First Look at McFarlane Toys “Our Worlds at War” Superman Action Figure

Superman Action Figure

McFarlane Toys has given us a first look at their upcoming “Our Worlds at War” Superman Action Figure.

Along with The Atom (DC: The Silver Age) and Green Arrow (Longbow Hunter), the Superman (Our Worlds at War) figure is part of McFarlane Toys phygital figures, which will launch for pre-orders on May 23, 2024.

The 7″ scale physical action figures also come with a digital collectible (hence the “phygital” name). Fans who collect all three figures will receive an Animal Man digital Build-A figure later in August/September.

The Superman figure is based on the 2001 comic book saga “Our Worlds at War,” which saw the heroes of the DC Universe facing the threat of the cosmic force known as Imperiex.

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