General Mills Cereals Get DC Comics Makeover

Fans in the USA may have noticed an influx of DC Comics characters in the cereal isle of your local supermarket, with DC Comics and General Mills having teamed up for a new promotion.

“In brainstorming with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC, we were energized by the similarities and popularity of the Justice League characters and of our own cereal characters,” says Lisa Kessel, a marketing communications manager at General Mills. “DC shared that many of their artists were also huge cereal fans and we were excited to bring that love of cereal and the love of comics together in one holistic event.”

Six General Mills cereal boxes have received a DC Comics makeover with five General Mills equity characters receiving a superhero transformation, while a sixth box features Wonder Woman.

The Trix Rabbit becomes Superman, BuzzBee takes on the look of Batman, Lucky is now a Green Lantern, Sonny becomes The Flash, and the Crazy Squares team feature Aquaman, Cyborg and Green Lantern.

These specially-marked boxes also include one of four exclusive DC comic books titled: “Power Play,” “Dark Reflections,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Alien Justice.”

And that’s not all, when lined up, the back of these cereal boxes create a panoramic, designed by comic book artist Ivan Reis.

Visit the General Mills blog for an insight into Reis’ work for these cereal boxes, and listen to an interview with writer Tony Bedard for more insight into this comic-collaboration.

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March 8, 2017 8:46 pm

Trix are for Super fans

March 8, 2017 10:12 pm

Wonder Woman received the most boring cereal.