DC Holds Second DC Round Robin Voting Tournament

DC Round Robin

DC’s fan voting bracket, where fans decide which title will become a six-issue comic book series, is back. Last year over a million fans voted to select a new digital-first series, and now fans everywhere get that chance again with DC ROUND ROBIN 2022: The choice is yours!

Round One kicks off today, March 29, with sixteen incredible titles to vote on. Fans can choose based on title and logline in eight head-to-head brackets, on DC Comics Twitter, DC Comics Instagram, or on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Community. Voting in Round One closes on April 3rd, so head over to vote now!

Each round in this four-round, fan-driven tournament will involve new reveals, sneak peaks, and more as fans choose the next Round Robin title!

For Superman fans, one title of interest is “Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow,” which has the following description: Determined to find his place in a strange universe, Conner Kent/Superboy leaves Earth behind. But his journey of self-discovery brings him face to face with a group of freedom fighters who challenge not just everything Conner stands for, but what it means to bear the Superman crest.

To vote, visit DC’s Twitter page, Instagram page, or visit DC Universe Infinite to choose your preferred titles.

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March 29, 2022 5:41 pm

I would like to see a new Conner ongoing, but since the introduction of Jon, it’s like they just don’t know what to do with him. He’s spent almost thirty years *trying* to live up to Superman, even becoming Superman in one of the better 90s Elseworlds stories, but they’ve just given it to Jon. I like the character of Jon, I *mostly* like what they’ve done with him (the time/age jump is my issue, take any anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment you might read into that and put it in the trash where it belongs.) I just don’t like how it was… Read more »

Mighty Rao
Mighty Rao
April 1, 2022 7:23 pm


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