Exclusive “Supermen: World War” Interview – 2018 Superman Celebration

A few months ago I reported on the release of the trailer for the Superman fan film titled “Supermen: World War”. Having only screened once before for close family and friends, the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois was the first big public screening for the feature length fan film.

Writer/director/producer Donald Callahan and Superman actor Kevin Caliber were in attendance for the Celebration, promoting the film, and after sitting down to watch the movie, I caught up with the two gentlemen to talk to them about “Supermen: World War”.

This is Callahan’s first big project of his own making, while Caliber might look familiar to fans of the “Supergirl” TV series, as he played the role of Superman in the pilot episode.

If you think Kevin Caliber makes a great-looking Superman and wonder why he didn’t return in Season 2 when Superman made a proper appearance, it was because he was in Europe at the time, and when he was finally available to return, they’d decided to go in another direction, hiring Tyler Hoechlin for the part.

Check out the trailer from DJC Filmz fan film “Supermen: World War”.