Dan Jurgens Talks “Revenge” and the Future of “Action Comics”

Comicosity.com caught up for a chat with “Action Comics” writer Dan Jurgens to ask him about the “Rebirth” era of Superman comic books, the current “Revenge” storyline, and what comes next for the Man of Steel. Here’s part of the interview…

How do you map out and maintain the connectivity between all of the titles that may need to borrow threads or tie into Action Comics?

DJ: Really I can’t give a big enough salute to the editorial crew. We’ve got Mike Cotton, Paul Kaminski, and Andrew Marino as editors who are working on these books. They do a really good job of facilitating communication, of making sure that material gets in front of the necessary eyes to see it, so that we can try and make these characters – as much as possible – be consistent across one title to the next.

The idea is that we treat Superwoman, Supergirl, or anybody else – or whether it’s just Superman that is appearing in Pat Gleason’s and Peter Tomasi’s book – consistently in who these characters are, how they talk, and how they behave and interact.

What’s in store for Action Comics for the rest of 2017?

DJ: Immediately, we’re into a storyline called “Revenge” and I kind of refer to it as the Superman Revenge-Squad. It’s Superman facing off with six of his greatest villains. There’s something about it that’s really just powerful, fun, good comics.

That’s where the numbers get a little daunting for him, so he ends up pulling in some assistance across the board. So we start to see Supergirl and Superwoman, Kenan Kong, and such as we build a bit of a “Super Family.”

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