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Superman Comics Timeline

[Last updated January 6, 2005]

Rocketed to Earth from the doomed planet Krypton, the infant Kal-El became Clark Kent. When maturity revealed powers far beyond those of mortal men, Krypton’s sole survivor knew that his gifts were meant to help the world. He became SUPERMAN, a Man of Tomorrow fighting a never-ending battle to bring peace and prosperity to the planet that had afforded him refuge and his own chance at life! This is what we know of his story…


23 years before the rocket landed

Krypton Explodes!

Unborn Kal-El is sent to Earth by his Kryptonian parents, Jor-El and Lara in a matrix pod.



21 years before the rocket landed

Jonathan and Martha Kent get married

The future Earthly parents of Kal-El exchange vows in Smallville, Kansas, USA



The rocket lands

Kal-El arrives on Earth

The pod lands near the Kent's farm. They adopt the baby and name him Clark Joseph Kent.



5 years old

Clark's first friends

Clark, enrolled at Eisenhower Elementary School in Smallville befriends classmates Lana Lang, Pete Ross and Kenny Braverman.


Jonathan saves the day

While returning home from school - where Clark fought one Tommy Birch - Jonathan Kent sees a fellow farmer caught below a truck. The thresher's blade is on and getting closer to the farmer. Jonathan dives to the rescue, manages to reach a kill switch and saves the farmer life. This is the first heroic example Clark sees.

ACC 800



8 years old

First signs of super-strength and invulnerability

Jonathan sees Clark gets run over by a bull and suffer nothing; Martha witness Clark lift a pick-up truck with his bare hands



17 years old

Clark learns he can fly

After being pushed by his dog over a cliff (by accident) Clark doesn't fall, but instead remains floating on air. The first person he shows his new ability is Lana Lang



18 years old

Jonathan tell Clark about the pod and he leaves Smallville

Upon learning part of his mysterious origin, Clark decides to leave Smallville and goes to Metropolis, in the East Coast. Before leaving, Lana meets Clark at the train station and he asks her to come with him. She's unsure and silently refuses.

ACC 800

Clark arrives in Metropolis for the first time and leaves for Europe

Clark arrives in Metropolis and within minutes has his luggage stolen! He has second thoughts about the big city and decides to try something different: Europe. He goes to Paris and start helping people anonymously. On one occasion, a hoodlum fires his pistol on him and he discovers he's bulletproof!

ACC 800



19 years old

And after Paris, Venice...

Clark goes to Venice and meets his school "pal" Tommy Birch and Lana, who have been traveling through Europe. Clark is feeling like going back home - and so is she. On the night they agreed to leave together, Clark meets Ed Wilson, an American newspaper reporter on international assignment. They sit down and start talking, and all of a sudden, he's his assistant! Wilson will become the reason Clark decides to go back to journalism (he's done it while in high school).

ACC 800



24 years old

Clark meets Lori Lemaris

While studying journalism at University of Metropolis, Clark meets Atlantean Lori Lemaris and subsequently, Aquaman, the monarch of Atlantis



25 years old

Mystery man saves Spaceplane! Reporter dubs him "Superman"! And Clark get a job

Clark saves the spaceplane Constitution from crashing on Metropolis. Lois Lane, ace reporter of the Daily Planet, was aboard and names her savior a superman. Clark Kent starts working for the Daily Planet where he meets Perry White and Jimmy Olsen.


Superman appears for the first time!

Jonathan designs costume and Superman goes public


Superman meets Batman

Superman and Batman meet for the first time - in Gotham City - against terrorist Magpie


Enter Lex Luthor!

Superman meets Lex Luthor - Metropolis most influential and richest citizen - who offers him a job. He refuses and intense rivalry begins. After an incident at Luthor's yacht, Superman have him arrested


Bizarro is created

Luthor's attempt to clone Superman produces an imperfect duplicate, named Bizarro. Superman destroys it into some sort of dust.


Superman learns of Krypton

Superman learns about Krypton through a holographic message left by Jor-El in the pod



26 years old

First contact with the deadly Kryptonite

Superman meets a cyborg called Metallo which has a heart of something called kryptonite that causes Superman pain and weakness; as Metallo is about to kill Superman, something abducts Metallo; Superman tells Lois he is an alien from Krypton


The LEGENDS event

Darkseid of Apokolips tries to undermine people's faith in the world's superheroes, before he launches an invasion. The heroes band together and defeat his plans.


Superman meets the Legion of Super-Heroes (from the XXXIth Century)

Superman meets four Legionnaires who have traveled to the past and the mystery of "Superboy" is explained: villain Time Trapper built a "pocket universe" in which Kal-El began acting as "Superboy" not Superman. That Superboy was the inspiration of the Legion.



27 years old


The android Manhunters are trying to hunt down the ten humans who will become the group of the Chosen, that are the next stage in evolution and will one day gain power in the galaxy. Once again, earth's heroes join forces and defeat their plans.


Brainiac appears!

"The Amazing Brainiac" is really Milton Fine a circus mind reader. He says he has real powers and has detected the mind of Vril Dox from Planet Colu. Dox takes over Fine's body and attacks Superman and the circus. After Fine is defeated, he insists to Superman that Dox is real and will return...


Intergang strikes Metropolis!

Using Apokolips technology, Intergang - led by Morgan Edge - start organizing crime in Metropolis.


Luthor gets a Kryptonite ring

Crafted from the heart of Metallo, Luthor's ring eventually poisons his body and he looses his hand!


Superman goes to Krypton!

After helping Wonder Woman, whom he met during LEGENDS, in Mount Olympus, Superman is hit by a wave of radiation from Krypton's explosion. Hawkman and Hawkwoman take Superman to Krypton's former orbit where he hallucinates about Krypton's possible future.


Mr. Mxyzptlk equals trouble!

A Fifth Dimensional being that harasses Superman, Mr. Mxyzptlk (pronounced mix-yez-pittle-ick) uses amazing scientific skills from his dimension to do things on Earth that appear magical. He only appears when an inter-dimensional interface is possible. He decides on a challenge and a condition for determining when he'll leave, and then Superman must try to succeed in out thinking him. When Mxyzptlk is out foxed and bound by his agreement to return to the 5th Dimension, everything is returned to normal.



A being is found in the Antarctic landscape wearing an outfit like Superman's. When she awakens she has amnesia and decides to track Superman down. When he meets her, Superman remember Superboy's "pocket universe". Supergirl (actually, Matrix a shape-shifter) confirms she came from the "pocket universe" and takes Superman there. He finds an Earth devastated by three Kryptonian criminals. The trio threatens to come to Earth and destroy it, forcing Superman to use Green Kryptonite from that universe on them... killing them. He and Supergirl return to Earth.


Luthor and Brainiac: Partners!

Luthor demonstrates to Brainiac the effects of a bionic implant placed in his brain when Milton Fine's brain tumor was removed. When Superman looks to check on Fine, Brainiac attacks again and makes Superman think he has committed suicide. Brainiac goes to Luthor to show he's removed Luthor's controls and now wants to be "partners"... however the "partnership" doesn't last long.



An alien race called Dominators and an alliance of eight other alien species attempt to invade Earth to stop Earth from progressing into space. They try killing all humans having a meta-gene, using a paragene bomb... Most of Earth's heroes fall sick and many cities (Melbourne for instance) and destroyed. The remaining heroes are able to drive the invading forces away.



28 years old


Superman, driven by guilt for having killed the three Kryptonians during the "Supergirl Saga" decides to leave earth and travel through space. While in outer space he meets Mongul and Warworld, a battle fortress that covers an entire planet! Matrix shifts from Supergirl to Superman and covers for Clark and Superman while he's away. The real Superman returns to Earth, after making peace with himself, and defeating Mongul.


The Fortress of Solitude!

After hallucinating with the Eradicator - a device he brought back from space during his self imposed exile - Superman flies to the Antarctic and finds the Eradicator has built an underground Fortress. Superman learns about Kem-L constructing the Eradicator and fights but loses to the Eradicator.


Clark leaves the Planet!

The Daily Planet, that is… Collin Thornton - owner of Newstime Magazine - offers the position of managing Director to Clark and he accepts it. Later is revealed that Collin is really Lord Satanus a demon being from another dimension.



29 years old

Superman and The Flash on a race to save the world!

Superman is forced to race Flash (Wally West) around the world by Mr. Mxyzptlk at several times the speed of sound. Flash manages to win and Mxyzptlk reveals he had decided he'd leave if Flash won, and had lied before by saying he'd leave only if Superman won.


Clark and Lois start dating

Lois finds she misses Clark a lot during his absence from the Planet (during the Exile) and accepts his invitation to dinner.



Under the influence of the Eradicator Superman becomes the Krypton Man, embodying only Kryptonian characteristics and forfeiting his Earthly upbringing. After coming to his senses - with lots of help from his fiends - Superman throws the Eradicator into the Sun.


Maxima proposes to… Superman!

During the Krypton Man saga, Empress Maxima, ruler of Almerac, proposes to Superman. He declines, she gets mad, they fight, she loses and leaves Earth angry, very angry.


Intergang changes management

Out is Morgan Edge - arrested and on trial. In is Boss Mannheim.


A Dark Knight Over Metropolis

Batman goes to Metropolis on an investigation and helps Superman on the case of a woman who threatens Clark with a ring (Luthor's) Kryptonite ring. Her name is Dr. Amanda McCoy, a former employee of Lex Luthor who figures Superman's secret identity (for Luthor himself, who dismisses this possibility) and is killed on an unrelated mugging. Superman asks Batman to keep the ring safe, just in case he ever losses control.


The Cyborg arrives!

Hank Henshaw is aboard the Excalibur Space Shuttle when it is affected by radiation from a Lexcorp experiment and crashes. Later he visits Lexcorp and ends up dying. But his mind survives and he finds that he can create a body by merging machine parts at will. Superman tells him his form is jamming electronics along the east coast and that Terri (his wife) is now catatonic. He broadcasts himself to Superman's matrix in orbit, converts it so he can travel in space. Superman later places the rest of the matrix in the Fortress.



Jimmy Olsen (Superman's Pal) and Jerry White (not Perry's but actually Luthor's son!) are shot by Intergang hitmen and fall into a dimensional hell. Superman goes there to rescue both, but only Jimmy comes back.



Mr. Mxyzptlk tells Luthor he is busy in the 5th dimension, so he provides a piece of red kryptonite to make Luthor equal to Superman, as long as Luthor doesn't tell that Mxyzptlk is involved. Superman loses all his powers when Lex rubs the red kryptonite. Using a battle suit built by professor Emil Hamilton, Superman takes away the red kryptonite from Luthor. Luthor then meets with Clark and tells him how green kryptonite radiation is killing him. He also says that Mxyzptlk caused Superman's power loss and thus Mxyzptlk restores Superman's powers


Lois and Clark engaged!

