DC Comics Celebrates “Justice League” Movie with Variant Covers

DC Celebrates The Big Screen Release Of “Justice League” with Special JUSTICE Variant Covers!

As the world awaits the big screen debut of “Justice League,” DC is getting in on the action with a special collection of variant covers inspired by the forthcoming film! Illustrated by the some of the comic industry’s most acclaimed artists, these variant covers showcase DC’s iconic Super Hero team in the likeness of their big screen counterparts.

Fans are getting their first look today at variant covers available on the November editions of flagship DC titles featuring members of the famed Justice League.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY first debuted the special variant covers for BATMAN #34 by Tony S. Daniel and CYBORG #18 by Dustin Nguyen – both go on sale Nov. 1.

NERDIST joined in by revealing the special variants for ACTION COMICS #991 by Yanick Paquette [on sale Nov. 8] and SUPERMAN #35 by Renato Guedes [on sale Nov. 15].

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER debuted Mike McKone’s variant for THE FLASH #34 [on sale Nov. 8] and Terry Dodson’s special cover for WONDER WOMAN #34 [on sale Nov. 22].

Plus, JoinTheLeague.com revealed the variants for AQUAMAN #30 [on sale Nov. 15] by Liam Sharp and JUSTICE LEAGUE #32 by Howard Porter [on sale Nov. 1].

Finally, DC exclusively revealed the variants for TRINITY #15 by Ben Oliver (on sale Nov. 15), alongside the variant for DETECTIVE COMICS #968 by Cully Hamner [on sale Nov. 8].

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I know it’s not the intention and I know why they did it, but I find it almost telling of the company’s perspective that Superman is the one character just represented by his symbol – when the company has, up until very recently, seemingly had NO idea what to do with him as a character, and only seen him for his potential marketing value (the logo).

So…SO MUCH unintended irony there.