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Action Comics #1036
Cover date: January 2022
"Warworld Saga" - Part One/"Tales of Metropolis: The Guardian" - Part Two
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson/Sean Lewis
Penciller: Daniel Sampere/Sami Basri
Inker: Daniel Sampere/Sami Basri
Superman has faced the Mongul-Who-Was on many occasions. He has been suffering from radiation poisoning since "The Golden Age" story arc. The magic of Enchantress and the mental abilities of Manchester Black have been making everyone, including Warworld slaves whom Kal-El is trying to free, believe that the Man of Steel is at full power. However, the Mongul-Who-Is sees through the ruse. Now, Superman and the Authority will have their work cut out for them if they are to liberate Warworld./Julius, a kid whom The Guardian is interrogating at the Metropolis Police Department, turns out to be Dismember. The Guardian fights him in a Dark Web version of Metropolis. An EMP device is attached to his shield, giving him an advantage over the cloud demon. Dismember fails to use psychology to defeat his foe, for Jim Harper's inner strength allows him to realize that Julius is merely a troll using the entrapped teens desires against them. The EMP frees the kids, but it leaves Dismember imprisoned in his world. Now. Julius' victims can get a new lease on life while The Guardian looks forward to his next case in Metropolis.

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Action Comics #1037
Cover date: January 2022
"Warworld Saga" - Part Two
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Penciller: Daniel Sampere
Inker: Daniel Sampere
The United Planets is debating their next move while Superman and The Authority battle the son of the original Mongul – the Mongul-Who-Is - and his forces. While even in his weakened state Kal seems to be holding his own against the warlord of Warworld, a planet now running on radiation similar to that of a red sun. Much of The Authority has been defeated, and Lia has been killed in combat. When Superman checks on her, Mongul impales him with a Kryptonite blade.

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Action Comics #1038
Cover date: February 2022
"Warworld Saga" - Part Three
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Penciller: Miguel Mendonca
Inker: Miguel Mendonca
While Martian Manhunter seeks out who hired the new Human Flame, Warworld's star forgers are creating red solar energy. A battered Superman is in chains, defeated in battle by Mongul. The Authority has unsuccessfully taken on his gladiators. Only Midnighter has escaped the fate of his allies. The Warlord of Warworld plans to use his armies and weapons to bring the United Planets to its knees. However, even caged within the dungeons of Warworld, nothing, not even Midnighter's doubtful discourse, will deter the Man of Steel as he attempts to rally the troops in his weakened state. All hope may not be lost, for in a neighboring cell, a prisoner draws Superman's S-shield on the floor.

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Action Comics #1039
Cover date: March 2022
"Warworld Saga" - Part Four
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Penciller: Riccardo Federici
Inker: Riccardo Federici
Martian Manhunter is still seeking answers while Clark Kent has begun writing his Warworld Journal. He learns that Warworld's Bloodpriests are pretending to know how to read the same dead language that was inscribed on the Genesis Fragment seen in "Warworld Rising". If Kal can decipher it, it could be the key to liberating the slaves on Warworld. First however, he must learn to fight like a Warworlder. In the meantime Natasha Irons will be a blacksmith's apprentice in order to aid Superman and The Authority in their mission, and Midnighter has banded together with some rebels to free Apollo and get everyone off Warworld. All these plans are part of the greater objectives of Superman.

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Action Comics #1040
Cover date: April 2022
"Warworld Saga" - Part Five
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Penciller: Riccardo Federici
Inker: Riccardo Federici
Martian Manhunter continues his adventures in Metropolis while Superman and The Authority carry on in their fight on Warworld. Hints of rebellion move across the planet as the Man of Steel continues to battle Mongul. Though he has been beaten and broken, Clark continues to soldier on. There are those who wish for Mongul to kill his foe. However, the tyrannical ruler of Warworld refuses to allow Kal to become a martyr. His plans for Superman and the United Planets, whatever they may be, will not permit that. As O.M.A.C. is being promised the resurrection of Lightray, Superman is teaching a brother and sister (whom he rescued from Mongul) the concepts of hope, love, truth and justice. Clark then receives a message from Midnighter. He and a group of rebels intend to destroy Warworld's star forges. If he does this, Superman's powers could return, but thousands will die. There may be a way around that, however, as Superman goes into the underground catacomb-like tombs which seem to have veined walls similar to the Genesis Crystal he encountered on Earth. Kal and his Phaelosian guide will have to return to the surface to warn the others of this new development. Plus, Mongul's guards have been ordered to kill the youth whom Superman had protected from Mongul.

