Favorite Live-Action Bizarro – Poll Results

Poll Results

In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question:

Which is your favorite live-action version of Bizarro?

The new version of Bizarro seen in the second season of “Superman & Lois” has proven a hit with fans, with almost half of you choosing him/it has your favorite live-action version.

Here’s the complete voting breakdown:

Which is your favorite live-action version of Bizarro?
  • "Superman & Lois" TV Series 51%, 134 votes
    134 votes 51%
    134 votes - 51% of all votes
  • 1980s "Superboy" TV Series 25%, 65 votes
    65 votes 25%
    65 votes - 25% of all votes
  • "Smallville" TV Series 20%, 52 votes
    52 votes 20%
    52 votes - 20% of all votes
  • Bizarro-Girl on "Supergirl" TV Series 4%, 10 votes
    10 votes 4%
    10 votes - 4% of all votes
Total Votes: 261
February 9, 2022 - February 26, 2022
Voting is closed

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February 17, 2022 1:31 am

I voted Superboy, but largely because the Superman & Lois version is “unfinished”; it’s intriguing and I really look forward to seeing what they do with the character, but they’re going to have to work hard to beat the pathos of “To Be Human”.

February 17, 2022 11:49 am

Bizzarro is always welcome because he hasn’t been overdone in the media (IMO).

He was a highlight of the old Superboy show and I really liked the Supergirl version as well. Superman and Lois version has been interesting so far but waiting to see where the story goes.

I honestly dont remember Bizarro on Smallville but I kind of dropped in and out of that show so maybe I never saw it

February 17, 2022 4:01 pm
Reply to  Loganswalk

Bizarro was was introduced at the end of Smallville’s season 6 finale if I remember correctly. He didn’t have any backwards talk as far as I can remember. But he would act like how Clark would act if he was ever exposed to red Kryptonite. Mean and very troublesome. I do remember his face would get white and cracked whenever he was exposed to sunlight. Since Clark would get stronger with sunlight, the opposite effect would happen with Bizarro. He’d get weaker if exposed to it.

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