Horror Invades The DC Universe in “Knight Terrors”

Knight Terrors

What Goes Bump in the Night for a Super-Villain?

As first announced at ComicsPRO, horror is invading the DC Universe this summer with the publishing event, “Knight Terrors”. The next Dawn of DC milestone event takes place in July and August and will feature a host of two-issue miniseries, each spotlighting a DC Super Hero or Super-Villain confronting their worst nightmares in a “Nightmare Realm.” DC is today unveiling details of the main “Knight Terrors” miniseries as well as all of the superstar creative teams on the Super-Villain miniseries. Additional details on “Knight Terrors” will be revealed tomorrow!

Kicking off the line-wide event is the oversize special “Knight Terrors: First Blood #1” from Joshua Williamson (Superman) and Howard Porter (The Flash). When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find the body of one of their earliest enemies inside the Hall of Justice, their investigation takes them past the land of the living, beyond the land of the dead, and directly to a new villain called Insomnia, who uses his powers to engulf every single hero and villain in their own dark and twisted nightmares. The only way to save the world is to call for the help of an unlikely hero—Deadman!

“Knight Terrors: First Blood #1” is available at local comics shops on July 4 and will feature art, a main cover, a 1:666 signed variant, and a Darkest Hour variant cover by Howard Porter. The one-shot special issue will also feature open-to-order variant covers by Jae Lee and Francesco Mattina, a 1:25 variant by Riccardo Federici, a 1:50 by Ejikure, and a 1:100 by Jae Lee.

The main “Knight Terrors” story will take place over four issues written by Williamson with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli (The Joker), Stefano Nesi and Caspar Wijngaard (Home Sick Pilots), in which Boston Brand—a.k.a. Deadman—serves as the supernatural tour guide! Following the events of “Knight Terrors: First Blood #1”, everyone in the world is trapped inside their nightmares, and Batman and Deadman are trying to figure out who Insomnia really is…and why he wants revenge on the heroes of the DC Universe! “Knight Terrors #1” is available at comics shops on July 11 with variant covers by Francesco Mattina and Alex Maleev, a 1:25 variant by Evan “Doc” Shaner, a 1:50 by Alex Maleev, a 1:100 by Ivan Reis, and a Darkest Hour cover by Reis.

Fans won’t have to wait too long for the adventures to continue, as “Knight Terrors #2” hits stands on July 25. Wesley Dodds, the Sandman, teams up with Batman and Deadman to uncover one of his oldest cases, which haunted him until the day he died. The trio are pointed in the direction of the Nightmare Stone, but Insomnia has unleashed his army, the Sleepless Knights, to hunt them down. “Knight Terrors #2” will feature a cover by Ivan Reis and Danny Miki, open-to-order variants by Francesco Mattina and Mahmud Asrar, a 1:25 variant by Jeff Spokes, a 1:50 by Ivan Reis, and a 1:100 by Asrar. Reis is also providing a Darkest Hour variant.

Fans can get a preview of what is to come in “Knight Terrors” on Free Comic Book Day, May 6, with the Dawn of DC “Knight Terrors Free Comic Book Day Special Edition”. Joshua Williamson is teaming up with Howard Porter and legendary comics artist Chris Bachalo (Doctor Strange, Deadpool) to show what haunts Damian Wayne’s dreams. After a long night of crime-fighting with his father, Batman, Damian sleeps but horrors invade his teenage dreams. Damian has seen a lot, but there is something different about this nightmare.

Full press release available at DC.com.