Exclusive “Krypton” Interview with Shaun Sipos and Blake Ritson – 2018 Superman Celebration

On the morning of Saturday, June 9, the third and busiest day of the Superman Celebration, fans were lining up in the scorching heat for the first autograph session involving all three Featured Guests: Brandon Routh, Shaun Sipos and Blake Ritson.

I made my way in to the building (after much negotiating) to film the room, to give you a perspective of what it’s like and what it takes to get your moment with one of these Featured Guests at the Superman Celebration.

I was given an opportunity during a break in between sessions to have a chat with both the “Krypton” TV stars, Shaun Sipos (who plays Adam Strange) and Blake Ritson (who plays Brainiac). As you’ll see, they’re quite the dynamic duo…

Thanks to Karla and Lisa from the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce for making this interview possible. Thanks too to my camera man Phil Spearpoint.