DC Adds “Superman #75” to Digital Collectible Comics

Superman #75

“Superman #75” from 1992 is the next comic book being added to the growing collection of DC Collectible Comics. Comic collecting for the 21st Century.

Superman (1987-2006) #75
Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023
Bat Cowl Holder Early Access: 6:30 am – 7:30 am PT
Public Sale: 9am PT
Comic Pack Reveal: 11am PT
Edition Size: 4,000*
Max purchase: 2 per account
Price: USD $9.99

Superman and Doomsday have their final confrontation in Metropolis. Each foe delivers crushing blows onto the other, never letting up on their opponent. Police and military vehicles converge on the scene, but the streets are in chaos.

Superman gets a last kiss from Lois Lane, then charges into action, ready to bring down Doomsday no matter what.

The two combatants battle it out in front of the Daily Planet, at one point striking each other with such force that the windows on the Planet shatter. Eventually, Superman delivers a fatal blow to Doomsday, snapping his neck, but while receiving an equally deadly blow at the same time.

Lois Lane rushes over to Superman’s limp body and cradles him in her arms, begging him to hold on until the paramedics arrive.

However, it is too late, and the Man of Steel fades in her arms.

Superman is dead.

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*Total collection size will be limited to 4,000. 3,550 will be available for public sale. 400 (10%) will be reserved for early access for Bat Cowl Holders, and 50 for team and comp distribution. The rarity for all 4,000 comics will be randomly assigned.