At the end of the Krisis of the Krimson Kriptonite Saga, Clark proposes to Lois and she accepts!


Lex Luthor dies!

Lex Luthor apparently dies in an experimental Lex-Wing X-27 plane that crashes in Peru. Later, Lexcorp executives learn of a will where Luthor left everything to Lex Luthor Jr.



30 years old

The immortal Mr. Z

Mr. Z tries to capture Superman's soul into his gemstone, but being an alien Superman can will the stone to break freeing the other souls trapped there to die.


The revelation!

Clark tells Lois he's really Superman. She has some initial problems adjusting to the news but is finally amazed.



Superman meets the Linear Men and all time breaks loose… The Linear Men are responsible for maintaining the time continuum in order but when Superman - mistakenly - fight them, he gets bounced up and down the time stream (1.000.000 years ago, 500.000 years ago, King Arthur's era, 1943 and the XXXIth Century, not in that order!) until he finally returns.



The Eradicator reappears in human form announcing that the Sun will be transformed into a red dwarf and Earth into a new Krypton for Superman to rule. Being in the Sun only destroyed the eradicator's circuitry, not his energy. With the help of Prof. Hamilton, Superman manages to trap himself and the eradicator in to Mr. Z's gemstone. Inside the gem Superman finally disperses Eradicator's energy. Superman destroys the gem.


Beware of the Parasite!

Superman meets the Parasite, a being that has the ability to absorb the life energy of other people leaving withered corpses. When not feeding on life energy, he can feed on other forms of power, such as electricity. Prior to his transformation, the Parasite was Rudy Jones, an employee of S.T.A.R. Labs in Pittsburgh that opens a containment vat - looking for something valuable - and is bathed in radiation.



When the sorceress Circe sets in motion a true clash of titans, her simple plan is to the destruction of the Earth goddess Gaea, whose holdover our planet will be weakened when the Roman gods are locked against their Greek counterparts in immortal combat - but she doesn't realize the extent of the events she triggered.


The ARMAGEDDON 2001 Event

In 2030 Earth is a utopia. But its citizens pay a terrible price for that: the all-seeing, all-knowing tyrant called Monarch rules their lives! According to legend, this depraved despot was once one of Earth's heroes - no one was sure exactly which one - and had, by the and of the new century's first decade, turned evil, slaying all of Earth's super-powered champions and declaring himself ruler! Only one man, Matthew Ryder, has the courage to try to alter Earth's destiny. In an audacious attempt to change history, Ryder volunteers for a perilous time-travel experiment that will hurl him back to the year 1991! Buffeted by the weird currents of the time stream, Matthew Ryder - now Waverider - arrives with the power to unveil, at a touch, a person's most probable future. Using this ability, he peers into the tomorrows of all Earth's champions - and then turns to Superman and the Justice League for help!


Lex Luthor II appears

It seems Luthor indeed has an heir. And he not only takes control of Lexcorp but forms team Luthor, a police-like force that will patrol Metropolis.



Mr. Z returns when Superman is trying out an experiment with Prof. Emil Hamilton, forcing Emil to modify a satellite uplink helmet being used by Superman. Metropolis suffers a blackout when Emil does that and an amnesiac Superman switched body with Mr. Z. In the end, Mr. Z is left in a Polynesian island.


Intergang finished!

Boss Mannheim is arrested and killed in prison effectively ending Intergang.



31 year old


Superman teams up with Supergirl and other heroes when Brainiac attacks Earth using Warworld. Maxima takes sides with Brainiac and most of Earth's heroes are needed to fight Warworld's warrior slaves. It turns out Maxima is under Brainiac's mind control. She is freed and psionically lobotomizes Brainiac ending the crisis.


Superman joins the JLA

After the Panic in the Sky events the Justice League of America invites Superman - and Maxima - to join them and both accept.


Supergirl and Luthor II meet.

After Panic in the Sky is over, matrix returns to Earth in Supergirl shape and is charmed by Luthor II. She becomes Luthor's lover and starts working with Team Luthor to the disapproval of Superman.


Luthor II a clone?

Yes, Dr. Dabney Donovan and Dr. Teng were instructed by Luthor himself to save his brain, eyes, and spinal cord and transplant them to a cloned body when he found out he was dying from kryptonite poisoning.



Blaze exiles Lord Satanus from her domain. Blaze is this demon considers herself ruler of a hellish other dimension (Hades) and is often in search of souls to capture and was first seen as Angelica Blaze during the SOUL SEARCH Saga.


Superman meets Kismet

Superman finds himself in the living reality of Kismet, a being that exists between dark and light, illuminating the pathways to both. She does not judge, but she offers people the choice between good and evil. Kismet reviews past choices of Superman and possible futures in helping him resolve doubts, then returns him to Earth.



The mysterious - and super-powerful - Doomsday breaks out of a prison in the Midwestern United States and moves towards Metropolis. Superman is being interviewed on TV as leader of the JLA, while Doomsday at a Lexcorp refinery in Ohio trashes the JLA. Doomsday passes through New York and into Metropolis, where he downs Supergirl. The SCU can't affect him while the Kents watch on TV. As Doomsday heads downtown, Superman tells Lois he'll always love her and goes to face him one more time. At the Daily Planet building Superman collapses in Lois arms after killing Doomsday.



32 years old

Funeral for a Friend

As attempts to revive Superman fail, the JLA keeps order in Metropolis. The monument erected in homage of Superman is burglarized and his body is stolen (by Cadmus). Lois, the Kents and Lana decide to keep Clark's secret identity... secret. Supergirl recovers and together with Lois recovers Superman's body. Jonathan Kent collapses in Smallville and dreams of his son, before flatlining.


The fate of Jonathan Kent

Jonathan is revived and says Clark is alive, after seeing Kismet and helping rescue Clark's spirit. As Lois returns from seeing Pa Kent she sees a red blurred figure flying. At the same time sightings of someone who looks like Superman are reported. Lois and Henderson find Superman's tomb empty again...



Four new superbeings arrive in Metropolis at the same to replace Superman: In the Fortress robots revive an entity which goes to Superman's tomb, gains energy and calls itself Last Son of Krypton. It goes to Metropolis and start using violence against crooks. Later it claims to Lois that he is Superman, but that Clark Kent is gone; John Henry Irons, decides to become Steel, inspired by Superman, and dons a high-tech armor; A Cyborg Superman meets the Mayor and Dr. Faulkner at S.T.A.R., learns Cadmus has Doomsday's body, and breaks into Cadmus to get the body. The Cyborg Superman straps Doomsday to a meteor and sends it on a trajectory into space, then says to Lois he is Superman. Emil's tests show the Cyborg Superman's machinery is Kryptonian and his DNA matches Superman's. A young superhero appears, and in the Daily Planet claims to be a clone of Superman to Lois and calls himself Superboy. On the asteroid, Doomsday revives...


Mongul Strikes Again!

The Cyborg Superman begins to act feverishly to gain acceptance as the true Superman. Meanwhile Mongul approaches Coast City in California aboard an alien ship. As Mongul releases 77.000 carnage globes on Coast City, Cyborg and The Last Son approach the city and begin to fight against each other. Mongul begins to transform Coast City into Engine City. His plans are to make a new Warworld based on Earth. Cyborg Superman is revealed to be Hank Henshaw, captures Superboy and blames The Last Son for the destruction of Coast City. He intends on taking over the new Warworld. Meanwhile, someone is using the Fortress...


The one true Superman comes back!

The Last Son finds a missing Kryptonian battlesuit is missing from the Fortress and that someone has been using the monitors to track the four "heirs" of Superman. The battlesuit arrives in Metropolis and is attacked by Steel and Superboy. In the middle of the battle Superman exits the battlesuit! The trio leaves for Coast City (after Clark convinces Lois he's truly the Man of Steel).


The battle for Coast City

Superman and Steel enter Engine City under attack while a missile is launched towards Metropolis, with Superboy strapped to it! Superboy manages to deflect the missile saving Metropolis. The Last Son (now Eradicator) gains new energy by destroying the Fortress. Supergirl reveals herself (she was invisible), as the heroes head for the power center unaware the city's power source is kryptonite. Superman catches Mongul as in the engine room Steel fights the Cyborg. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) returns to Earth to find his hometown, Coast City destroyed. Green Lantern stops Mongul. Superboy and Eradicator meet, catch up with Superman, Steel, and Supergirl, who are chasing the Cyborg in Engine City. The Eradicator tells Superman how he placed his body in the regeneration matrix, saving him! The Cyborg seals out Superboy, Steel, and Supergirl, trapping Eradicator and Superman in the power station, with kryptonite. The Cyborg blasts energy through Eradicator, into Superman. The blast reenergizes Superman so he can stop Cyborg!


Where's Clark Kent?

After a memorial in Coast City, Lois and Clark begin to wonder how to bring Clark back. Later, Superman rescues a survivor from rubble left by Doomsday's battle. And the survivor is... Clark Kent (really Matrix in disguise).



33 years old

Doomsday is back! (Part one)

Doomsday is awakened while a cargo ship destined to Apokolips hauls his meteor. Upon arrival, Doomsday starts tearing a deadly path across the planet. The Cyborg has planted a receiving device on his back and has beamed his conscience to it before Superman destroyed his body. He's now free and plans to turn Apokolips into a new Warworld after Doomsday decimates the population. Back on Earth, Superman is worried about Doomsday destiny adrift in space and if, maybe, there are others like him. He seeks the time traveling Linear Men and the JLA but find no real answers. Darkseid - Apokolips' ruler - faces Doomsday and is defeated. Desaad - Darkseid's lackey - calls the JLA for help and Superman goes to Apokolips. Before facing Doomsday, the monster is transported somewhere else...


