DC Comics Announces “Metal” Comic Book Event

Dying to learn about this summer’s biggest blockbuster comics event? DC Entertainment sits down with METAL mastermind Scott Snyder for a trip into the secrets of the Dark Multiverse.

“Metal” tells the story of the DC Universe being invaded by the Dark Multiverse, with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League standing against the powerful new threat.

Writer Scott Snyder explains, “So often in these sort of stories that deal with multiverse dimensions… the heroes go in to find something. But this one’s about this one attacking us. So it’s very different, in all kinds of ways… It gives us a chance to invent all kinds of new stuff.”

“When you’re up, or things are going well, it’s the best time to take risks. For us, it’s about exploring new territory, which is what Metal is about at its core. It’s about exploring realms that are completely uncharted and terrifying and wondrous, and a lot of that is bringing in new talent to make new books.”

DC Comics also released some artwotk from “Metal”, drawn by Greg Capullo.

“Metal” debuts in August, and will be the catalist for DC’s brand new “Dark Matter” line of titles. Look for more details in the August solicitations due out this week.