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Superman/Wonder Woman #23 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #23
Cover date: January 2016
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Doug Mahnke
Superman and Wonder Woman explain their plan to Parasite. He tracks down the power source, they allow him to feed on it and in exchange he has his freedom. initially dubious, Parasite agrees if he gets a five second boost of energy from Diana, and despite their aggression, Clark & Diana allow it. Parasite then taps into the Earth's magnetic field and is overcome with a lust to feast, and like a bloodhound he leads the heroes to their goal, 800 miles away in Kentucky. Elsewhere, Vandal Savage lectures the former White House employee, his son Angelo, on the importance of his plan. Vandal tells him that he must follow the plan and eventually his desires will also be met. Angelo shuts down the transmission and takes an elevator to an underground lair. Inside, Firestorm trapped, seemingly powering the base and all the supervillain escapees from the Steel's prison all in a catatonic state. With Parasite taking the lead, he shows Clark & Diana he is able to absorb even the black hole generating perimeter guards with minimal effort. Leading them all down a hidden manhole, the trio head into the base only to be confronted by the same aforementioned sight of Firestorm and the villains. Angelo appears on a video screen, and they realize that he was the Chief of staff at the White House (his parentage is not mentioned to them). Angelo tells them he has all the villains under his control and now that they have invaded his inner sanctum he will indoctrinate and drain them too. A vicious fight begins with the Parasite, Superman and Diana, fighting side by side. Parasite taking out the guards, Superman, the Atomic Skull and Wonder Woman, Livewire and the rest. Just as the tide is turning Superman notices a pool beginning to gurgle and suddenly a strange armor rises and absorbs Wonder Woman. Superman looks on in horror as his former lover switches sides and aims to kill him!

Superman/Wonder Woman #24 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #24
Cover date: February 2016
"Power Hungry"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Ardian Syaf & Tom Derenick
Inker: Tom Derenick, Jaime Mendoza, Jordi Tarragona & Mark Irwin
Wonder Woman struggles to fight off the control of the armor as it fights Superman. It smashes Clark repeatedly while draining Wonder Woman's abilities into Angelo Bend, while at the same time Parasite is fighting Bend's hordes of Black Hole soldiers. When Clark is finally unconscious and Parasite is overfilled with power to the point he is sick, Bend reveals he is planning to overthrow his father by using a trapped Firestorm and a store of superpowers to supercharge him until he surpasses his parent. As Angelo Bend climbs into an absorbing suit Wonder Woman tries to wake Clark who after his beating seems to be wallowing in self pity. Wonder Woman angrily yells at him until he wakes up, and with Parasite in hand, leaps into the amniotic pool that Bend is powering up within. Clark and Parasite throw themselves into Bend and the overload of both of them and Firestorm's charge literally cause Bend to explode with power. Wonder Woman is able to pull out of the absorbing armor and uses her lasso to capture all the super-villains. She urges Clark to grab Parasite and Firestorm before the underground base implodes. Luckily everyone escapes, even Bend. Parasite is now a husk and is angry that Clark has backed out of their deal. Clark points out that neither party truly trusted that the other would honestly fulfill the terms of their agreement. Firestorm is taken to recuperate and the villains are all returned to Belle Reve and Blackgate. Later Bend, in solitary confinement, is visited by his father, Vandal Savage. Savage gives Angelo one last chance to be at his side but Bend refuses. A now enraged Vandal forces his hand down his son's throat and tears out his heart.

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 4: Dark Truth [Paperback] reprints Superman/Wonder Woman #18-24]

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2
Cover date: February 2016
"Beginning and Ends"
Writer: Various Writers
Artists: Various Artists
Various stories that take a look at the development of Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship, as Clark contemplates giving Diana a ring.