Doomsday is back! (Part two)

Superman helps Darkseid get better. Waverider - of the Linear Men - appears before him and tells the tale of Doomsday's origin: almost 250.000 years ago, an alien scientist named Bertron set a fortified laboratory on the wildest, most inhospitable planet known. He cloned a humanoid baby and set it outside his lab. The clone lasted less than a second. Tissue from the dead baby was used to clone a new baby, which was in turn set to the wild, only to die again. The process was repeated non-stop for more than thirty years. By then the cloned body was able to decimate all of the indigenous population and the scientists that created it. In the words of Betron, the creature "does not breathe or eat. He has no internal organs and minimal fluids. He is almost solid throughout, nourished by solar energy." And should he die, he would be reborn and be stronger. Back to current time, Superman and a recovered Darkseid destroy the Cyborg and Desaad tells them he sent Doomsday to the planet that managed to kill him before: Calaton


Doomsday is back! (Part three)

In the past Calaton's champion, Radiant, a being of pure energy, managed to defeat Doomsday with an energy blast that wiped out a quarter of the planet. And now, Doomsday was back and adapted to withstand energy blasts. Doomsday kills radiant and moves toward the center of the planet when Superman - armed with a Mother Box, a living computer - and Waverider reach Calaton. The battle begins and Doomsday counters every offense Superman throws at him: heat vision, supersonic blasts, everything fails. Waverider touches Doomsday and learns of a "personal" connection between Superman and the monster. Superman figures it out: he was created in a pre-historic Krypton! That’s way when Doomsday awoke on earth he went straight to metropolis: he could sense a Kryptonian there. After a bloody battle, with the help of the Mother Box and one of Waverider's time travel devices, Superman manages to trap Doomsday at... the end of time!



Luthor creates a second Bizarro, hoping it will help find a cure for his failing cloned body. The Bizarro escapes and goes after Lois Lane, and then Lana Lang. Superman saves both and Bizarro is once again destroyed. Luthor's health continues to decline, just as Superman's reaching new levels of power.


Superman goes to the doctor

Prof. Hamilton diagnoses Superman as uncontrollably absorbing Sun radiation after exposure to the Kryptonite core at Engine City. He starts to lose control of his powers as his body begins to increase in mass. On a controlled environment, the Parasite absorbs some of Superman's excessive energy. Meanwhile, Supergirl finds out Luthor has been using her (including trying to clone her) and almost kills him.



Lex Luthor blames Cadmus Project for his defective body and attempts to destroy it. Dr. Carl Packard reveals clone disease is caused by fallout from Engine City and that the cure can be obtained from the Guardian's (himself a clone) blood.



Lois publicly proves Luthor attempted to murder Green and is really Lex; Sr. Dr. Gretchen Kelley is her informant because of how Luthor treated Supergirl. Happersen (Luthor's right hand) is killed by Luthor when Happersen launches weapons that will destroy Metropolis. Lord Satanus secretly helps Superman while police arrest Luthor. Luthor goes catatonic. S.T.A.R. Labs find a cure for Luthor's disease. Meanwhile, Pete Ross marries Lana Lang.



During the Zero Hour miniseries, characters experience alternate realities when Parallax (a deranged Hal Jordan) tries to reboot the universe's timeline in order to save Coast City and repair some other "mistakes" done by humanity. After the destruction of Coast City, things began to drastically change for Hal. He tried to use his GL ring to bring back the dead, but when the Guardians objected, Hal raced to their home planet of Oa to confront them. There Hal killed many Green Lanterns and the Guardians as well. Hal now possesses all the energy of the Guardians and the main power battery. The universe briefly ceases to exist until the heroes restart the timeline. In the end, Hal comes back to his senses and sacrifices himself re-booting the timeline and saving the universe.



A villain named Conduit tries killing Clark when he is receiving an award (a "Baldy"). Before that he receives photos showing his childhood with Kenny Braverman that have Clark torn out. Adding two and two, Conduit is revealed to be Kenny who was born at the same time as Kal-El's rocket landed in Smallville. Kenny was always jealous of Clark's successes and after a stint as guinea pig for the C.I.A. decides to go after Clark. Superman defeats him but Conduit vows to kill both Clark and Superman.



Brainiac tries to drive Superman insane, by causing everyone on Earth to believe another Superman's body is still in his tomb



34 years old


Conduit is back! And while planning his revenge against Clark Kent he finds that Clark is Superman. He starts attacking Superman's parents, Lois and friends. Superman lets Clark "get killed" and adopts a new identity (Wayne Jordan) for a brief period of time. After Conduit is defeated, Superman "resurrects" Clark Kent.


Meet… the Contessa!

With Luthor still catatonic, the Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza takes control of Lexcorp.



Superman is abducted and put on trial by an alien Tribunal, charged with being responsible for the death of all Kryptonians, because his ancestor caused the genetic defect that stopped them from leaving Krypton.



Underworld Unleashed is the story of Neron, an ageless entity of immeasurable demonic power whose presence amplifies evil in the DC Universe --- permanently. He is first and foremost tempter, a dealmaker, possessing an insatiable appetite for human souls. But Neron's tastes are insidious. He hungers for souls to corrupt, souls he can obtain by exploiting the all-too-human capacity for free will --- and the souls of heroes are the ones he craves most. Earth's villains are the key. By fulfilling their desires for wealth, power, information --- and tools they may want --- Neron secures his pawns. Soon the world becomes under siege by supercharged villains waging all-out war, raising the stakes for Earth's ever more desperate heroes, pushing their moral convictions to the breaking point and, in some cases, beyond. By forcing the heroes into circumstances in which they can only stop the evil by making "deals with the devil," Neron will enjoy more success than ever he had bargained for. One of the deals Neron makes is to restore Luthor's health.



35 years old

Love and marriage

Lois breaks with Clark because of his constantly busy - and very worrying - life as Superman. In the other side of town, Luthor and the Contessa get engaged. It's a brief engagement and by the end of Summer, they get married.



Milton Fine is at Lovelace Psychiatric Hospital near Gotham being treated by Dr. Guinness. Learning that Chas Cassidy believes he's Superman, Brainiac (still in astral form) takes control over Fine again and uses an illusion to attract Superman to Lovelace. Brainiac takes over Superman's body and transfers Superman's mind to Cassidy's body. Brainiac however finds he cannot use his mental powers while in Superman's body. Finding Superman's mind not large enough Brainiac decides to use WGBS television to take over more human minds. Superman uses Chas' knowledge to switch Brainiac and Superman's minds back to their bodies as Chas reverses the data flow cramming Brainiac's brain and stopping him.


Lois Lane, Foreign Correspondent

Lois accepts the position of foreign correspondent for the daily Planet. She thinks it's better to be apart from Clark for a while. Her first assignment is in Nairobi, Africa.



Tolos arrives in Metropolis and tries to capture Superman using aliens from the Bottle City of Kandor. Kandor's origin date back to Krypton's past. Decisions reached by the Pure Krypton Cultural Program turned Kandor into a restricted ghetto, a physical and cultural containment zone for all non-Kryptonians. One night Kandor was removed from the face of the planet in a cataclysmic, trans-dimensional (and fairly unexplained) abduction. This left scores of non-Kryptonians alone and destitute in the ruins that remained, presumed dead by the Kryptonian Council. Kandor's prison became an isolated dimensional prison, a bottle locked off from the outer world until the long-lived alien sorcerer Tolos took possession of it and turned it into his own private intergalactic zoo/amusement park. Superman defeats Tolos and takes the Bottle City to his Fortress.


Superman re-joins the JLA

Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare



Since the dawn of the DC Universe, an unstoppable force has swept through the cosmos, feeding off the very stars, destroying worlds teeming with life and plunging them into the darkest night they've ever known. Now it's Earth's turn. The greatest heroes of the planet battle adverse situations in outer space as well as on earth as people get desperate when cold and darkness envelop them. Given Superman's alien metabolism, he loses all his powers when the Sun is eaten.


Wedding bells toll for Lois & Clark

While in Buthran (Middle-East) Lois realizes she cannot live without Clark. She rushes back to Metropolis and get together again. They marry at a few days later and go on a Hawaiian honeymoon. During their honeymoon they get persecuted by Buthranian terrorists, Clark (still powerless) is shot and kidnapped. It's up to Lois to save him!

The Wedding Album


Having lost his powers in the Final Night series, Superman is willing to try anything to get them back. He tries getting close to the Sun with the help of the Legion of Super-Heroes (from the XXXIth Century) but that fails. Cadmus and the regeneration matrix of the Fortress (used when he came back to life) fail as well. Only when the New Gods ask for his help and teleport him to the Sun's core his powers return. But something's not quite right.


She's having a baby!

The Contessa tells Luthor she's pregnant and he decides to turn himself in for the authorities.



36 years old


Somebody sinister seems to be behind gathering together a Superman Revenge Squad consisting of Riot, Misa, Anomaly, Barrage & Maxima. Luring Superman into their trap, the Superman Revenge Squad attacks Superman as a team (sometimes), leaving him almost powerless! Realizing their "boss" can't keep all promises made, the Superman Revenge Squad begin squabbling amongst themselves to be defeated by Superman & the SCU.


Superman loses control of his body

Superman manifests strange electrical activity as his body begins to phase in and out of reality. While battling a villain, Superman almost loses his body, as it is about to disperse as pure energy. Prof Hamilton (and Luthor!) gets him a containment suit at the nick of time. Superman "Blue" is then born. He faces Metallo while getting a hand on his new condition as an electricity-based sentient form.


More trouble for Kandor

With the long time leader dead - after the events of the Bottle City Saga - several political factions begin to fight for control of the city. Tolos - believed dead - fuels the animosity and manipulates the leaders into civil war. Superman and Atom (Ray Palmer) try to fix the situation. Prof. Hamilton, acting from outside the bottle, saves Superman from Tolos, who then traps Tolos within Kandor.


Luthor gets his ring back!

Lex wants the Kryptonite Ring back to prove his innocence (from what?). Superman gets the ring from Batman for police to run tests; Lex swaps the ring with a fake! Superman #126 (Aug)


The Superman Revenge Squad is back!

Morgan Edge is behind the new Revenge Squad. Rock, Parasite, Barrage and new member Baud give Superman a run for his money. Superman manages to defeat the Revenge Squad, Morgan Edge takes a Boom Tube to escape


And Superman really is… news at 11!

Jimmy Olsen - working for Galaxy Communications - thinks he has the scoop of the century when he "finds out" Superman's secret identity. He sets a special TV show to reveal his discovery but at the last moment decides not to do it out of friendship for Superman. But that's not the end of it! Somebody really wants to know what Jimmy found...


The Intergang returns

Intergang minions go after Jimmy for what he knows about Superman. They run into Guardian and the supergroup Outsiders and Jimmy is safe for now.



Super heroes all over the world are losing their powers, and are at a loss to explain why. It seems an energy wave and Darkseid are involved. Having drawn straws, Superman is chosen to close the breach in the Source Wall. While there he runs into the Cyborg! All the heroes gather together to protect earth from the alien armada surrounding it. Highfather tells them that Darkseid is behind it all. Superman battles the Cyborg while attempting to fix The Wall. What he doesn't know is the Cyborg is now in his containment suit! Confronting Darkseid, the heroes battle his minions, some entering into the Source to stop the God Wave. They find out that Ares (the god of war in Greek mythology) is the one behind it all. They all link minds and save the Source.



