Exclusive Interview with Aaron Ashmore – Jimmy Olsen on “Smallville”

Aaron Ashmore

Superman Homepage reporter Michael Moreno attended the Garden State Comic Fest at the Mennen Arena in Morristown, New Jersey this past weekend, where he caught up with actor Aaron Ashmore to chat to him about his time playing Jimmy Olsen on the TV series “Smallville”.

You’re part of an exclusive membership of actors who have played the role of Jimmy Olsen. Actors such as Jack Larson, Marc McClure, and most recent actor, Mehcad Brooks. What is it like to have played the part of Superman’s pal?

Aaron: “Its amazing. It feels cool to be a part of something like that.”

Do you have a favorite memory of being on the show Smallville?

Aaron: “I don’t know if I have a one specific favorite memory, but I can say that the entire experience, the entire three years was great. Excellent people, excellent project to be part of at the time it was on the air, it was a very popular show. So getting a chance to be a part of that, for me, and my career was very exciting. It was sort of the first big job that I ever really got. And yeah. I just really enjoyed working with everybody.”

What was it like working with the other members of the cast?

Aaron: “Awesome! I started in on the sixth season, and you know, you’re the new guy, and its a little bit nerve-raking as like, ‘what is it going to be like?’, when everybody was incredibly welcoming and inclusive. And yeah, it was great.”

My last question is for future actors to play Jimmy Olsen, do you have any advice for them? Any tips on how to approach the role?

Aaron: “No I don’t actually. I think its there in the writing. And I think its also interesting that the character grows and changes. And I think that’s one of the great things about the character. I mean that the core of who he is will always be there,and I think that the writers in that, but bringing their own experiences and own takes on it, I think that’s what keeps it interesting and creative.”

Thank you very much for your time Aaron.

Aaron: “No problem man.”

There was also a panel for Aaron Ashmore held on Sunday at Garden State Comic Fest where Michael was able to ask Aaron one more question regarding Smallville.

“Hello. My name is Michael Moreno. I’m a reporter for the Superman Homepage.”

Aaron: “You’re basically Jimmy Olsen.”

“Ha ha ha, True. Very true.”

Aaron: “Yeah, yeah you are the real life Jimmy Olsen.”

“Ha ha, yes. My question for you today is, if you could go back to Smallville, and have an episode where Jimmy had a super power, what would it be and why?”

Aaron: “Ah! That’s, that’s good. You know what? I think that Jimmy was due for a super power. He got beat up a lot. He got the crap out of the stick a few times. So what would his superpower be? I think that Jimmy needs to have Superman’s powers for like a day. 24 hours. Maybe they could do a ‘Freaky Friday’ like swap thing, you know? Like where Clark gets really good at photography and bumbling, and Jimmy gets Clarks powers for the day and can just kick butt. Cause that’s what Jimmy wanted right? Jimmy just wanted to be friends with the red blue blur, and stuff. I think that it would have been nice if he was given those powers. Maybe he’d would be able to fly though. And then he would be like ‘Clark, what the hell is so difficult about this flying thing? What’s taking you so long to learn how to fly?'”

Host: “Ha ha, yes it is. Of course that means then you’re going to be like in a rig and in front of a blue screen for like a week and a half.”

Aaron does a Superman flight arm stretch pose.

Host: “Yep, there you go. Ha ha ha ha ha. Excellent! Thank you.”

“Thank you for playing the role of Jimmy Olsen.”

Aaron: “Thank you! Thank you for being the real life Jimmy Olsen.”

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