HeroicWorld Productions Releases Debut Comic Book Publication

Heroic World

The premiere issue of HeroicWorld introduces a new Universe of Superheroes

HeroicWorld Productions proudly releases its first comic book publication HeroicWorld, an exciting universe of new superheroes created by LA artist and writer Scott Cranford. The HeroicWorld comic is now available on Amazon for digital download and print-on-demand and will soon be available to order on print at HeroicWorld.com.

“My goal has always been about giving superhero enthusiasts brand new and exciting Superheroes,” Cranford says. “I created these heroes to present hope and inspiration in a fun and colorful way.”

The premiere issue introduces a colorful cast of original comic book superheroes — including Sharpman, The Earth Avenger, Platinum Gloss, The Human Furnace, The Wave, and many others — each with an ambitious agenda of tackling social issues the world faces today.

While the heroes of the Heroic World Universe may be a bit different from the mainstream, Cranford says his creations all share a universal message.

“Some of the superheroes may not be traditional,” the artist explains. “But their goals are the same, to make sure that good always triumphs over evil.”

The heroes of HeroicWorld were first released by Cranford at HeroicWorld.com in 2000 in the form of online scroll along adventures. The website was featured in Wizard Magazine and on LA based KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Show with Ralph Garman.

Cranford dreamed for years of putting out a Comic Book and honed his artistic skills, planning stand alone comics for all of the heroes of HeroicWorld.

With colorful cover art done with fellow artist Steve Stanley, Cranford proudly created this first edition of his original comic book.

“I enjoyed learning every step it took to make [the] comic book, from coming up with a story, to penciling, inking, coloring to deciding where to put the dialogue,” Cranford says. “Now that I feel I am armed with these skills, I’m ready for more.”

Cranford hopes his comic will provide superhero fans with a few sly references to other popular heroes while entertaining his readers with his original content.

“In this comic book, eagle-eyed superhero enthusiasts may catch a few nods to my favorite superheroes, Superman and Batman,” Cranford reveals. “But all of heroes in HeroicWorld are original, and I’m hoping something people have never seen before. “


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A former actor in superhero entertainment, Scott Cranford has worked on big budget features like Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin and Ironman. He portrayed the iconic Man of Steel as the Official Superman in the City of Metropolis, Illinois’ Superman Celebration as well as two U.S. Army Goodwill Tours and the West Chicago Police’s National Night Out on Crime for eight years. He also produced, directed and starred in the superhero documentary “Heroic Ambition”.

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