37 years old

Lena Luthor is born

The Contessa gives birth to Lena Luthor and dies a little later on a suspicious fire.


Superman Blue meet Superman Red, Red meet Blue

Toyman and Cyborg team-up, capture Superman and in trying to kill him, somehow split his energy into two different Supermen - a Red and a Blue! Both Clark Kents go about their day, interacting with Lois, Perry and the JLA, before Blue realizes there is a Red. The two Clarks confront each other before realizing they must work together in order to re-unite.



The Millennium Guards - who were being secretly captive at Cadmus Labs - escape and release the Millennium Giants - a trio of ancient behemoths who plan to erase all traces of the last thousand years of humanity's presence on Earth. Superman Red and Superman Blue each take on one of the Giants, but can't stop them. The two Superman along with some of the JLA and other heroes attempt to stop the Millennium Giants as one approaches Metropolis. More heroes arrive to try and stop the Giants, who are causing mass-destruction worldwide. Superman Red takes on Cabraca and nearly dies. Superman Blue saves Superman Red by merging their energies, the two take on the Millennium Giants, destroying their energy source and thus maybe the world! With the Giants destroyed, Supermen Red and Blue must do all they can to save earth from breaking apart, even if it means sacrificing themselves. As it turns out the merging of the two restored Superman to his former self (even with the old and true uniform).


Dominus means troubles

All of a sudden we have Supermen appearing in different points in time in seemingly parallel timelines: '60s, '70s, '40s and 2999. In 1938, while defeating the Nazis, Superman and Lois embrace in a kiss that brings reality back to what it should be. But not if Dominus can do something about it! Superman is shaken out of the 2999 reality and all 4 realities merge into the one proper reality thanks to Kismet. Dominus soon attacks Kismet and Superman appears powerless to stop him. Superman is approached by Dominus in the guise of WaveRider, and is tricked into going on a search for the wounded Kismet who secretly continues to recover in his old house standing in Hypersector part of Metropolis. The real Waverider steps in and alters time to help Superman save Kismet from the grasps of Dominus


The Daily Planet going once, twice, sold!

The Daily Planet is sold to Lex Luthor, who closes down the grand newspaper and incorporates most of the staff (including Lois) to LexCom, Lexcorp's media division.



The JLA of the year 85,271 come to transport 1998's JLA to the future to celebrate the return of Superman from his self-imposed exile in the heart of the sun, but with Vandal Savage and Solaris involved, plenty goes wrong!



When a Kandorian building and its residents mysteriously arrive in Metropolis, Superman goes to the Bottled City to investigate. In Kandor, Superman meets the Cyborg who's posing as Kandor's savior. Even weakened by his long permanence under Kandor's artificial sun, Superman thwarts the Cyborg's evil plan to enlarge Kandor on top of Metropolis.



38 years old


Superman begins to have precognitive nightmares about catastrophic events happening on Earth. Disturbed by that, he starts patrolling 24/7 and tells Lois that Clark Kent has to go away. He even invites Lois to live with him on the Fortress. Lois begins to doubt her husband's sanity, especially after he forces a tyrant out of his presidency. The President of the USA and the JLA confront him and Superman dismisses both. Luthor takes the opportunity to form the "Supermen of America" to protect Metropolis and other major cities since Superman now takes care of the whole world. And to better do that, he builds an army of robots. Lois even does an article criticizing Superman. Superman destroys part of the LexCorp building when he discovers Lex is creating synthetic Kryptonite there. The SCU, JLA and the United Nations decide that Superman must be stopped. Lois finally arrives at the Fortress (thanks to STAR Labs). Superman rids the world of all nuclear weapons. JLA bring the fight against Superman to the Fortress, where they meet...


Dominus is back!

Dominus! He has manipulated Superman's reality since he started having the dreams. As the UN fires upon the Fortress, Lois confronts Superman within. When they kiss, the spell Dominus has had over him is broken, and finally he realizes the folly of his ways, which makes Dominus angry! The Superman Robots react and destroy the UN building, while Dominus again controls Superman's reality by making him think he has to kill all the world's leaders. Luthor sets about destroying the Fortress with a Kryptonite ogive and succeeds! As Superman fights the effects of the synthetic kryptonite, he battles with Dominus, who once again tricks Superman with false realities. Trapped in the Phantom Zone, Superman comes across three of Dominus' race, who informs him of the history behind Dominus and Kismet. As Superman returns from the Phantom Zone he challenges Dominus and loses again. Disguised as Superman, he convinces the world to hunt down Dominus as a means of uncovering Kismet's hiding place. Superman escapes his imprisonment and sends Dominus to the Phantom Zone.


King's fall

Metropolis no longer trusts Superman, and he has to deal with their remarks and attitudes. As Clark, he gains insight as he listens to the story of a soldier injured by him while under Dominus' control. In an attempt to win back public support, Superman agrees to a WLEX Live TV Interview with Lois, but Lois works out that Lex has a plan to make Superman look bad, and together they work it out.


Without a little help from his friends

Superman goes into Gotham City to help people during "No Man's Land", but Batman doesn't want his help.


The Strange Visitor comes to Metropolis

An airplane is saved by a glowing angel, and so starts a series of sightings of the "Strange Visitor" a woman wearing Superman's old energy costume (the blue one only). Superman finally catches up with her at Professor Hamilton's place. While trying to work out just who Strange Visitor really is, Superman and the new hero take on a super strong villain called War who has kidnapped his son from the mother and her good intentions are proved.



Asmodel gets control of the Spectre - an all powerful agent of the Lords of Order and Chaos - and together with the demon Etrigan manages to overthrow Neron and brings Hell to Earth. The JLA and other heroes are powerless against the might of demon hoard. Earth's heroes split up into three teams, one goes to Heaven to find a spirit to occupy the Spectre, another goes to hell to try and reignite Hell's fires, while the third remains on earth fighting the demons. Having been dismissed out of Heaven, Earth's heroes look in Purgatory for a wandering soul to occupy the Spectre... where Hal Jordan (ex-Green Lantern) volunteers for the job. Hell's fires are reignited, but what's wrong with Superman? Superman is put through hell (literally) by Neron, who tries to persuade Superman into creating his own "perfect" world... one without Lois. Superman overcomes his possession by Neron, who then goes into the Spectre where he, Azmodel & Hal Jordan compete to control the Spectre. Hal Jordan wins and dons the Spectre's cape for a long time.


Meanwhile in Metropolis…

Strange Visitor is confronted by her fiancé and becomes upset and her powers go out of control. Superman captures her and takes her to STAR Labs where they use the Parasite to siphon off her excess powers. Superman and Strange Visitor try to battle the extremely powerful Parasite who has tapped into the earth's electromagnetic field. The Strange Visitor have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the day.


The Daily Planet is up and running again.

Questions and rumors abound about why Luthor sold back the Planet for a dollar and to no other than Bruce Wayne! But Lois has a huge secret she's keeping from Clark. She's offered Luthor to "kill" any story he chooses in exchange for the Planet and he agrees.


La Encantora makes an entrance…

A beautiful woman by the name of La Encantadora is selling off fake kryptonite to small-time villains who try to use it against Superman. Superman finally catches her after an around the world chase.


Imperiex is coming!

In space Superman and the son of Mongul do battle with Imperiex - who defeated Mongul single-handly! Imperiex plans to demolish our galaxy!



39 years old

The Y2K Saga

On New Year's Eve, the Kents decide on staying in Metropolis for a change. Lex holds a huge party, but doesn't plan on a gate crasher like Brainiac, whose upgrade causes havoc across the world... especially in Metropolis. Metropolis is changing dramatically thanks to Brainiac 13. An upgraded Metallo attacks Superman, but Superman, with help from the Metal Men, defeats him. Brainiac manages to absorb Superman! Superman is again turned into Superman Blue and fights Brainiac 13 all over Metropolis, while Lex and Brainiac 2.5 together attempt to save the real Superman who is the only one who can stop Brainiac 13. The arrival of the reformed Eradicator temporarily helps Superman defeat Brainiac 13. Together they go to the ruins of the Fortress of Solitude to stop the B13 virus and the Eradicator Program from joining. Brainiac 2.5 and Lex attack Brainiac 13 with a Kryptonian Battlesuit. Superman uses the Kryptonian technology to defeat Brainiac 13. Lex sacrifices Lena Luthor to Brainiac 13 to rule over new Metropolis.


Lois & Clark are at it again

Lois start to give Clark a hard time and he spends some time with his parents in Smallville. She is even colder when he returns and mentions that they should give their relationship a break. Clark is puzzled and begins to show some symptoms of illness. The problems surface and Perry talks to Clark about marriage. These problems are just made worse when an ailing Superman battling the Parasite gets some help and attention from Wonder Woman and Lana... with an untimely entrance by Lois. After that, she decides to leave him for good.


A brand new Fortress of Solitude

Steel and Superman set about re-creating the Fortress of Solitude within a tesseract (a four-dimensional analogue of a cube), a group of techno-villains called the Cybermoths attempt to gain control of it and free their benefactor... the Cyborg!


'Til death do us part…

After a minor fight, Lois hits (!) Clark and he realizes that it can't be really her. She's been replaced by Parasite (who now can shape-shift). The Parasite has been draining Superman's strength since the events of the Y2K Saga. Superman begin a desperate search for the real Lois and as his fever climbs, he turns green. Batman helps Superman find the Parasite's lair and Lois - alive - but Clark's too sick by then.

SUP 156, ADV 577, MOS 991, ACC 764, SUP 157, ADV 578, MOS 100, ACC 765


Hooked up to equipment at STAR Labs, Superman's vital signs grow weaker. The Atom shrinks Steel, Supergirl and Superboy so they can enter Superman's body and find the source of his illness before it kills him. Supergirl treks through to Superman's brain and unleashes an electrical surge, while Superboy and Steel confront the kryptonite cancer... but Steel is an imposter! John Henry Irons (the real Steel) shrinks too and enters Superman's body to help Superboy & Supergirl against the Steel-imposter, really the Prankster. Lois & Encantadora briefly escape Deathstroke and get to STAR Labs with some news, but he follows close behind them. Deathstroke deals Lois a killing blow. Superboy stops the nanobot killing Superman, while Supergirl and Encantadora revive Lois, and the Atom and STAR Labs revive Superman.

ADV 579, MOS 101, ACC 766, SUP 158, ADV 580, MOS 102, ACC 767

Vote for… Luthor

Lex Luthor announces that he'll run for the presidency of the US. He will not affiliate with Democrats or Republicans, though. Later, Luthor announces that Pete Ross will run as his Vice-President.



