Halloween 2020 – Superman, Ellen, Cricketers and NICU Babies

It’s not Halloween without people dressing up as Superman, and even though this is a year like no other in recent memory, it was no different when it came to October 31, 2020.

While she has been the focus of some recent controversy, Ellen paid tribute to the nurses on the front lines of COVID-19 this year by dressing up in a nurses costume, revealing the Superman “S” shield across her chest.

“I’m dressed as my favorite superhero. I’m a nurse,” Ellen explained. “I think all nurses are superheroes. Their super power is going 48 hours with no sleep. Now, more than ever, we are realizing who the true superheroes are — people like nurses, teachers. They’re all essential workers. They’re true celebrities.”


While the game of Cricket isn’t well known in the USA, Rajasthan Royals player Ben Stokes, who is well known across England, India and Australia, took to social media to wish his fans Happy Halloween dressed as the Man of Steel.

Ben Stokes

Meanwhile, while he didn’t dress up as Superman for Halloween 2020, “Bachelorette” TV contestant Dale Moss was discovered to have been a model for Party City Halloween, with one photo from the 2016-2017 photo shoot showing him dressed in a Halloween Superman costume.

Dale Moss

The final word on Halloween 2020 goes to the wonderful carers at the Odessa Regional Medical Center in Texas, who helped the tiny babies in the NICU celebrate their first Halloween by dressing them in special costumes, with one special Man of Steel dressed in a makeshift Superman costume.

“Our NICU staff is committed to caring for our smallest patients and helping families cope during these challenging times,” said Madison Tate, Director of Marketing & Community Relations at Odessa Regional Medical Center.


We hope everyone enjoyed a safe and super Halloween.