Exclusive Mark Millar Interview

[Date: November 25, 1999]

Further to my previous interview with Mark Millar (check for the link at the bottom of this page) I have contacted Mark once again and can now present you with this update to the goings-on in the life and career of Mark Millar.

Q: Any reason behind the complete move away from Superman?

A: Well, the plan was always just to do around eighteen issues of Superman Adventures. We Brits tend to have finite runs on books, I'd rather go while I'm still having fun.

Adventures of Superman, however, was another matter. I was always just on for a year to do the dialogue. Even if Stuart hadn't moved on, I'd have stopped my work on the book around the beginning of 2000.

Taking over the book full-time was never an option. Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Tom Peyer and I had the ultimate Superman proposal rejected by DC last year and, basically, I wasn't going to use any of those ideas or work on the book without my pals. We really wanted to get the grandeur back. The way Superman appeared in the first movie and, more specifically, in Kingdom Come. However, it was not to be, sadly.

Q: What will you be working on from now on?

A: Non-DC projects. I'm writing a special X-Men thing for Marvel at Easter and working on a big, twelve issue series which spans the entire Marvel Universe. It's nothing like anything you'd expect from the company and I'm very excited about the progress we're making.

Wildstorm are the best bunch of editors I've ever worked with. I'm writing The Authority every month and having a wonderful time over there.

Q: Are there any special Superman projects lined up for you in the near future?

A: Only "Superman: Red Son". I wrote the series three years ago and Dave Johnson is somewhere past half-way through it. I can't bear to even follow up the rumours I heard that DC assigned different artists the remaining pages. This is a prestige format series... the best thing I've ever done. I only pray they haven't screwed up my goodbye to Superman.



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