Exclusive Report on “Justice League: The Complete VR Experience”

Earlier this month Superman Homepage reporter Rennie Cowan was amongst the first to experience the new “Justice League: The Complete VR Experience” from Warner Bros.

Held at the WB Archive Museum on the Warner Bros. Lot, Rennie submitted the following video, report and photos from her time checking out “Justice League: The Complete VR Experience”.

VR games have taken to popularity recently and Warner Brothers is moving in that direction as a result. The hype of the recent release of the Justice League movie will also be a VR game that will be available on all of the major VR gaming platforms which are you don’t want to purchase a VR gaming platform and just want to play it, then you may want to visit an (of the Justice League release date) when Warner Brothers invited me to review it for Superman HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. If IMAX VR center where you can play it there. I got a chance to play Justice League VR on November 17th Homepage. They actually let me play two of their other VR games like Fantastic Beasts and IT (based on the Steven King horror film) which were terrific. However, Justice League VR moved and felt more like a traditional video game but in a VR world.

Before you play Justice League VR, you have the choice of being some of your favorite Justice League characters: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. They gave me two game plays of my choice, Superman and Wonder Woman. I also watched a game play of Batman. First, you will have to get used to the idea of using your whole body to play a VR game rather than just sitting in a chair with a diet soda and pushing buttons on a game controller. Secondly, you will be wearing a VR headset so that you can see everything at a 360 degree angle (meaning, from in front of you to behind you). As you turn, so will your vision – point of view. This is more or less elementary for any gamer but for those who are not familiar with VR games you may want to be standing in an area away from furniture or any other obstacles because you may have the tendency to move forward or backwardwith the simulation. Though the graphics are obviously and visually a video game, the realism of movement fills you immediately. While playing Superman, I had the sensation of flight. You hold a sensor device in each hand and as you move your arms so does Superman move his arms. In fact, you are in control of his flying and if you don’t learn how to control the flight you will surely crash into debris and in my case, collide directly through the rocks of the mountain sides.

It took me a good five minutes to adjust to the flying but once you get used to it you will begin flying Superman-like and how he should really fly if you were Superman. The game will give you the feeling of the first flying scene with Superman in Man of Steel when Henry Cavill was hitting the snowy mountains. He really didn’t get it at first but once he did get it it was smooth sailing from there. Next, you will be approaching a few obstacles where you will be required to use your heat vision to blow them up. You will soon see Darkseid’s minions flying around – they are in your way for the most part but they are obviously hostile. You will be taken to several different environments during your flight as Superman and the entire gameplay is from Superman’s POV. You don’t actually ever see Superman, but you do see his arms and fists held out in front of his POV as Superman would be if he were flying. By the game’s end, you will get a score based on how good your flying was and how many obstacles you were able to strike with your heat vision. Overall, the Superman character gameplay was thrilling in the sense of how you actually got the sensation of flight. And if you want to experience this feeling, than it is well worth it.

The next character I played was the Wonder Woman character. It is very easy to select what characters you want. You merely point at the character logos with your hand with the controller attached and you got it. Once selected, you will be taken to their character environment. When you play Wonder Woman, you will be immediately on Amazon Island as Wonder Woman. As you run the mountains you soon realize you have the option of using your shield in the left hand, and your sword in the right hand. Get ready to use them, because you will definitely use her weapons once Darkseid’s minions approach. Sometimes Darkseid’s men come in droves, other times it is just two or three of them. Other times, they come up from behind. I found the Wonder Woman gameplay was the most physical as compared to Superman. You really do have to turn your head, twist your body and be aware of what is happening to your left and right, and even behind you. If you don’t, you will soon realize something behind you is attacking you and of course, you lose life that way.

For any video game player who likes action and fighting games, the Wonder Woman gameplay is really the right one. The fighting games will always be some of my most favorite games because you constantly have to use your reflexes, so I certainly recommend the Wonder Woman gameplay for those who enjoy those types of games. I’ll have to jump back on Wonder Woman at some point and see how far the character gameplay will take you, because upon only one gameplay you will most likely die on the island before you know it. For me, being Wonder Woman in action was much like seeing Wonder Woman in action for the first time in Batman v Superman. You wonder to yourself how it is that she can give Doomsday a bigger blow than Superman upon first sight, and with this game, you certainly get the same feel and of how powerful Wonder Woman really is in the current DC continuity. Of course, the VR experience of having to twist your body periodically will definitely give you a good workout. I’m guessing that you may lose a few extra calories if you keep playing Wonder Woman with the VR.

The other characters are there for the taking. I was able to watch a few minutes of the Batman gameplay while at Warner Brothers and it was very dark and gritty. You will certainly get a chance to try out all of Batman’s gadgets and step into his shoes. The gameplays themselves can be very long, so be prepared to spend at least an hour or two on gameplay time to try out all of the characters. You lose time while inside the VR experience to. If you become an expert, you may want to do it on the weekends.

The VR gaming experience is not a new fad. For those who were there, VR gaming first came into existence during the early 90’s. It was a fad that lasted about two years with Virtual Boy. However, now the performance in graphics is at an advanced level. It certainly made a comeback with some amazing marketing behind it. My advice is to play in a wide space so that you don’t bump into objects. Other than that, definitely get a chance to play the Justice League VR experience. You can play it at any IMAX VR center and if you don’t have access to one, just save your pennies and get a VR gaming platform like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR then play the game at home. Whatever experience you go for, the Justice League VR experience is something not to pass up. You won’t experience the DC heroes like this in any other regular gaming console. This is a reality you don’t want to miss. It’s video gaming beyond anything you’ll play on a regular console.

Rennie Cowan

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November 30, 2017 6:58 am

Awesome! Just bought a PlayStation VR on Black Friday!