Geoff Johns Discusses “Doomsday Clock #6” and the Superman Theory

In an interview with Newsweek, writer Geoff Johns talks about the upcoming sixth issue of his “Doomsday Clock” saga, and how this issue will turn the focus on the supervillains and how they relate to the Superman Theory (which claims costumed metahumans were created by the United States government as superhuman soldiers).

“The Superman Theory is supposed to be something that is creating this world tension, reflecting some of how misinformation can actually get very, very dangerous in our world, and in this case, even more so. There is an element of truth to it and that truth is going to be uncovered, and who is behind it and why and what it was designed to do and what’s happening, will play a major part in the story.”

The Superman Theory has Superman in the title for a significant reason that Johns said will become more clear as the story moves forward. “It’s really important the Superman Theory is named after Superman, and Lois points out that’s why she suspects Lex would paint Superman’s name with this,” Johns teases. “There is big paranoia over it, and the only person you can rely on is Superman. The only person the world will rely on is Superman. Lois and Clark are now busy investigating the Superman Theory, and they are starting to uncover that, “Oh my god, there is truth to it.”

Read the full interview at “Doomsday Clock #6” is scheduled to arrive Wednesday, July 18.

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