Superman escapes from Arkham Asylum, only to be captured yet again by Metropolis' hero... Bizarro!? Superman tries to get help from Lois Lane... owner of Lane Corp!? Why are things all so wrong?! A young religious woman has a vision of Superman before sprouting wings of fire. Superman escapes Arkham again and receives some help from Lois. Jimmy turns into a giant Turtle-boy and eats Superman!!! Captured again, Superman is shackled, tested and thrown into another prison where he stumbles across John Henry Irons. Together they escape before running into a little imp who gives them some hints. Superboy is working as SuperBurger Boy and hating the monotony of it all. Superman and Steel battle Ignition before Mr. Mxyzptlk finally restores Superman's memory and reveals the Joker is behind this whole mess. Mxy reveals that he stupidly gave the Joker his powers, which is why the world is the way it is. Superman tries to convince the real JLA, Supergirl and Superboy that they're really heroes and Joker shoots Lex!



Superman, Superboy and Supergirl attack Joker's stronghold from the water, while Lois and Steel attack head on. Supergirl and Superboy are seemingly killed by Ignition. Superman searches for Batman... finding him dead. Batman returns to life and together with Superman, he and Supergirl and Superboy (who are also brought back from hell) attempt to fight Joker by teleporting into his soul. Lois turns traitor. Joker turns the heroes into Super Pets!!! With Lois as his Queen, Joker tries to break Superman's will by putting him through a life where he's responsible for the death of everyone he cares for... but this only serves to strengthen Superman's resolve. The battle to defeat Emperor Joker rages on, back and forth. With Joker on the verge of destroying the whole universe, Superman (with Mxy's help) works out that Batman is the key to defeating the Joker.


Meet the new President of the United States of America…

Lex Luthor wins the presidential election! The news shock Superman's friends: Batman wants back the Kryptonite ring... The Daily Planet staff take the news pretty hard... but not as hard as Superman. Superman visits Lana to talk about Pete Ross' involvement. Lex steps down as head of LexCorp. Talia Head - the daughter of long time batman foe, Ra's Al Ghul -is selected by Luthor to take charge. Sam Lane - Lois' father - is appointed Secretary of Defense.



40 years old

The Elite is in town

When a new group of vigilante "heroes" called the Elite start violently "resolving" crisis situations, Superman confronts them and eventually faces off with them about the right way to do things.



Superman investigates a rocket that lands outside the Kent's farmhouse, almost 40 years after his own pod landed there. With the help of John Henry (Steel) and Prof. Hamilton, he receives a message from Jor-el, who shows him what Krypton was "really" like. Superman and Lois arrive on Krypton via the Phantom Zone. They soon meet Krypto, Jor-El and Lara. When Superman tries to move Krypton from its dangerous orbit he is rendered unconscious. He and Lois spend some time together enjoying Kryptonoplis, but their dinner plans with Jor-el and General Zod and his Eradicators who come to arrest Jor-el rudely interrupt Lara. As Nightwing and Flamebird, Clark and Lois search out the Off-Worlders of Krypton to obtain some Xuthful Ore, a mineral that they need to get back to Earth. With the Eradicators hot on their tales, Clark and Lois head for Jor-El's hideout. A battle ensues, with Jor-El taking down Zod. Their true relationship revealed, Father, Mother and Son say their farewells, as Clark and Lois head home via the Phantom Zone... and Krypto tags along.


Batman and Lois: The Dinamic Duo

Bruce Wayne is revealed as the owner of the Daily Planet and while in Metropolis, Lois asks Batman (she knows!) to help retrieve the Kryptonite ring from the Luthor. They get passed the White House security... until Superman stands in their way. Superman and Batman are all over the White House in a battle for the Kryptonite Ring. Luthor finally confronts Batman and thinks he uses Superman to get the real Kryptonite ring back... but Superman and Batman have other ideas and the ring is secured again with Batman.



When his planet is wiped out by an invading army called Viroxx, Korsa, and survivors from other planets in the same situation, search out Superman to join them against Viroxx and his invading armada. The war against Viroxx rages on. Many die from both sides, much to Superman's dismay. Viroxx is finally destroyed... but it's only a ruse... when Superman leaves his new friends, Viroxx's soldiers note his path, and attack him on Earth, converting Lois to their cause. Trying to bring back Lois, Superman rages in battle against Viroxx in his own style, much to the disappointment of Korsa. When Superman saves Korsa from being killed, he berates Superman and his methods... as Viroxx heads for Earth thanks to Lois. Superman teams up with a race of Weapons Builders called the Vorx to capture Lois, and defeat Viroxx. Korsa mis-interprets Superman's plans and almost ruins everything... but Superman prevails and is reunited with Lois, who remembers nothing of her ordeal.


The OUR WORLDS AT WAR Saga: Prelude to War

In the Pokolistan country, Superman is fighting Ignition (from the Emperor's Joker saga), Kancer (a being "made" of the Kryptonite poisoning that plagued Superman) and an enemy so powerful he breaks Superman's jaw: Imperiex! Superman discovers that a new Warworld has replaced the planet Pluto. Superman discovers a strange teaming together of villains and heroes preparing to fight Imperiex... under Darkseid's command! Superman and the JLA confront Darkseid before Luthor shows up and basically tells Superman to stand down while he recruits the JLA in to Darkseid's service. In Pokolistan, Superman again battles the General who reveals himself as Zod. A bomb destroys most of Kansas!


The OUR WORLDS AT WAR Saga: All-Out War

Surveying the wreckage of Topeka Kansas, Superman discovers Imperiex at the center of the disaster. With devastating rage, Superman splits Imperiex's armor causing a massive explosion. Barely surviving, Superman heads for Smallville to find the Kent farm in ruins, and his parents nowhere to be found. The JLA fall one by one as they battle numerous Imperiex probes. Superman takes WW for medical help, while Aquaman is killed in his own explosive Imperiex battle, as is Guy Gardner. Arriving at the scene of Aquaman's death Superman declares war against Imperiex. Meanwhile, having sent the Suicide Squad up to the moon to retrieve Doomsday, Luthor tells Superman they've lost contact with the team. Superman finds Doomsday has decimated them, but fights side by side with the creature against Imperiex, until Doomsday is destroyed by the real Imperiex, and Superman somehow finds himself on Apokolips. As he continues to battle Imperiex he is too late to save her father who gives his life to stop the probe.


The OUR WORLDS AT WAR Saga: Casualties of War

Luthor and allies have one final plan. Merging Strange Visitor with Superman, the pair form a striking figure as they destroy Imperiex Prime. But before Darkseid can boom-tube away the ensuing energy, Brainiac 13 shows up with a new WarWorld, siphons it for himself and uses LexCorp Tower to fire upon Apokolips. As Apokolips attacks Earth, Superman confronts Darkseid, while Lena reveals that she and Brainiac 13 were playing Lex for a pawn. Lex does a deal with Ignition who is acting as General Zod's negotiator. Lex steels into LexCorp Towers to confront his daughter Lena. John Henry arrives at WarWorld wearing the armor created by Darkseid from one of Imperiex's probes: the Entropy Aegis. But even Steel's help isn't enough, so Superman flies off into the sun. A more powerful Superman returns from the sun, attacks B13 and realizes that Imperiex is still alive. Through telepathy he pulls together a plan with Steel, Luthor, Darkseid and others, to push Warworld, B13 and Imperiex through a boom-tube to the beginning of time.


Life gets back to normal after the war…

In the aftermath of the war, memorials and services are held for Aquaman, Hippolyta, Frank Rock, Maxima, Strange Visitor and Sam Lane. Young Justice return from Apokolips. Superman takes Lois to what's left of the Kent's farm in Smallville. Clark rebuilds the Kent farmhouse as Lois reads to him from Martha's diary. Pete Ross and Lana drop by. A fellow survivor passing by lets them know Martha is alive. They bring her home where she sews Clark a new-look Superman costume: the yellow in the shield is replaced by black. Soon after Superman is abducted from time and space by the Linear Men to stand judgment over his involvement in stopping Imperiex and possibly messing up with the timeline.



The Joker starts a well-planned riot at prison after finding out he's dying from a brain tumor. The riot ends with all the inmates being "Jokerized". The Jokers sets about the release of Doomsday from a government installation. Superman, having learnt much from the recent war, stops Doomsday, teaching the sentient monster a hard lesson. Luthor hands over Doomsday to Darkseid in a shady deal. Lex Luthor is Jokerized later and sets about on a strange journey that sees him riding on a speeding train about to launch nuclear missiles. Superman steps in just in time to stop him. Jokerized villains break into the Steel's lab (Steelworks), freeing a jokerized Eradicator. The jokerization seems to have brought the Kryptonian programming to the forefront, sending the Eradicator to the Fortress of Solitude where a battle ensues with Krypto as the target. While the Joker-acid rain falls, Superman is visited by Batman before they're confronted with a jokerized Green Lantern. The confrontation leads to many issues, including what was done during the Emperor Joker saga.


Look, Ma… it's Pa!

Pa Kent returns to Smallville after seeing his son fighting Doomsday again at the beginning of the Last Laugh Saga.


After all the turmoil in his life, even Superman needs help

In his first appointment with Dr Claire Foster, a psychiatrist, Superman shares his fears of Zod, his feelings about Aquaman, his concern for his parents, and his love for Lois. He goes in full costume and does not reveal his secret identity to the doctor.

SUP 176



41 years old

Secret identity not so secret anymore!

Lex Luthor receives an anonymous envelope labeled Top Secret and containing pictures showing Superman's pod landing near the Kent farm. He deduces that Clark is really Superman!

SUP 178

The Our Worlds At War final secret

Lois is targeted by some supervillains in her efforts to dig up facts about Lex Luthor's foreknowledge regarding the events of the Imperiex War, and is finally confronted by Lex himself, who calls in her debt to him to drop the story... but Lois passes it on to Clark to publish in the Daily Planet. Lex Luthor denies the allegations published in the Daily Planet by Clark Kent, and calls on the JLA to use J'onn J'onnz to telepathically scan him to see if he's lying... He's not! Perry White fires Clark Kent over the debacle... or does he?

SUP 182, 183

An unfriendly visit from the JLA… of Earth 2?!?

