DC Comics Sends Copyright Warning to Vancouver Realtor

Vancouver realtor Ian Brett has landed himself in hot water with DC Comics when he tried to register himself as a “Real Estate Superhero” with the persona “Captain Vancouver” wearing a symbol on his chest that mimics Superman’s “S” shield.

Lawyers from DC Comics, which has held the copyright for all things Superman for the past seven decades, sent a stern letter to Brett Jan. 9 over possible copyright infringement over both the logo on his blue t-shirt and the word superhero.

In the letter, a representative from intellectual property law firm Bereskin & Parr said while they appreciate his intent of comparing his real estate success to the success of the Superman character, the use “not only infringes our client’s rights, but damages and depreciates the goodwill associated with the SUPERMAN marks and indicia, and risks consumer confusion.”

Needless to say, the realtor has agreed to the requests with good humor. “Even though I felt like mailing them back some of their own kryptonite, I decided to send Superman an olive branch,” he said.

Source: CTV New Canada