DC Reveals Superman Glows

Glowing Superman

In this past week’s comic book “The Other History of the DC Universe,” it has been revealed that Superman glows.

You read that right, according to Black Lightning, Superman has a shine to him.

“I didn’t know all of his powers – none of us knew everything he could do – but I think the same intense density that made him bulletproof prevented his skin from absorbing light. So, it reflected it. Just a bit. Just enough to give him an unearthly, heavenly glow.”

It’s a strange observation, considering Superman literally absorbs the rays of Earth’s yellow sun to give him his incredible powers. Either way, this “heavenly glow” would definitely make the Man of Steel a sight to behold.

How he hides this “glow” when in his Clark Kent identity isn’t explained… although, in current continuity it doesn’t really matter, as everyone knows Clark and Superman are one and the same.

THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE #1 is written by John Ridley with art by Alex Dos Diaz. Kindle iBooks

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December 3, 2020 10:35 am

So Kryptonians on Earth sparkle like Twilight vampires? Did we need this?