A Mrs. Fuller gives birth to a baby boy who flies straight up out of the hospital and begins causing massive energy surges. After a few failed attempts, Superman grabs the baby at super-speed and flies him into his Fortress of Solitude, but is soon interrupted by the arrival of Ultraman (Superman's "equivalent" from the Earth 2 dimension). Superman and a Fortress Robot try and stop Ultraman who continues to try and kill the super-baby. Superwoman (Wonder Woman's reflex) and Owlman (Batman's) also appear to heighten the situation... confusion reigns, until the baby speaks... Brainiac has found a new host! Brainiac takes over the Fortress of Solitude, expanding it to huge proportions, threatening the whole world. Owlman uses Brainiac's biological and emotional weaknesses from his genetic ties to Ultraman, and bluffs Brainiac into escaping into the Phantom Zone where Superwoman suffocates him.

ADV 603, 604, 605

Lois Lane: Goddess of Integrity

A group representing the gods approaches Superman to join their ranks in an effort to make them popular once again. He rejects their offer, but miles away, herself being interviewed, Lois is granted goddess status as the Goddess of Integrity. As the Goddess of Integrity Lois flies off, leaving Superman to battle the evil gods who tried to coax him into joining their ranks. Wonder Woman stops Lois from raising her dad from the dead, and the two have a deep and meaningful chat. Lois finally returns to normal.

MOS 126, 127


Jor-El appears in Smallville and tells Clark he needs him to come back with him to Krypton to save Lara. Together with Krypto, father and son travel through the Phantom Zone to return to Krypton, where they are chased before finding Lara... dead? Jor-El and Superman find the Council dead. Jor-El explains how a religious group worshiping Rao grew to overthrow his scientific government. Together they find and rescue Lara, but are confronted by Rao's followers in a vicious battle. Lying at the feet of Xon-Ur, Superman is saved by one-time enemy Kru-El. Together with Jor-El they storm a location thought to house Rao's "Heart of Krypton", a religious artifact. An artifact that somehow has ties between the House of El and Brainiac 13... Superman realizes that this Krypton isn't the real Krypton, it's a new world fashioned and programmed by Brainiac 13, designed to entrap and kill Superman. Jor-El steps into the Heart of Krypton and re-programs this reality to allow Superman to leave and for this new Krypton to live on in seclusion and perfect harmony.

SUP 184, ADV 606, MOS 128, ACC 793


Vice President Pete Ross catches up with his old school friend, Clark Kent before entering an emergency meeting with the Senate. The meeting that is interrupted by an attack from the Master Jailer and Neutron, but it's meant only as a warning to Superman. The Atomic Skull attacks Superboy, Jonathan and Martha Kent at their home. Clark's old football coach is attacked by Riot. His dentist threatened by the Quakemaster. King Shark sets upon Jimmy. Everyone associated with Clark Kent is in danger... next it's Lois! Superman saves Lois and the Daily Planet staff from the Evil Star, and gets Lois to call all his family and friends to get them to the safety of the Steelworks. Once there, Superman and Lois convince everyone that for Clark's sake Superman needs them all to stay safe while he deals with the situation. Superman confronts Luthor about his knowing that Superman is Clark Kent, but Lex isn't the one behind the attacks on Clark's family and friends. Later, the Elite attacks Luthor, revealing that Manchester Black is the mastermind behind all the mayhem.

SUP 186, ADV 608, MOS 130, ACC 795

The ENDING BATTLE Saga continues…

On his way to confront Black, several supervillains confront Superman, but it's Metallo with his Kryptonite heart that captures Superman's full attention. Superman gets rid of Metallo and Master Jailer only to be confronted by a horde of new villains wanting to trash Superman and Metropolis. Superman makes quick work of them (while a Senator Kale gripes nearby). Lois decides to take some action... but finds Manchester Black at her apartment door! Confronted by a smart Bizarro, Mongul, Silver Banshee and Master Jailer, Superman must think his way through to finally reach Manchester Black... who (having tormented her emotionally) has Lois at this feet all bloodied and broken when Superman arrives! Manchester Black makes Superman think Lois is dead hoping he'll break him and make him kill him... but Superman doesn't kill, and Manchester Black, knowing he's failed, allows the real Lois to reunite with her husband before going off and killing himself.

SUP 187, ADV 609, MOS 131, ACC 796

That's focal therapy for you…

Superman once again visits his therapist to discuss the recent events with Manchester Black... He discusses how people see Superman, the traumas to his wife and parents, his fear of Zod and the memory of killing the original Zod. He ends his treatment and leaves feeling better.

ACC 797


When a girl called Traci Thirteen writes a letter to Lana Lang asking for help, Lana decides to do something about it personally, against her husband's wishes. When Lana goes missing Pete calls on Clark to help find her. Batman steps in to warn Clark against going in undercover to find Lana to no avail. As Clark continues his search for Lana, walking around the ghetto asking people if they know anything about her whereabouts, he finds Traci. She shows him the strange parasites feeding on and increasing these people's despair. Three of these creatures attach themselves to Clark! Giving in to the Heartbreaker's effects, Clark becomes despondent and gives up looking for Lana, until he hears her voice as she jumps off the top of a building. Rescuing her, Clark and Lana then shelter in an old building where they embrace and kiss. Clark breaks the Heartbreaker's spell by remembering good times he and Lana had as kids. Using this method he helps Traci's father break free from the parasites' hold, and then goes about trying to help the people of Hell's Heart.