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Action Comics #1041
Cover date: May 2022
"Midnighter's Tale"
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Dale Eaglesham and Will Conrad
Martian Manhunter investigates crimes in Metropolis while Midnighter leads rebels in hopes of freeing Apollo. Stories are told of Superman's past exploits to raise morale among the Warzoons' youth. More and more are rebelling against Mongul. Meanwhile, Nat Irons is defiant of the guards until she sees O.M.A.C. has switched sides. Yet all hope is not lost as the Man of Steel has caught up with Midnighter, and he has every intention of liberating Warworld of Mongul's tyranny.

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Action Comics #1042
Cover date: June 2022
"Warworld Saga" - Part 7
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Riccardo Federici
On Earth Martian Manhunter is in a dilly of a pickle, and Lois Lane is chronicling Phaelosian history and recent encounters with the exiled Kryptonian colonists. The comatose Thao-La is going through withdrawal symptoms that only the hidden Genesis Fragment can help. Fortunately, Lois has an idea where to find it. Meanwhile on Warworld, Superman and the Authority's rebellion is seeing some progress as they have gotten their hands on an Orphan Box to teleport them throughout Warworld. They may get assistance on Earth for Lois and John Henry Irons are in the Steelworks discussing his research on the Genesis Crystals when their energy allows them to hear Superman's voice come from Warworld.

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Action Comics #1043
Cover date: July 2022
"Warworld Revolution" - Part 1
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Riccardo Federici and Will Conrad
Manchester Black has been rescued by The Authority, but it may be too late for Apollo. He is powering the latest Engine City that is on course to invade some innocent world. Enchantress has also been found. However, she has become the prized "child" of a world destroyer called Mother who kills indiscriminately. Mongul himself has gone off world to conquer a world because he believes the United Planets violated an agreement with him. As the element called Genesis in underground tunnels allows Superman and the Phaelosians to gradually regain some of their superhuman abilities, Kal-El is learning the writings, language and lore of Warworld. Phaelosian storyteller Byla recounts a tale to Superman. Seven aspects of the ancient god Olgrun have been placed throughout the universe after a war of said gods. Somewhere on Warworld is said to contain the fire of Olgrun. If Superman does not claim it, Mongul most certainly will, even while he attempts to conquer worlds left and right./Before Warworld was Warworld, the Warzoons were a hunter/gatherer group. Something from space had crashed into the planet revealing the Necropolis which currently serves as the underground hideout of Superman's rebel forces. A Warzoon named Guldejo, which means "Cruel Wind" in his language, investigates the site where this object had hit. Guldejo encounters an alien whom he believes to be a god. This being is filled with disgust upon seeing Guldejo. This enrages the Warzoon, prompting him to kill the extraterrestrial. He takes the person's armor with a jewel in the center as a prize. This armor was actually skin Guldejo had removed. Guldejo feels more powerful and takes the name Mongul. None save his own son had ever challenged him. However, every Mongul has worn the deadly yellow gem taken from the star god's armor. One thing is certain, Mongul's hunger to dominate the universe could prove to be his downfall as a carving depicting the "Kingdom Come" Superman shield may tell of Mongul's defeat.

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Action Comics 2022 Annual #1
Cover date: 2022
"Tales of Two Titans"
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Si Spurrier
Artists: Dale Eaglesham and Ian Churchill
Smallville. Warworld. Superman. Mongul. They are two beings who are different, yet similar, from varying parts of the universe. One learns the value of making a person feel special with the slightest gesture. The other does what he must to survive brutality of every kind. These are lessons passed on to them by their mothers. These same lessons will later form their characters. A Warzoon boy fails to defeat another in combat, while young Clark Kent must comprehend how to deal with bully Caleb Withers. What happens to both young men will literally change their lives forever. The mother of the boy who will become Mongul vows vengeance on the Warzoons who banish her and her son to the desert called the Galogothian Wastes. On Earth, Martha Kent must undergo cancer treatments. Both incidents help Clark and Mongul in their respective environments. Mongul eventually kills a bull Mammoth and vows to kill his father to take his place as Warworld's ruler, which as we know, he does in the future. Clark, in the meantime stands up to Caleb and tells him that he doesn't have to be like his abusive father. This has an impact on Caleb as he apologizes for knocking Martha's wig off her head with a soccer ball. He even shaved his own head before leaving for Metropolis, where Superman sees him helping children years later. On Warworld, the Mongul-Who-Will-Be is preparing to become the Mongul-Who-Is. Thus, a tale of two titans ends by showing how each one began their journey.

