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Action Comics #1005
Cover date: January 2019
"Invisible Mafia" - Part 5
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ryan Sook
Inker: Ryan Sook
In a seedy bar, some criminals engage in a business deal. One sketchy character gives one of Red Cloud's lackeys a H-E-R-O Dial when The Question emerges from the shadows. The Question makes quick work of the thugs and demands to know the identity of Red Cloud. At the Daily Planet, Clark and Robinson discuss their collaborative story when Deputy Chief Melody Moore contacts Kent. The two schedule a rendezvous. Elsewhere, Red Cloud's lackeys discuss what went down at the bar. Paranoia is beginning to hit them as they fear Red Cloud may be in the room listening to their entire conversation. Later that night, Kent and Moor meet up. Moore tells Clark that she's essentially been told to call off the arson investigation by the mayor. The mayor believes that once a person like Batman or Superman enter the equation, it's a tainted case. The two part ways. Changing into his dynamic alter ego, Clark flies over to the mayor's house where he finds him on the floor in a fetal position. Suddenly, Red Cloud appears and attacks the Man of Steel. Superman manages to escape, but has difficulty finding the mysterious villain. On a shady rooftop, Red Cloud reveals herself to be Robinson Goode.

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Action Comics #1006
Cover date: February 2019
"Invisible Mafia" - Part 6
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Ryan Sook
Inker: Brad Anderson
Following a children's charity event, Clark Kent confronts Mayor Hopkins regarding his decision to halt the Metropolis fire department's investigation into the recent string of fires. Hopkins and his team leave, avoiding Clark's questions. In their limo, they discuss who might have leaked the information to the Daily Planet. Unbeknownst to them, Kent uses his super hearing to eavesdrop on their conversation. At the Daily Planet, Robinson Goode has finished her story about Superman's encounter with Red Cloud. Perry demands more, believing it to be front page material. Clark and Jimmy have a light conversation, but Clark springs into detective mode as he sees Goode leaving the bullpen. He decides to follow her. Meanwhile, Melody Moore is leaving the fire station for the night when she is nearly murdered by Red Cloud. Superman arrives just in time to stop Red Cloud and the two begin to fight again. Believing that there's good in everyone, Superman offers Red Cloud a chance to turn herself in and make steps towards redemption. Instead, Red Cloud vanishes. Later, at a shady bar, Robinson Goode is given the chance to meet with her employer. Goode was selected by a woman named Leone for very specific reasons. Leone had grown up in Suicide Slum and worked her way to the top. Acknowledging that they can't kill the Man of Steel, she informs Goode that in addition to running a crime organization right under Superman's nose for years, she also bought the Daily Planet.

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Action Comics #1007
Cover date: March 2019
"Leviathan Rises" - Part 1
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Steve Epting
Inker: Steve Epting
Jimmy Olsen finds himself tricked into attending a meeting for the Kobra cult. He takes pictures of the assembly, but barely escapes the members' wrath before a large blue energy ball appears and leaves destruction in its wake. The next morning, Jimmy finds himself at the Daily Planet, unsure if he can trust Perry with the Kobra photos. At the Exelon Observatory, Lois and Sam Lane meet up in private. Attempting to continue the progress made in Action Comics #999, Lois reveals to Sam that she married Superman. Sam walks away silently. In Metropolis, Superman flies through the city when he hears someone call his name. Flying as fast as he can, the Man of Steel finds Amanda Waller falling from a building. Whoever attacked her had good intel, but as Superman goes to investigate, another blue energy ball appears. After rescuing citizens in the blast area, Superman returns to the ground to find Waller missing.

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Action Comics #1008
Cover date: April 2019
"Leviathan Rises" - Part 2
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Steve Epting
Inker: Steve Epting
Adam Strange arrives at the Department of Extranormal Operations where he is greeted by Bones, the new DEO director. Bones offers Strange a job when they encounter a hulking figure. A blue explosion goes off, killing everyone in the building except for Strange, Bones, and a handful of DEO agents. Elsewhere, a disguised Amanda Waller finds herself in an unexpected rendezvous with Sam Lane. She informs Lane that she was attacked, the DEO servers are down, and that she can't find Task Force X. The two then realize that neither of them called the meeting and that they just walked into a trap. They make an attempt to have the building evacuated before more of the mysterious blue energy arrives. In Metropolis, Superman and Lois fly above the city. Clark fills Lois in on what happened last issue before arriving at the Daily Planet for her to make her grand return. Unfortunately, no one at the Planet seems too thrilled about her return. Lois makes her way to her new office where she finds Jimmy hiding under her desk. Still shaken up about his encounter with Leviathan, Clark and Lois comfort him while trying to get information out of him. The two offer to let Jimmy stay the night at their place. Sam Lane and Amanda Waller emerge from the rubble of a building. Waller appears to shoot and kill Sam. At the Kent-Lane apartment, Lois and Clark finish tucking an exhausted Jimmy Olsen in. Before Lois can tell Clark she told her father Superman's true identity, she gets messages about the DEO office. Lois and Clark are then shocked to find Amanda Waller in their apartment. Leviathan is behind the attacks, and she needs Superman's help.

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Action Comics #1009
Cover date: May 2019
"Leviathan Rises" - Part 3
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Steve Epting
Inker: Steve Epting
Amanda Waller wakes to find herself in the Fortress of Solitude. Lois begins tearing into her for potentially outing Clark. Waller explains that she had no choice but to turn to Superman after the trap she and Sam Lane fell into. Clark flies off to look for Sam. Lois continues to berate Waller before punching her. Jimmy, also transported to the Fortress, wakes from his sleep. Superman finds Lane in a hospital under the watchful eye of The Question. Clark asks him to dig into the Leviathan situation and mentions he'll get the Wonder Twins to help. The Man of Steel then flies to the former base of Talia Al Ghul where he finds a note. He then brings this note to the Batcave. Bruce is out, so Clark gives the evidence to Alfred. Superman makes one last stop at the ruins of the DEO building. There, he finds Director Bones searching for people in the rubble. He offers to help the DEO, but Bones is not interested. Back at the Fortress, Amanda, Jimmy, and Lois try to unravel the Leviathan mystery. Clark returns and Lois suggests the two go undercover using a piece of Kryptonian technology.

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Action Comics #1010
Cover date: May 2019
"Leviathan Rises" - Part 4
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Steve Epting
Inker: Steve Epting
DEO Director Bones is being held in a secret location where he is interrogated be a woman named Kate Spencer. Spencer is trying to learn who was behind the attack on the DEO. She leaves Bones in what is revealed to have been a van as her face changes to (I think) Talia Al Ghul. Elsewhere, Lois and Clark in their disguises arrive in London to investigate Leviathan and Spyral. Amanda Waller and Jimmy Olsen remain at the Fortress of Solitude. Lois and Clark meet up with their contact, a man named Tiger who happens to be an agent of Spyral. Suddenly, a massive suit of armor appears in the streets. Unconcerned with Tiger knowing his secret, he changes into Superman and flies off to handle the situation. The battle is brief as the Man of Steel grabs the figure and punches it into space where it explodes, sending a wave of blue energy to Earth. Superman returns to Tiger's location where he discovers Lois and Tiger are missing.

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Here is a listing of the regular Action Comics title since the 2016 Rebirth saga that started a new era for the DC Universe of comic books. For accuracy almost every entry is based upon actually looking in the issue, and not memory or another source.

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Note: Remember, the month dates are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.

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