Current Comic Book Enjoyment – Poll Results

In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question:

Are you enjoying Brian Michael Bendis’ run on ‘Superman’ and ‘Action Comics’?

Contrary to all the moaning you hear on social media, the majority of Superman fans (41%) are enjoying what Brian Michael Bendis has been doing with both “Superman” and “Action Comics” so far.

Here’s the complete voting breakdown:

Are you enjoying Brian Michael Bendis' run on 'Superman' and 'Action Comics'?
  • Yes 41%, 65 votes
    65 votes 41%
    65 votes - 41% of all votes
  • Unsure/Undecided 23%, 36 votes
    36 votes 23%
    36 votes - 23% of all votes
  • No 21%, 33 votes
    33 votes 21%
    33 votes - 21% of all votes
  • I don't read comic books 15%, 23 votes
    23 votes 15%
    23 votes - 15% of all votes
Total Votes: 157
February 20, 2019 - February 27, 2019
Voting is closed

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February 28, 2019 1:55 am

Forgive me for being so pedantic, but 41% isn’t a majority. It’s a plurality.

February 28, 2019 11:53 am
Reply to  Steve Younis

I’m going to wait and see where Bendis will take Superman and his family at the end this story arch before I decide whether or not I like his story. So far though I’m not liking what I’m seeing.