SUP 189, ADV 611, MOS 133, ACC 798



42 years old

John Henry Irons, where are you? Clark meets Perry White to tell him how Lois found out that he's researching into Lex Luthor, but how she thinks he's obsessed with it, and how he hates lying to her about his undercover work for the Daily Planet. Meanwhile John Henry dons the Aegis armor and vanishes... Superman challenges Darkseid to a 1-on-1 battle for the life of John Henry, whose soul resides in the Entropy Aegis, now stranded in Apokolips. Using the Eradicator, Supergirl, Superboy & Krypto to keep the rest of Apokolips from helping Darkseid, the battle is on! John Henry is finally returned to the Steelworks, while his niece Natasha takes over as Steel. MOS 134 (final issue)
Superman: METROPOLIS Jimmy photographs the assassination of a local politician, who miraculously recovers hours later. Upon investigation, Superman discovers that B13 technology is behind the man's recovery. Together with Jimmy, Superman discovers the "tech" responsible is actually Lena Luthor. When an old man is rendered young again thanks to the tech, Jimmy is onto the story, but finds himself also part of the story when his signal watch begins talking to him and giving him information about what it's doing and why. Jimmy investigates stories of a new monster, and discovers that the Tech has joined two villains, Sledge and Killgrave, at the head when they were both killed fighting each other. The newly joined villains aren't happy about their new life together, for obvious reasons. A woman and her children are given a message by an underworld drug dealer calling himself GOD. The woman, being very religious, thinks the message is really from God, and takes the money from the deal for herself and her children. Jimmy and the Tech get involved. Lena finally leaves Jimmy's wrist, and goes off to do some good. Lena clones herself a body, and turns up naked in Metropolis. Tech all around Metropolis starts to fail without her presence. Jimmy rescues Lena from the police station, and the two fall in love. To save lives and return the tech to normal, Superman brings the real baby Lena Luthor to meet the tech Lena, and convince her to return to her mechanical form. Jimmy hates Superman for doing this. Superman and Jimmy have a deep and meaningful chat about recent events. Jimmy comes to realize just how human Superman is, while Superman realizes that "Lena" and Jimmy mean a lot to each other. Meanwhile Rebecca Muldoon helps Professor Killgrave/Sledge to escape prison. The Tech shutsdown as Lena does a deal with Professor Killgrave, giving him total control of Sledge's body, while she takes over Rebecca Muldoon's body, putting Sledge and Rebecca's minds within the Tech. Jimmy, joined by the Creeper, finds Lena close to death. Jimmy stays by Lena's side in the hospital, when he is contacted by Rebecca through his signal watch. He tries to get her to use the Tech to revive Lena in her body, but Dr Killgrave infiltrates the B13 technology, destroys both Rebecca and Sledge before killing Lena. Lena is revived, thanks to quick thinking by Jimmy. The two head off to the Tech's power source, hoping to get Lena back in before Killgrave has a chance to take over... but Killgrave beats them to it, and both Jimmy and Lena are critically injured. With Jimmy dead, Lena transfers herself and Jimmy into the tech, but needs to erase Sledge to make room. Lena has gained freedom, but at what cost to the city? Jimmy may have to make an even greater sacrifice, and Superman disappears! MET 1 - 12
Come the Futuresmiths! And an all new Supergirl! Superman fights the villain Amok and beats him. Amok vanishes and is powered up even more by his strange allies, the Futuresmiths. When he fails again, the Futuresmiths awaken their next plan: Cir-El... a new Supergirl! Radion threatens to blow up a nuclear power plant but the new Supergirl saves the day, claiming she's Superman's daughter. Lois is furious and really gives it to Clark when he gets home. However Lois gets an even bigger shock when Supergirl calls her "Mommy"! A new hero called Viceroy also makes an appearance in Metropolis. Superman confronts Cir-El, while around them Metropolis is under threat by Radion whose powers have increased from having been dumped into the nuclear reactor by Cir-El. S10c, SUP 192, SUP 193
Who are... The Hollow Men? Clark meets with famous Journalist Benjamin Conrad, whose fictional character (a golden age-type Superman) has somehow come to life, branding his own kind of justice on the world. Clark convinces Conrad to destroy the manuscript. But another one exists called "The Hollow Men". Superman discovers a place known as Heroville: a 50-year old government experiment long-forgotten. A town located in a tesseract filled with metahumans living peacefully. Upon learning of Heroville, Luthor sends in a team of soldiers, but they are captured and returned by Superman to the real world. Becoming aware of the outbreak of "Anti-Chromatic Syndrome" (super-powered individuals suffer a complete loss of pigmentation and turn into a vegetative state), Superman rushes to Heroville where almost everyone has fallen prey to ACS. He discovers that three strange men are the cause of it, and recognizes them as fictional characters from a novel by Ben Conrad. Superman confronts the Hollow Men, while Conrad tries to re-write the ending of his novel to end the reign of the Hollow Men who have desimated Heroville. ADV 612, ADV 614, ADV 615, ADV 616
General Zod is back It happens first in Little Falls, Colorado. A handful of people suddenly show metahuman abilities. People are killed. Superman and the army contain the situation, only to find that the same thing is happening right across America. General Zod is somehow involved. As the chaotic metahuman activity continues across America, Luthor's government work out that Bialya are probably behind it all. Bialyan nanobots have infested humans carrying dormant meta gens and they trigger the transformation. Before Superman can act however, General Zod kills thousands of Bialyans as a peace offering towards the U.S. Zod proposes an alliance with the free world's government: The "Metagene Contagion" can only be contained by turning Earth's yellow sun into a red star! When Superman confronts Zod, Zod takes off his mask and reveals himself to be a mirror image of Kal-El himself!!! Superman and Zod fly together to the sun and are successful in turning it into red. However only one of them returns... ACC 801, ACC 802
At last! Who is General Zod! Before backstabbing Superman, Zod reveals his origins: he's the son of a Russian cosmonaut couple that died in outer space after being hit by a meteor shower. The meteors carried enough radiation to mutate the unborn child into a very powerful being, as long as it bathed in red sunlight. Yellow radiation was very hurtful to him, hence the armor he always wears. Envy of Superman led to his destructive behavior. Back on Earth, Zod tricks Luthor into thinking he's actually Superman returned from the sun. Zod takes over a top-secret U.S. military installation as his long plotted plan to take over the world starts in earnest. Luthor escapes from Zod's imprisonment and sets off into space, where he locates Superman's unconcious body. Reviving him, Superman and Lex are soon chased by the Blackhawks, before losing them and crash-landing on the asteroid containing Stryker's Penitentiary. ACC 803, ACC 804
Superman vs. Zod: The Main Event A weak Superman tries to convince the inmates to help him defeat Zod. Enlisting the help of Stryker's prison inmates, Superman takes the fight to Zod. The two battle fiercely, while Luthor attempts to return the sun to yellow. Superman defeats Zod, but it's the yellow sun that kills him. ACC 805
Mr. Mxyzptlk: now available in twin mode Two white-haired twins show up, peddling their "Encyclopedia Universal" to Perry White, sending him into a coma. Having approached the world's major leaders to the same effect, they approach Superman who soon works out that Mr Mxyzptlk is behind it. The Mxyzptlk Twins, having taken Earth's gravity, begin playing games amongst themselves, meanwhile Superman, The Atom and the rest of the JLA try to save Earth. Superman restores Earth's gravity, confronts the Mxy Twins, buying a set of their encyclopedias, before they vanish, restoring everything back to normal. ADV 617, ADV 618
Lois Lane: TV Anchor Superman goes undercover as a Maintenance Man inside LexCorp Towers in an attempt to find out what happened to Lex Luthor's personal bodyguard Hope. He finds her left for dead in a sub-level holding cell and as Clark Kent writes up the story for the front page of the Daily Planet. Lois quits her job, taking a position as a report for Channel Three TV. SUP 194
Been there, done that Superman returns to his apartment in a state of confusion, telling Lois about his experience with the new Supergirl inside the Futuresmiths' fortress and how it all felt like he'd been there and done it all before. SUP 195
Supergirls Superman crashes down at Traci Thirteen's feet with a staff sticking out of his chest. She uses her magic to keep him alive while transporting him to Lana's apartment. Lois finds out that Lana and Pete are getting a divorce, and although Lana asks her not to print anything about it, Lois does just that, in a moment of revenge for Lana kissing her husband. Natasha (as the new Steel) helps Traci and Lana protect Superman from the ghostly form of Byakko who is intent on killing Superman. Even when Cir-El, the new Supergirl, turns up to protect her "father", she's no match for Byakko who injures Superman once again... and Lana too. Byakko follows the girls into the Fortress of Solitude, as Kelex tries to heal Superman and Lana. Lana talks with Byakko and makes her realize that Superman isn't vain, showing her his fan and hate mail to prove her point. Byakko leaves. Superman revives. Cir-El, Traci and Natasha sleep off their injuries. ACC 806, ACC 807, ACC 808
The race for Presidency is on... A man calling himself The Candidate is running for President. Lois and Clark compete against each other to be the first to interview this mystery man. Lois learns that someone plans to kill The Candidate. Superman tries to protect him but is needed in outer space where Cannibal Planet attempts to devour our Sun. Defeating the Cannibal Planet, Superman returns to Earth just in time to save The Candidate from Assassin Lad... who was hired by The Candidate as a media stunt. ADV 619, ADV 620
The world's finest superheroes together! John Corben is digging up graves in an attempt to find his old body before he became Metallo. Both Superman and Batman are on the case, and help each other out. But when Superman is shot by a Kryptonite bullet and he and Batman are burried alive, things don't look so good. Making an explosive escape, Batman and Superman retreat to the Batcave. However they barely have time to recover when they're attacked by a future version of Superman, intent on killing them both. President Lex Luthor makes a National Address, offering 1 billion dollars for the capture of Superman. Lois interviews Lex on live TV. Superman and Batman attempt to show up and make their case, but they're slowed down by the arrival of the Banshee, Mongul, Solomon Grundy, Lady Shiva, Nightshade, and a horde of other villains out for the ransom... but they're all being mentally manipulated by Gorilla Grogg. Captain Atom and his team show up not to save Superman and Batman, but to take them in. Superman snatches Power Girl while Batman takes Katana, and both head for Tokyo where they're supposed to meet a highly intelligent boy. Captain Marvel and Hawkman have other ideas though, and the two attack and capture the World's Finest team. Superboy, Supergirl, Natasha (Steel), and Krypto fight alongside Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Huntress to break into the White House to free their mentors but they're not there. Disguised as Hawkman and Captain Marvel, Batman and Superman arrive and rescue the youngsters and confront Luthor, who now wears a purple and green battle suit. S&B 1-6
The Kryptonian virus Superman's powers become erratic, and he's almost unable to save a crashing airplane. Unable to fly, he catches a ride with Lois in her car, before nearly killing her when his flight returns unexpectedly. When he comes across men infected by a possible Kryptonian virus, Superman barely makes it to his Fortress of Solitude where he finds Supergirl (Cir-El) & Krypto, before passing out. Kelex puts Superman inside a Bio Remediation suit to slow down the progress of the Kryptonian virus that is killing him. Meanwhile in Metropolis, Bizarro is stronger and smarter than ever due to the Kryptonian virus having the opposite affect on him. Superman and Cir-El attempt to stop him, and use his blood to find a cure for Superman. SUP 197, SUP 198
The Minuteman appears and the Anti-Angelica arrive Someone called The Minuteman takes out the villain called Copperhead. Lois learns that children under the age of 5 have turned into bugs and insects down at a local childcare center. Superman attempts to help the children, but is sidetracked when he meets the Minuteman and learns his secret identity. He warns Superman of the arrival of the Anti-Angelica. As Superman discusses the situation with the Minuteman, the Anti-Angelica have arrived in Metropolis with a single purpose. Their mating ritual consists of cocooning all the bug-children into a "honeymoon suite". The two heroes attempt to stop them consummating their marriage. Superman is sent with the creatures to their own dimension, but manages to find his way back, swapping places with the Minuteman. ADV 621, ADV 622
Facing the Futuresmiths! Superman is being blamed for chaos all over Metropolis. The real Superman heads back to Metropolis to find almost everyone gone crazy. This other Superman is a future version of himself, come back to stop the "Yes!" coffee (infected with Nanobots) from destroying the world. The fight must be taken to the Futuresmiths. Traveling through the time stream with a future version of himself, Superman sees various alternate version of his past. Arriving in the future Superman sees what has become of the world due to decisions he made. He fights a future Brainiac, the Futuresmiths, and returns back in time to a present based on the "Birthright" continuity, a similar - but altogether different - version of Superman's origin. SUP 199, SUP 200
Superman: BIRTHRIGHT A re-telling of Superman's origin, adding new elements: Jor-El and Lara contemplate what is to become of their son. They launch the rocketship to send him to Earth. In his mid-twenties, Clark Kent is a young journalist on assignment in West Africa, where he befriends Kobe Asura, an equal rights activist whose life is in danger. Clark convinces Kobe Asura and his people not to march in protest, but to use the press as a means to get their message across. However Kobe's enemies attack his village while he is speaking, meaning Clark must take action, but while he does so, Kobe is killed in cold blood. Clark realizes that he mustn't hide who he really is. Clark returns home after seven years away, and gets Martha to help him design a costume for him. Jonathan is less than happy about his son's decision, and the two confront each other on Jonathan's feelings. Together they work on protecting Clark's identity in his new chosen path. Clark meets Lois, Jimmy and Perry White in the Daily Planet. He's immediately smitten with Lois. Clark really impresses Perry in his interview. When military helicopters start shooting at civilians, Clark goes into action as Superman, saving Lois and Jimmy. Taking out the renegade helicopters, Superman discovers evidence pointing towards Lex Luthor. He confronts Lex. Lois and Jimmy get the story. Lex removes a piece of Kryptonite powering a research devise of LexCorp... a piece that has the same symbol displayed on Superman's chest. The general public isn't fully comfortable with Superman yet, and as Lois and Clark arrive at LexCorp to interview Lex Luthor, Lex not only denies ever knowing Clark or ever being in Smallville, he also indicates to them that he thinks Superman is an alien... a story Clark is forced to write up for the Daily Planet. BIR 1-6
Say goodbye to 2003 and hello to 2004, Superman style... Superman shows Lois his tradition of flying around the world to view each cities New Years celebrations as they happen, and how he answers people's letters for help during his travels. ACC 810