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Action Comics #1044
Cover date: August 2022
"Warworld Revolution" - Part 2/"A World Without Clark Kent" - Part 1
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Riccardo Federici and Will Conrad/David Lapham
The child called the Orphan was born when the Source Wall was breached in "Justice League: No Justice". Source Wall energy saved him, and Mongul took her to learn whatever secrets that preservation could teach. His Orphan Box can transcend space and time, and Orphan herself knows Superman needs to harness the power of the Genesis Fragments to win his rebellion against Mongul. To do that, Superman and The Authority will need help on Earth. First, they must save Enchantress. If they do that, Superman could be a step closer to victory. Lightray has been revived in a new, darker form while Mongul brutally slays what could be another of his followers. The Orphan, Superman and The Authority rescue Enchantress, but it may be too late for Lightray./Exposure to the Genesis Fragment is causing Thao-La to overload the power grid of Steelworks. Without it, she could die. Kara Zor-El speedily flies her comatose form closer to the Earth's yellow sun in hopes that it will save the Phaelosian. Afterwards, a message comes from Natasha Irons on Warworld. She states that the Genesis Fragment is too unstable in its pure form. It must be refined to help Thao-La and Warworld. Nat knows someone who can help, but the technology is unavailable on Warworld. Nat and her Uncle John Henry Irons must work together if the Phaelosians, Warworld and Earth are to survive what may come. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller is recruiting Kenny Braverman, better known as Conduit, for a mission to get the Genesis Fragment.

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Action Comics #1045
Cover date: September 2022
"Warworld Revolution" - Part 3/"A World Without Clark Kent" - Part 2
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Will Conrad and Brent Peeples/David Lapham
With O.M.A.C., Lightray and Apollo part of Mongul's army, Superman and The Authority's rebellion has suffered a great defeat. However, this does not hinder Superman's plans. Natasha Irons and her uncle John, who is on Earth, are working on a means to harness and stabilize Genesis Radiation to harness and convert the red solar energy in Warworld's star forges into that of a yellow star. Once that happens, Superman and the Phaelosians will have superhuman abilities that will aid them in their quest for freedom. While Nat, Orphan and Leonath test the Genesis Reactor, Manchester Black, Midnighter, Enchantress and Khaljo will gather soldier to liberate O.M.A.C., Lightray and Apollo from Mongul, and Superman and Kryl-Ux must find the Fire of Olgrun to keep it out of Mongul's hands. If Superman and The Authority succeed, they will be able to save every slave gladiator on Warworld. The Teacher has found Nat Irons' group in the star forge. He is thoroughly convinced that they will fail in their task. At the same time, Byla has encountered Superman in the Necropolis catacombs. To gain the Fire of Olgrun, Kal-El must accomplish a series of trials, and he isn't the only one. The rest of The Authority will have a bunch of tasks on their hands before victory over Mongul is guaranteed./The Genesis Reactor Steel and Nat Irons are working functions perfectly. Thao-La is able to absorb its energy and that of a yellow sun without mutating. However, before the process is finished, Conduit steals the Genesis Fragment. Lois Lane, believing this might happen, has already planned for such an eventuality. Kara Zor-El, Kong Kenan, Conner and Jon Kent all have been summoned. They will begin their search for the Genesis Fragment and Conduit...

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Action Comics #1046
Cover date: October 2022
"Warworld Revolution" - Part 4/"A World Without Clark Kent" - Part 3
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Will Conrad and Brent Peeples/David Lapham
Superman has saved his group from a giant worm creature straight out of a Frank Herbert novel. The bridge along their route to the Fire of Olgrun is broken. Yet, another path has been found, leading Kal to a being who gives him a riddle. Once that is solved, the Man of Steel bests the giant Olgrun's Echo. The Fire of Olgrun is in Superman's possession, but he has been betrayed. Now Mongul wants the Fire of Olgrun. Otherwise, he will kill the children who accompanied Superman./The Superfamily versus Conduit. They make short work of him. In a last ditch effort Conduit absorbs energy from the Genesis Fragment when Amanda Waller refuses to send back-up. Steel destroys the space mineral to save Conduit. Now, another means to save Thao-La will need to be found. Plus, Conduit states that someone is coming. Who that is will be revealed in "Superman: Warworld Apocalypse".

