Exclusive Joe Casey Interview

[Date: April 10, 2001]

Joe Casey is currently the Writer on the "The Adventures of Superman" comic books.

The Superman Homepage would like to thank Joe for agreeing to do this interview, and for fitting it into his busy schedule.

Joe Casey SH: Can you please tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

JC: I'm the writer of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, as well as UNCANNY X-MEN, WILDCATS and "Codeflesh" for DOUBLE IMAGE.

SH: When and How did you become a Comic Book fan?

JC: My parents bought me a Spider-Man reprint when I was five, probably to shut me up. I guess it worked, but it also set me on a course of life.

SH: When did you first decide that you wanted to work on comic books?

JC: Probably when I read my first comicbook, way back when. I've always been strangely attracted to the medium, probably because of the endless possibilites it contains.

SH: Where did you go to college?

JC: Spent sometime at Memphis State chasing girls, taking frequent naps and occassionally attending classes. At some point, I just stopped attending classes...

SH: How did you go about becoming a comic book writer? What was your first big break into the industry?

JC: Two things: Doing no-money, b&w creator owned work for small publishers, and James Robinson recommending me to the big publishers.

SH: Would you recommend that others join the comics industry?

JC: I recommend comics to anyone as an entertainment option. As a career choice... it's a tough racket, not for everyone. Luckily I have the proper amounts of emotional damage to prosper in this field.

SH: In your opinion, is the comics industry still a strong business?

JC: It is for me. But the industry and the medium are two separate things. The industry might have its ups and downs, but the medium will remain forever strong.

SH: Who's your favorite comic book hero?

JC: I don't think I have one. I look at them all as characters with potential for being a creative outlet.

SH: What comics do you personally read?

JC: Not many. I look at 'em all to keep up with the industry. Don't read too many as a fan anymore.

SH: What version of Superman is your personal favorite (Comics, TV, Movies)?

JC: The Fleischer Bros. cartoons and the first film [Superman: The Movie].

SH: Can you let us in on any up-coming Superman storylines you are working on or will soon be working on?

JC: The big war is coming this summer... the biggest Superman story in years. It will literally change the face of the DC Universe. Within that story... the return of Doomsday. Plus, Superman vs. Darkseid!

SH: You picked up in the middle of the run with the "Lost Souls/Satanus" storyline. How much of this storyline did you bear the brunt of the responsibility on... i.e. how much of this was cleaning up after DeMatteis and how much of it was your original idea?

JC: The final issue -- the ending of the story -- was all mine (for better or for worse). I didn't want to know how DeMatteis would've ended it. I just picked up the ball and ran it in for six points.

SH: It seems that the team is not afraid of reinventing Superman, as is witnessed in "Return to Krypton"... what is your opinion about this change, how much input did you have, and what do you think is the farthest that Superman should be taken in your run (i.e. death, destruction of landmarks or countries, power altering, discrediting Superman, toying with his marraige, etc...)?

JC: Anything that provides a cool story is okay with me. Returning to the "Silver Age" version of Krypton provided a great, original, visual location as well as a story to mine some real emotional depth with the character. So, when things like that are in play, I say anything should be possible.

SH: What is the most difficult aspect of working with a team to create something personal with a character, and what is the most helpful?

JC: We all get along extremely well, so it's been nothing but fun. I hope this group of writers hangs around Metropolis for years to come. We push each other creatively in the most positive ways, and we support each other's individual visions, as well.

SH: How did the position of Superman writer come about for you? Who contacted you?

JC: I've known Eddie Berganza (Super-editor supreme) for a few years, off-and-on. We've talked before about working together, and when ADVENTURES became available, he got in touch with me. I've been good friends with Joe Kelly and Jeph Loeb for a few years each, so that was definitely in my favor, as well. I'm grateful they all had faith in me and wanted to work with me.

SH: Other than Superman, what else are you working on at the moment? What plans do you have for the immediate future?

JC: Well, like I said... UNCANNY X-MEN, WILDCATS and "Codeflesh" in DOUBLE IMAGE. These are all obviously ongoing works.

SH: How long do you anticipate you'll remain on the Superman books?

JC: As long as they'll have me. I can't imagine getting tired of telling Superman stories. There's too much good material... too much potential there... to even think about leaving.

SH: Who would you like to see play Superman on the big screen in another Superman movie?

JC: I think the first movie stands as the definitive cinematic statement. Do we really need another one...?

SH: What do you think of the Superman Homepage?

JC: Looks good to me. Just like the character, it's got integrity.

A few "off topic" questions:

SH: What bad habits do you have?

JC: None.

SH: What is the best advice anybody ever gave you?

JC: "Always deny the existence of any bad habits".

SH: Who would you most like to sit next to on a long airplane flight?

JC: Based on personal experience... Jeph Loeb, of course.

SH: Who would you least like to sit next to on an airplane flight?

JC: Anyone in coach.

SH: What is the one thing you can't live without?

JC: Oxygen, I suppose.

SH: If you were down to your last $10 how would you spend it?

JC: I wouldn't. Do I want to be broke?

SH: Thanks for allowing me to interview you!

JC: My pleasure.

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