December 16, 2016: “Supergirl” – What is Mon-El’s Secret?’s “Spoiler Room” feature asks Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg about Mon-El’s secret on the “Supergirl” TV series and what will happen when Kara finds out.

Kara probably won’t react very well considering there are aliens hunting Mon-El down. “Secrets are never healthy in a relationship and obviously Mon-El is holding onto something,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “We got a little taste that his life on Daxam might not be as over as we think from the glimpse of the space farers, who are on the hunt for him. So it will definitely play a big part in their relationship moving forward.” As for what the secret is, the running theory is that Mon-El is actually the Daxamite prince. “No comment,” Kreisberg says.