, just love my man Superman too much to let him get walked all over).

Eddie: Thank you. And don't worry, we'll definitely be getting into the relationship between Clark and Bruce, especially since I do want to pick up on both the events in SUPERMAN and in what's coming up in BATMAN. This and other stuff will play a big part of SUPERMAN/BATMAN by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.

Krillan (email address withheld) asks:
Eddie, I'm confused... you recently said on this forum that Superman doesn't have the strength to move Earth. However, in the comics, Superman recently said he could do it -- and we saw him move at least 1/3 of it in JLA. So which one is it? Also, he benched the Moon by his lonesome in "JLA 80 Page Giant #3" when he relieved Green Lantern... and the Moon's bigger than Pluto (he also split one of Saturn's moons in one hit(!) in "Lex 2000"). So what's the biggest planet he could move?

Eddie: OK, Clark likes to brag and he had help in JLA. And splitting a moon isn't moving it, so aside from the 80-page Giant, I stand by what I said that unless there's a major boost to his power or has external forces helping him, Superman can't move the Earth.

Ryan Steans ( asks:
I really enjoyed Ending Battle and hope for more great stories of this kind of scope soon. However, as Manchester Black was torturing Lois, it struck me I probably wouldn't hand this book to a particularly young child. The three main titles can definitely move into the PG-13 realm, which is great for today's audience which skews older every year. That said, now that "Superman Adventures" is gone, aside from "Justice League Adventures" (which gives Superman short shrift) is there anything else I should consider for a younger reader? Any plans to draw in those crucial younger kids what with a movie coming up (maybe...)?

Eddie: That's a tough one. Kids don't wanna read "kid" comics. It's why our younger books don't do as well, if they seem not to matter to continuity or seem juvenile. The SUPERMAN ADVENTURES book was great, but just didn't get the support. Trying to make SUPERMAN by Steve Seagle and Scott McDaniel more of a general audience. Joe Casey is also going for a very different approach with the Man of Steel in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. It's a book where Superman is not using his fists to solve problems, and that's something our future generation really needs to understand. ACTION does have some edgier stuff coming up by Joe Kelly and Pascual Ferry, so I'm trying to have something for everyone. The upcoming SUPERMAN/BATMAN will also have that general audience quality. And for the older readers, I highly suggest SUPERMAN: METROPOLIS. Chuck Austen is writting Jimmy as a real photographer. It's cool.

Dan Kitlak ( asks:
I've been a Superman fan all my life, though I am only 17. A question has been stuck in my head for a while. I know that physically Superman "looks" human but genetically he is nothing like a human, but does Superman have fingerprints?

Eddie: Yes, although he's perfected the ability to not leave any as Superman.

Clint Crawford ( asks:
Hey Eddie! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Someone pointed out to me, you once said that Sharon Vance would be appearing again soon. Is this true? Will Strange Visitor be back?

Eddie: My pleasure, but I don't know where you heard the rumor about Sharon. The only starnge visitors in Superman's life is that new Supergirl in SUPERMAN and that GIRL 13 in ACTION.

John ( asks:
I am a young Superman fan and haven't had the chance to grow with the character over the years and its many different variations. What I am curious about, is Superman's source of power. I have heard that the yellow sun of Earth is the source of his power, and that he basically acts as a battery that the sun re-charges. But then, I see Superman fly off to fight villains in other galaxies far away from Earth's sun and still have all of his abilities. How dependent is Superman on the sun? Is there some sort of time limit until his powers die out like a Green Lantern power ring?

Eddie: If other galaxies have a sun similar to ours than Superman is fine, but if those stars are decaying in their energy, so will Kal. His reserves have limits.

Dave ( asks:
Just how fast (in miles) is Superman flying at top speed? Thanks alot and keep up the good work!

Eddie: OK, don't have an ezact number, but check out SUPERMAN #191 where he and FLASH race again. We'll clock him then.

Katana Octopus ( asks:
Here are my questions: 1. In an interview a while back, Joe Kelly said something about him turning Superman into a "Super Sex Sun God". What happened to that?
2. I'd like your input in this: it is a long discussed topic on the web. There are several people against Superman becoming stronger. They say that he hasn't a lot of enemies that can challenge him, and that making him more powerful is just stupid. In my opinion, the more powerful Superman gets, the better. But of course, there must be great stories. Not just Superman making impressive feats. Those guys even think that depowering is the right thing to do. What do you think?
3. There's this rumor about Grant Morrison coming aboard. Is this true?
Thanks for answering, Eddie. And you and the Super-team keep up the great work!

Eddie: 1. Joe Kelly says a lot of stuff, and some of it we see in-between the pages. Um, the sun is important in his next story arc with ZOD in ACTION beginning with #801. Next...
2. Superman should be the best. I don't like him huffing and puffing against tanks and stuff. I just think we need to throw bigger and greater threats as well as ones that require more than great strength to solve.
3. Gosh, that's up to Grant. If he's reading this, I want to know the answer to that as well.

Michael Bradley ( asks:
My favorite part of the Superman/Darkseid book was seeing Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, Kara, Krypto and the Eradicator fighting side-by-side. With the recent cancellations of SUPERGIRL, SUPERBOY and MAN OF STEEL, will we be seeing more cameos and team-ups with members of the "Superman Family" in the pages of Superman's three remaining books?

Eddie: Some will be popping up. And that mostly happens in ACTION.

Thanks again Eddie!!

Eddie: No, thank you!

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