Giveaway Contest Winner – Kids Superman Puffer Jacket

Thanks to, the Superman Homepage was pleased to be able to give away a Kids Superman Puffer Jacket.

With printed details like the Superman shield on the chest, and stitched-in muscles, this child’s puffer jacket spares nothing to make your kid feel like the hero they were destined to be. This coat comes with specially designed debossed buttons with the Superman logo on them for a subtle touch, while the hood has a vibrant red color that resembles his signature cape. All these details combine for a coat that any kid will proudly wear during their adventures in the winter weather.

To enter the contest you simply needed to answer the following question:

Introduced in the 1986 comic book “The Man of Steel #1”, what is the name of the Kryptonian robot that protects Superman’s Fortress of Solitude?

The answer, of course, is “Kelex”.

The winner, selected at random from the entries received, is: Samuel Villar. Congratulations Samuel! Your Kids Superman Puffer Jacket will be sent to you shortly.

For everyone else, you can order your own Kids Superman Puffer Jacket from