Great Scott – “Justice Con Report: Borg Life and Snyderiffic!”

Here’s two new editions of the “Great Scott!” feature brought to you by Scotty V, in which he (as Clark Kent) discusses the Ray Fisher and Zack Snyder panels from the online “Justice Con” event this weekend.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in this video are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Superman Homepage or its members.

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July 26, 2020 6:33 pm

Thanks for the great update Mr. V.

My question would be after it’s run on HBO Max, will it be put into a purchasable Blue Ray format disk(s)??? If this is as good as it appears, it’ll sell like hot cakes. I’d pre-order it right now if I could.

July 27, 2020 4:36 pm
Reply to  redcape

I’d definitely be willing to buy the Blueray and / or DVD since I can’t subscribe for HBO MAX outside the US. Here’s hoping though that it will be released on prime or Netflix

Scotty V
July 28, 2020 10:57 am
Reply to  Kal-Ed

I would figure there’d be some sort of deal reached for countries outside the US, like other HBO platforms that are available maybe having it. But that would be a good question for Zack or HBO.

July 29, 2020 4:05 pm
Reply to  Scotty V

Thanks Scotty. Here’s hoping for further news about that.

Scotty V
July 28, 2020 10:56 am
Reply to  redcape

Yep no word on that yet. I’m sure they want to make as much money as they can from it. It’s likely they’re primarily looking for subscribers with this and with all the other exclusive DC content coming to the platform.