43 years old

STRANGE NEW VISITOR Superman has been missing for a week. John Henry Irons sends Natasha and Superboy to enlist the help of the Eradicator to stop the "Time Storm" brewing over Metropolis. Reality suddenly starts to shift. In danger, Lois is saved by a man resembling Superman... Mr. Majestic. Majestic continues to save Metropolis. John Henry Irons formulates a plan with his niece, Superboy and the Eradicator. However when Lois introduces them to Mr. Majestic he disagrees with their plan to blow out the Time Storm, and a fight is on. The Eradicator transports Majestic into the Phantom Zone, but is soon released by Lois who trusts him. As the Eradicator flies to the Time Storm to place John Henry's device, Mr. Majestic fights his way through to stop him. Majestic takes out Steel, Superboy and the Eradicator, destroys the device, as the Time Storm removes all the future B13 tech, and returns Metropolis to its former glory. Proving Mr. Majestic right in his actions. But Superman is still missing... ACC 811, ADV 624, SUP 201
GODFALL Kal-El is a low-level government employee on Krypton. His wife Lyla, an alien, works at the Terraforge, a place that helps compensate for the regular tremors. A guerilla group attack Kal on his way to work... as a beam of yellow sunlight hits him, he attacks back with fire from his eyes. Kal is confused as to what is happening to him. Unsure of just what is happening to him, Kal reveals everything to his wife Lyla, when he is once again attacked. Realizing his wife is in danger, Kal goes into action, finding himself able to fly. As he attempts to stop the terrorists he accidentally freezes his friends with super cold breath, putting the authorities on his trail. Lyla melds with Kal-El absorbing his powers, leaving Kandor (where they've been all along) to materialize within the Fortress of Solitude. Lyla comes to Metropolis, which she thinks is Heaven, and is bitterly disappointed with what she finds. Kal-El convinces the gang (who were hired to kidnap him by Lyla), that he is really Superman, and takes them out of the bottled city of Kandor and into his Fortress of Solitude where they get Kelex to help. He confronts Lyla and just as things come to a head, Sergeant Preus from Kandor flattens Superman. Preus and Superman battle it out in Metropolis. Superman tries to convince Preus that he'd not a Kandorian murderer. Lyla realizes Superman is a good man and attempts to help him, but Preus uses her powers against her. Lyla finally prevails, but Preus lives to fight another day, vowing to kill Kal-El. ACC 812, ADV 625, SUP 202, ACC 813, ADV 626, SUP 203
Giant Robots Over Tokyo! Superman and Batman send Superboy and Robin to Tokyo to try and enlist the help of Hiro Okumura, the young boy who helped them destroy the Kryptonite meteorite. The two young heroes find themselves in giant robots fighting John Corben, now released from his Metallo body. They convince Hiro to work for Batman. S & B 7
Demoted! Perry must take a very difficult decision: how to manage Clark's latest absence period. Clark return to see his desk occupied by someone else's stuff, and while he waits to see Perry, he goes off as Superman. Lois asks Perry if he's told Clark he's been demoted yet... At his new job, covering the SCU beat (the Shack), Clark takes a flight with the new SCU, only to find himself falling out of the helicopter when they're attacked by Replikon. As Superman, he fights Replikon, only to have the creature burnt up and destroyed by mysterious people running some kind of test. ACC 814, ADV 627
Gog! A young boy is under the impression that Superman will save his mother and father during the destruction of Topeka Kansas during the Imperiex war... only to find them dead. As he wonders why Superman lied, he is approached by Gog... (Back up story in ACC #813) Clark argues over the phone with Lois about her not telling him about his demotion and replacement by Jack Ryder before answering Superboy's plea for help. Arriving in Smallville, Superman rescues Superboy from the clutches of Gog. The two battle it out, with Superman seemingly having Gog's measure... until Gog stabs him with his staff. Gog seems able to teleport around them and his staff has infected Superman with liquefied kryptonite which weakens him as the battle rages on. Superman falls, Superboy cannot find a pulse in the Man of Steel... Gog vanishes, thinking his "mission" is complete. STAR Labs revives Superman, managing to get most of the liquified Kryptonite out of his system. In his weakened state, Superman is now the target of every villain around. Wonder Woman and Superboy attempt to protect him, but Weapons Master steps up and shoots Superman in the chest and the bullet goes right through him! In his weakened state, Superman finally managed to take out Weapons Master, however a whole slew of other villains are lining up to claim him as a kill. As Wonder Woman, Superboy, Steel and others attempt to control the situation, Superman gives a speech which scares off the villains before collapsing. Lana Lang arrives, baby in hand, to take care of Superman. Waking after 3 days sleep, Superman finds Lana taking care of him. Lana reveals she loves him and strongly feels he and Lois are not meant for each other. Angrily he tells her she's wrong, before flying out to battle a man and woman team called Sodom and Gomorrah who attempt to kill him, before the woman flees, fearing her own death, leaving her partner behind. ACC 815, ACC 816, ACC 817, ACC 818, ACC 819
Lois Lane: War Journalist Lois asks Wonder Woman to keep an eye on Clark while she's away on assignment in Umec. Meanwhile, Green Lantern and Superman discover most of the Replikon's family murdered. The son of Replikon is on a rampage, being remotely controlled by some (as yet) unseen person. Superman convinces Lt. Lupe Teresa Leocadio, who is new to the SCU, to allow him to try and resolve the situation. Superman confronts Lt. Lupe, who unashamedly tries to seduce him. Superman quickly removes hostages being held within STAR Labs by a villain calling himself Ruin, who is accompanied by Xlim (the Replikon). As Superman is about to confront Ruin time stops, and Mxyzptlk toys with Superman as he tries to warn him about coming doom, and shows him the dangerous situation Lois is in, before returning him back to normal time, where Superman is drained by Ruin's beam. Lois, Beau and the army unit they've been assigned to, come under heavy fire, with most of the team killed. Meanwhile Superman battles Xlim, the Replikon, until Superman attacks Ruin directly, cutting off his remote control of Xlim. Capturing Ruin and handing him over to the SCU, Superman hears a gun shot half a world away and realizes Lois has been shot. He races to her side as she falls to the ground, blood spurting from her shoulder and nose. Superman takes Lois to the nearest army medical facility. Ruin scapes while being transported to Stryker's Island Prison. He leaves Xlim alive. The JLA call in Dr Midnight to work on Lois, and Superman vows never to leave her. ADV 628, ADV 629, ADV 630, ADV 631, ADV 632, ADV 633
The all-new Parasite The twins, Alex and Alexandra, captured by Ruin, mutate into Parasites. With Lois at home recovering from her gun shot wound, Superman discovers from Xlim that Ruin knows more about Superman than first thought, using lead lining to hide his whereabouts. Finally discovering their hideout, Superman is too late, while he's at Ruin's abandoned hideout, the Parasite twins arrive at Lois' front door. The two new Parasites attack Lois in the hopes that Superman will arrive. Mxyzptlk also arrives, but in trying to help he accidentally aids the Parasites into learning Superman's secret identity, while also gaining his powers. As the two teenage villains head back to Ruin, they stop for a bit of mischief at their old school. Mxy attempts to stop them by dropping in on the real DC Comics offices to grab the script for this issue, however, knowing what he knows, he's forced to let them escape. ADV 633, ADV 634
Things are boiling in Metropolis A young woman on the staff of the Daily Planet becomes the new host for the Banshee, who then sets out on Halloween to feed off the fears of people in Metropolis. When Superman fails to stop her at first, Jack Ryder, as the Creeper, steps in but Banshee just feeds off his fears as well. Superman finds her, freezes her and Creeper with his breath. Doomsday arrives in Metropolis, after saving a cat from a tree, he feels good about it, only to kill the young boy who owns the cat. Citizens of Metropolis start evacuating the city as Doomsday moves in their direction. Preus takes hostage a whole camp of people, enslaving them to build himself a compound, as he viciously has his way with various women. A young man, wanting to make his way up in the repossession business, is given a gold crystal (Kryptonite?) by Gog. Unwilling to leave Lois' side, Superman reassures her that other heroes can deal with whatever situations may arise... However J'onn Jonnz (the Martian Manhunter) is unable to deal with Preus. When Clark gets home Lois confronts him with a pair of Lana's underwear she found in their apartment. Driving to Smallville, Lois is less than pleased to find Lana is also at the Kent farm. A repo man comes to take Jonathan's truck, before they can sort the matter out, the Repo Man grows to huge proportions, smashes Conner (Superboy) through the Kent farmhouse, and takes a massive beating from Superman, before claiming he hardly felt it at all. ACC 820, ACC 821, ACC 822
Finally! Kara Zor-El! When a kryptonite meteor crashed to earth, Batman helped clear up all the Kryptonite debri and discovered a Kryptonian spacecraft at the bottom of the ocean. A naked woman boarded his Batboat and soon ended up on land where she became confused and scared... capturing her using Kryptonite, Batman took her back to the Batcave, where Superman discovered the young woman was his cousin Kara Zor-El! After a chaotic period of turmoil (involving Themiscyra, Darkseid, and many other obstacles), it looks like that Kara will finally take on the mantle of the one-true Supergirl. S & B 8, S & B 9, S & B 10, S & B 11, S & B 12, S & B 13


44 years old

FOR TOMORROW Superman talks to a priest in Metropolis, he discusses with him the events of "The Vanishing" a year ago... an event which saw a million people on earth just vanish... amongst them Lois Lane, and how he was a million miles away in space, rescuing Green Lantern when it happened. He tells him of a recent visit to a war-torn country, where he offered his help to General Nox. Later he learns that Nox has come into possession of the weapon that caused the "vanishing". Superman wants to talk to the man who used the weapon, but Nox's monster, Equus is ready to kill him. They battle and Equus sets off the "Vanishing" weapon causing himself, Nox and three thousand others to vanish off the face of the earth. Father Leone has cancer. Pretending to be an orderly at the hospital, the mysterious Mr. Orr warns Leone not to trust Superman, telling him about how he met Superman and told him the world would think Superman was responsible for the Vanishings, since he has possession of the weapon responsible. Superman and Batman have a confrontation, which leads Batman to think that Superman is about to do something with the Vanishing weapon. He contacts Wonder Woman, but she's already a step ahead of him, having tracked down Superman to his Fortress of Solitude. Wonder Woman breaks into the Fortress just as Superman nears the Vanishing machine. He has altered the machine, enabling it to fine focus, planning on using it on himself in an effort to rescue Lois and the others who have vanished. Wonder Woman and Superman battle as she tries to stop him as she believes it is suicide. Mr. Orr flies in via helicopter, inadvertantly creating a diversion that enables Superman to vanish himself... SUP 204, SUP 205, SUP 206, SUP 207, SUP 208, SUP 209, SUP 210

...and the never-ending battle rages on!

Abbreviations and references used on this Timeline

Superman Regular Comics

Superman SUP

Superman in Action Comics ACC

Adventures of Superman ADV

Superman/Batman S&B

Superman The Man of Steel (cancelled) MOS

Superman The Man of Tomorrow (cancelled) MOT

Superman Mini-Series

The Man of Steel (6-part) MAN

World's Finest (3-part) WFI

The World's Finest (12-part) TWF

Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey (3-part) HPR

Superman For All Seasons (4-part) SEA

Superman: The Doomsday Wars (3-part) DWA

Superman: Day of Doom (4-part) DOD

Superman: Birthright (12-part) BIR

Superman: Metropolis (12-part) MET

Superman Graphic Novels

Superman: The Earth Stealers EAR

Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography LEX

Superman for Earth SFE

Superman: Under a Yellow Sun UYS

Superman: The Odyssey ODI

Superman: The Last God of Krypton GOD

Superman: End of Century CEN

Superman Specials

Superman: Peace on Earth POE

Superman Villains Secret Files & Origins VFO

Superman Secret Files & Origins SFO

Superman 80-Page Giant 80P

Superman 10-Cent Adventure #1 S10c

Superman Versus Darkseid: Apokolips Now! SVD

Superman/Batman Secret Files 2003 SSF

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Legends of the DC Universe LDC

Team Superman TEA

DC First: Superman / Lobo 1SL

DC First: Flash / Superman 1FS

Secret Files & Origins Guide to the DCU 2000/01 G01

Secret Files & Origins Guide to the DCU 2001/02 G12


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