Get Your Justice League Stampers


PMI and DC Comics have joined forces to release a set of 5 Justice League Stampers.

Time to Take Action and Become a Hero With PMI!

Justice League, unite! Join Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, The Flash, Cyborg, and Green Lantern in foiling villains and fighting for good. Your toys for 3 year old children and older double as awesome stampers and dynamic action figures, bringing action to life. Suit up and save the world with PMI!

Keep Streets Safe and Crafts Decorated With Your Stampers

Creativity is its own superpower! With your Justice League stampers, you can make schoolwork, schematics, and top-secret messages simply super. Intended for children ages 3+, your 5 stampers are self-inked and washable, meaning fewer messes and more smiles. On the bottom of each figure is a stamp of that character’s face, with enough ink to last about 200 stamps. Gather your toy gang and create incredible crafts with your Justice League stampers from PMI!

Don Your Cape and Celebrate With Your Sidekicks

When the world slows and the streets settle, it’s time for superheroes to party. Gather your benevolent band and celebrate, using your figures as hero/Batman birthday supplies! Place your figures around headquarters as decorations, use them as Wonder Woman cake toppers for cupcakes, or make them party game props. Add some super snacks and defender drinks, and you’re ready for an amazing time!

Give the Gift of Creativity and Bravery

Know a certain someone who loves all things superhero? Delight your young vigilante with a Superman topper set from PMI! Your Justice League toys inspire imaginative play and self-expression, doubling as awesome stampers and dynamic action figures. Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just because, your gift is sure to be a hit!

Become a part of the action TODAY. Priced at US$11.99, add PMI’s Justice League stampers/toppers set to your collection!