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Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1
Cover date: October 2022
"Warworld Apocalypse"
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Brandon Peterson, Will Conrad, Max Rayner and Miguel Mendonca
Nat Irons is still trying to convert the red sun energy in to white solar power as The Authority and the Phaelosians continue to fight Mongul's forces. Superman is fighting Mongul after the dictator killed Osul, one of the children who accompanied the Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Orphan's power has helped Nat and her group eliminate the soldiers attacking them in the Star Forge of Engine City. Everything can go well or badly as The Authority must combat their enslaved allies. As Orphan points out, if one fails, all fail. Byla-Esh called the Fire of Olgrun that from which Warworld grew. To Superman, it's life that belongs to the bravest of all. That is neither Kal-El nor Mongul in Clark's eyes. The Man of Tomorrow uses the Fire of Olgrun to revive Osul. Mongul does not comprehend this, believing Superman would choose death and weakness over victory. Superman knows this is why Mongul will never win. However, both combatants will have to continue their battle. The Phaelosians' destiny depends on the outcome. Leonath has sacrificed himself to install the Genesis Reactor. On Warworld's surface, the Justice League arrives to aid The Authority. Apollo is now back to his old self and together with Midnighter and The Authority. Yet, they must battle OMAC, who is on Mongul's side, to get Lightray back. At the same time, Necropolis rumbles from the blows striking both Mongul and Superman. Things seem to be in Mongul's favor until a blast of heat vision strikes him. The Genesis Reactor worked. Superman and the Phaelosians have superhuman abilities. However, before Kal-El can continue fighting Mongul, Kryl-Ux rips out the despot's heart. OMAC and Lightray, in the meantime, are together in the heart of the new White Star Forge, with the latter saying her new knowledge will make the former better. Whatever Warworld's future may be, it shall be better than its time under Mongul's iron fist. Kryl-Ux used Superman, Mongul and his own people to kill Mongul. Clark is unsure if he can trust Kryl-Ux. Yet, the road to Warworld's becoming New Phaelosia has been paved. The freedom fighters who made that possible celebrated the unblooded sword of Superman. Weeks later, Kryl-Ux confronts Mongul's right hand man in the United Planets, Lord Premier Thaaros. Now that Kryl-Ux has powers similar to those of Superman, he intends to make those, like Thaaros, who killed his family, feel his wrath. All this happens while Clark returns in the moment Lois needs him the most - during sunrise.

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Action Comics #1047
Cover date: November 2022
"Kal-El Returns" - Chapter One: "Double Sun"/"Red Moon" - Part One
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Riccardo Federici/David Lapham
As John Corben's sister visits him, great change has come to Earth. Superman has returned with Warworld orbiting the planet. The United Nations is pondering what to do with refugees, and Lois and Clark have taken in Otho and Osul while they try to find their place in the universe. Lex Luthor, in the meantime, has learned of the technology on Warworld from a presently unnamed source. He beams an avatar to take some from the recently freed world. He intends to install what he has into John Corben's cybernetic body. This could make Metallo more powerful than ever./Thao-La has awakened as Superman and The Authority have returned to Earth in the most dramatic way possible with Warworld nearly destroying the Fortress of Solitude. They were victorious on Warworld, but some factions have not accepted that victory. One such group has arrived not far from the Daily Planet to exact revenge on Superman.

NOTABLE ISSUE: Superman: Son of Kal-El #16 - "Kal-El Returns" - Chapter Two: "Reunion"

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Action Comics #1048
Cover date: December 2022
"Kal-El Returns" - Chapter Three: "Olgrun's Heir"/"Red Moon" - Part Two
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Mike Perkins/David Lapham
Metallo has a new body thanks to Lex Luthor. However, he wants no part of Luthor's plan. He prefers to remain in Stryker's Island. Meanwhile, Otho-Ra and Osul-Ra are with Lois and Bibbo at the Metropolis Zoo while Kal ponders the Warworlders' future and investigates a mysterious energy signature in space. The gods of both Apokolips and New Genesis are on Earth. They want to know why Superman awakened the First God during the trials of Olgrun. That very act could possibly bring the wrath of the New Gods upon the Earth. Osul-Ra could have died had Superman not used the fire of Olgrun to save him. However, he may have inadvertently turned the young Phaelosian into a New God. Orion wants to take him for training. This reminds Superman of when Jor-El took Jon. He also feels he's breaking his promise to both Otho and Osul. Yet, these beliefs lead to the start of a conflict between Superman and the New Gods while the world wonders what the outcome will be./Chaytil, the oldest of the Warzoons, plans to use an Orphan Box to destroy Earth. The House of El is combing the planet to find him before is plans succeeds. Kara Zor-El and Thao-La are protecting Metropolis. Chaytil is under the city with the intention to make its populace pay for Superman's actions.

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