Superman/Wonder Woman #25 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #25
Cover date: March 2016
"A God Somewhere"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Doug Mahnke
Diana, with a barely alive Clark in her arms, has raced to meet her Olympian family of Artemis, Strife, Eros, Hermes and Hephaestus seeking their help. Strife is reluctant to help, viewing Superman as beneath them. Hades steps from the shadows seeing an opportunity and offers Clark a lifeline. The gods question both the relationship of Clark & Diana and his worth of their gift of healing. Hades proposes a test of valor and if his spiritual form should pass their tests, he will be healed. Artemis leads a spiritual Superman in his costume into the depths of a forest instructing him they are on the hunt. Splitting up in a cornfield Superman chases his prey as it races through the crops but as they hurtle out into the open Superman is stunned to see his prey is Clark Kent. Artemis is impressed with Superman's tracking skills and throws a spear at Clark to kill him, Superman intercepts and they are both impaled before hurtling into a waterfall. Later when emerging on a bank in Kansas, Clark and Superman have merged into a composite man and meet Strife. Strife parades Clark through the streets of his hometown and while he remains silent, the townsfolk bombard him with bottles, bricks and litter. Strife is impressed with his fortitude and switches the locale to Metropolis where she introduces him to yet more abuse, disgust and hatred. Still Superman remains calm, so Strife ups the ante by leading him into the Daily Planet. Superman refuses to respond to the hatred despite Strife's attempts otherwise and suddenly composite Superman is face to face with Hephaestus under Mount Etna. Clark asks what hellish trial the blacksmith god has in store for him and he is shocked when instead the god offers him a way to avoid hate, fear and anger by leaving earth... in a custom built space craft, destination unknown but a clean slate nonetheless. Mount Etna begins to erupt, a time for fight or flight for Clark... Clark stands firm and is swallowed up by lava. As quick as a flash, Composite Superman is now walking through a garden littered with romantic statues of Clark & Diana, his host on this occasion is Eros. Clark asks to leave, the depictions of his relationship proving difficult to bear. Eros however is dismissive of Clark's feelings and opinions he starts smashing the statues and angrily points out they have both created false dramas and blocks in their relationship to ensure they couldn't progress. Clark has a desire in his heart and he is using emotional roadblocks to stop it. Eros litters Clark's torso with bullets and he falls back into a fountain heaving for breath. Clark examines his wounds and finds Martha's engagement ring. He remembers putting it back in the dresser on the farm and Eros points out mentally, deep in his heart, he never locked it away. Eros asks him to make a choice, free his desire or bury it. Clark stands firm again and refuses to reveal his heart's choice. Suddenly Clark's spiritual form is back in his body and the gods all turn to Hades to confirm he passed all of their tests. Diana angrily demands action, so channelling their collective power through Hermes staff, the gods draw out Clark's injuries and completely heal him with one unexpected twist... They have made him a completely human mortal.

Superman/Wonder Woman #26 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #26
Cover date: April 2016
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Doug Mahnke & Jaime Mendoza
The Fortress begins to rise from the Arctic floor and Superman tries desperately to get inside but finds it is still refusing to recognize him. The Puzzler and Vandal Savage have already merged the Justice League satellite and the Stormwatch carrier into a huge floating technobase and the Fortress is rising up into the atmosphere to add to their power. Superman is unable to stop the merger but with all his might smashes into the main section of the base. The Fortress defenses attack Clark and block his entry with a forcefield and Vandal reveals he was able to alter the recognition signature of the Fortress for he and his kin. Wonder Woman watches as the moons of Jupiter move to allow the technobase a clear path to deep space and unable to stop it she races instead to aid Clark. As Vandal attempts to harness the Fortress power source Puzzler informs them that both Wonder Woman and Superman have joined forces to stop them. While Vandal tries to draw the comet that empowered him closer he sends his twin children to fight Clark and Diana. The technobase uses the earth's core and its combined power to draw the comet in with a powerful tractor beam while Diana fights the twins. Clark tries to pull the technobase down to earth and as Diana knocks out the twins she watches as Clark seemingly pulls the base down around himself in a mighty explosion.

Superman/Wonder Woman #27 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #27
Cover date: May 2016
"Slam Bang"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Cliff Richards
Inker: Cliff Richards
Superman now repowered is side by side with Wonder Woman, Batman, Steel & Stargirl fighting the new comet charged spawn of Savage. Soon, Adam Strange, Flash, Green Lantern and more join the fray and the two sides battle it out to gain the upper hand. Vandal removes the metal rod impaling him to the ground and senses the comet calling to him. Ukur attacks him while he is distracted but Vandal bests him and stabs him through the back. The Puzzler bot appears and straps his father up with a rocket pack allowing Savage to rise high enough to the comet until it gives him the power of flight. Superman tries to explain to Salvaxe that Savage is gifting all his children with powers from the comet to monitor the side effects but he is unwilling to listen, next Frankenstein attacks but Superman is ready for the black fluid and rips it off with his bare hands. He urges Frankenstein to fight on the side of the heroes once the effects subside and soars skyward to intercept Savage. Meanwhile Wonder Woman and the remaining heroes notice a sudden change in the children of Savage. The power of the comet was never meant to be shared and the children all begin to fall apart and explode. Superman finally catches up to Vandal but it's too late, the comet is almost literally upon them.

