First Look at “Lois Lane #8” with Kiss of Death

First Look at "Lois Lane #8" with Kiss of Death

According to DC Comics, it’s time to go back and re-read your issues of Action Comics, Superman and Lois Lane, because that kiss between Lois Lane and Superman that went viral last year… was the kiss of death?

Below you’ll find a first look at Mike Perkins’ artwork and character design for the debut of new character the Kiss of Death, a deadly assassin tasked with eliminating Lois Lane, first appearing in Lois Lane #8 on February 5.

Lois Lane – Killed by a Kiss?

As the world comes to realize Lois Lane is also the wife of Superman and mother of Superboy, the DC Universe’s most acclaimed reporter finds herself hunted by a deadly assassin code-named the Kiss of Death. The only thing standing between Lois and execution is the Question, but can Renee Montoya stop the Kiss before she fulfills her contract?

“The scariest aspect to the Kiss of Death is she’s only got eyes for Lois,” says DC Group Editor Jamie Rich. “Most deadly assassins fixate on one target, sure, but this is extreme. Not to mention, Lois is trying get by without her superpowered husband’s help. We all know Lois can take care of herself, but this one might even be too dangerous for her.”

Lois Lane #8 by writer Greg Rucka and artist Mike Perkins, debuting new DC character the Kiss of Death, hits shelves Wednesday February 5th, 2020.

Lois Lane #8
Written by Greg Rucka
Art and cover by Mike Perkins
Variant cover by Karmome Shirahama
In Shops: Feb 05, 2020

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