Dan Jurgens Shares Unused “Electric Superman” Design

Unused Electric Superman Design

In 1997 the Man of Steel became the Man of Energy when DC Comics decided to alter Superman’s powers and appearance completely.

Everything you knew about Superman’s powers, abilities, and appearance became comic book history as DC brought us the new Superman – The Man Beyond Tomorrow!

Dan Jurgens, who was part of the creative team at the time, took to Twitter to post an unused design he came up with for the new-look Superman.

“Spending time digging through old files and proposals… Finding all sorts of stuff I’d forgotten about. In this case, my sketch for what eventually became known as ‘Electric Superman’ where we used Ron Frenz’s design.”

Jurgen’s design appears to use a more Kryptonian look for the containment suit, similar in some ways to the way Jor-El was dressed in the books of that era.

Electric Superman’s adventures were published for the entirety of 1997, and into early 1998. However on April 1, 1998 (in celebration of the character’s 60th anniversary), Superman was returned to his classic outfit and classic powers in the special “Superman Forever #1”.