Superman/Wonder Woman #28 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #28
Cover date: June 2016
"The Final Days of Superman" - Part IV: "Last Kiss"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Ed Benes
Inker: Ed Benes
After the 'rescue' from the DEO in National City, Clark and Kara are surprised by the arrival of Diana. Bruce had let slip Clark's news assuming that Clark and Diana had already discussed the situation. Sensing the heavy mood Kara makes an excuse to head back to National City and leaves the two former lovers to have a heart to heart. Diana refuses to accept the inevitable, offering to beg the gods to heal him, or to search for a cure but Clark stops her and explains this is a battle he cannot win. He has accepted his fate and knows the world will be safe in the hands of his friends, but Diana asks him a question that has had their relationship stunted for a while, ever since the Justice League shuttle to the sun... Clark answers with a passionate kiss. Two messages beep into the Fortress, one from Lois telling Clark A.R.G.U.S just took away a Superman impersonator that had arrived at the Daily Planet, then another from Steve Trevor asking Diana to come to the Stryker's Island facility. When they arrive they discover a being in a holding cell that looks remarkably like Superman glowing with energy that looks identical to the energy expended during Clark's Solar Flare bursts. Recalling its use, the time he used it with the most force was against Ulysses (during "The Men of Tomorrow" story arc) Clark, Diana and Steve try to identify the imposter but conventional methods don't work. They realize that there is a correlation between his energy and Ulysses, so Clark attempts to question his doppelgänger. The energy being is angry and frustrated at being kept captive and seemingly shares Clark's memories, though driven by anger he attempts to break out to attack Superman and begs Diana to help, seeing her side with Clark as a betrayal of their love. With Steve and Diana watching over the doppelgänger, Clark goes to question Neil aka Ulysses, but his former 'brother' is less than friendly having spent every hour of every day in the prison. The doppelgänger meanwhile in a rage begins to burst with more and more power until he knocks back Diana and Steve shattering his cell wall causing a power failure in the process. As Diana fights off the essence of a betrayed lover, Superman in turn must face Ulysses who is no longer encumbered by energy siphons. The two fight in almost balletic synchronization with their foes but Diana is knocked back as the doppelgänger escapes through a tunnel and Neil realizes from his fight that Superman is no longer 'Super'. As an injured Steve reaches a console to restore power Diana arrives and instructs Neil to stand down. Neil voluntarily concedes laughing that he doesn't intend to kill Clark as he can sense he is already dead...

Superman/Wonder Woman #29 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #29 [Final Issue]
Cover date: July 2016
"The Final Days of Superman" - Part VII: "Fire Line"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
The Trinity are face to face with the Solar Flare Superman, who is under the impression he is being invited to join the Justice League. When this proves false he reveals he has brought Lois with him to Salinas, hoping she would tell his story. Lois however sides with Clark and the angry doppelgänger tries to kill her with a blast of energy. Clark and Diana fend of energy blasts and Clark instructs Bruce to get Lois far away while they try to stop the doppelgänger's violent outbursts. At that moment in Colorado, Clark, Lois & Jon White arrive at a base Clark has forged in this new world, a Fortress for them to seek refuge in. An excited Jon explores his heritage while Lois berates Clark for hiding the existence of this hideaway from her. Clark offers to rectify this mistake by revealing all to Jon about his past. Back in Salinas, California, Batman drops Lois off at a gas station in the middle of nowhere before soaring away in the Batplane. As an angry deserted Lois watches on, she calls in a private helicopter to take her back to the action, whether the Trinity want her there or not. Superman & Wonder Woman uproot trees to use as giant baseball bats and pummel the doppelgänger hoping for him to revert to Denny Swan once and for all. It doesn't work and the doppelgänger uses a solar flare to knock out Wonder Woman and then a severely weakened Clark is forced skyward by his throat. Supergirl, in the National City DEO base, is now at half power, but just as Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers are about to restore her to full power, news of the battle Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman are waging with the doppelgänger reaches them. Kara, despite being weak, races to help her cousin. Meanwhile, the doppelgänger still soaring through the skies, tightens his grip on Clark's throat swearing to finally be recognized as the one true Superman.

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 5: A Savage End [Paperback] reprints Superman/Wonder Woman #25-29 and Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2]

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