DC Adds “All-Star Superman #1” to Digital Collectible Comics

All-Star Superman #1

“All-Star Superman #1” (2005-2008) is the next comic book being added to the growing collection of DC Collectible Comics. Comic collecting for the 21st Century.

All-Star Superman (2005-2008) #1
Date: Thursday, April 6, 2023
Bat Cowl Holder Early Access: 6:30 am – 7:30 am PT
Public Sale: 9am PT
Comic Pack Reveal: 11am PT
Edition Size: 4,000*
Max purchase: 5 per account
Price: USD $9.99

Step into the world of Superman with All-Star Superman #1 – a comic book masterpiece that offers a fresh, self-contained take on the world’s greatest Super Hero. Written by the renowned Grant Morrison and illustrated with exquisite detail by Frank Quitely, this issue is a stunning introduction to the All-Star imprint.

Don’t miss out on this classic that presents a unique and elegant interpretation of the world’s most recognizable superhero.

With DC Collectible Comics you can collect and hold the greatest stories from DC history, featuring multiple variations of cover art and comic book conditions.

Each DC Collectible Comic in your collection unlocks the full issue in the online comic book reader. Read your comics anytime, and build your own digital DC Collectible Comic library.

Visit the DC Universe NFT website for more information.

*Total collection size will be limited to 4,000. 3,550 will be available for public sale. 400 (10%) will be reserved for early access for Bat Cowl Holders, and 50 for team and comp distribution. The rarity for all 4,000 comics will be randomly assigned.