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Superman/Wonder Woman #13 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #13
Cover date: January 2015
"Battlefield of Love"
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Medoza
Five years ago, during the Parademon invasion of Metropolis Superman and Wonder Woman fight and argue over how they need to handle the situation. Superman wants to make sure that the civilians are safe. Wonder Woman wants to take down the biggest threat first. They argue a bit and in the end Superman snaps at Wonder Woman that they can't stand by and let people die. Wonder Woman flies back into battle saying she wasn't going to do that. Today Clark is working on a personal project to commemorate those that died during the invasion. Diana doesn't understand his outlook but is happy if it makes him happy. Meanwhile the Atomic Skull attacks the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. Soon he is joined by Major Disaster, who drums up a hurricane to give them cover. In New York City Clark gives away the fourth taxi that he had called to someone else. Diana is annoyed because they are getting rained on and takes a more direct approach to get them transportation. Suddenly a tremor hits and Diana believes it is not natural. Clark uses his hearing to listen in on chatter about the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and suddenly date night is over. As Superman and Wonder Woman approach the plant Major Disaster senses their presence. Disaster attacks Wonder Woman while the Atomic Skull takes on Superman. The villains manage to knock them down giving Disaster the opportunity to hit them both with lightning. With the lightning barrage keeping Superman and Wonder Woman busy Disaster and Skull leave. Before they can get too far a costumed figure named Wonderstar introduces himself. He adds that he hopes they didn't hurt Wonder Woman and Superman because if they did he would have to kill them.

Superman/Wonder Woman #14 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #14
Cover date: February 2015
"All That Burns"
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza, Norm Rapmund, Christian Alamy and Don Ho
After dealing with the clean-up and the authorities from the fight at the power plant Superman and Wonder Woman escort Wonderstar away from the scene. Wonderstar tells them that they were right to get him away from there as he is not fully in control of his powers yet. He leads them to the crater where he woke up with his abilities, his uniform and a desire to help people based on the example of Superman and Wonder Woman. Suddenly he hears people in trouble and flies off. Superman and Wonder Woman follow and decide to give the newcomer a little latitude. Wonderstar leads the assault on the villains holding up the New York Federal Reserve. They take down the villains and later have pizza outside the Palisades near New York City. Wonderstar steps over some personal boundaries before starting to speak cryptically. Suddenly his powers erupt uncontrollably. Superman and Wonder Woman try to restrain him but Superman is stabbed in the back by a trident that flies in through a portal that opened behind him. Wonderstar grabs the trident, which changes his uniform. He stands over Superman and Wonder Woman and reveals that he is Magog and that he is here to save the world from the two of them.

Superman/Wonder Woman #15 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #15
Cover date: March 2015
"Dark Testament"
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Penciller: Ed Benes and Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza with Mark Irwin and Don Ho
Five weeks ago a small boy fumes about the death of his family during the Apokolips invasion. He blames the Justice League for those deaths. An older man takes him in and he is turned into Magog by a mysterious figure. In the present Magog throws the injured Superman into the water. Wonder Woman attacks and despite putting up a good fight Magog gets the upper hand and blasts her off the cliff. Wonder Woman chooses to save Superman rather than chase Magog, who continues his quest to prove that the two heroes are actually threats. Wonder Woman retrieves Superman and despite having a difference of opinion on how to deal with Magog they head into the city to stop him. Wonder Woman barrels ahead leaving Superman to make sure that civilians aren't harmed in the process. During the course of the fight Magaog's memory returns and he finally remembers what happened to his family. Magog tosses a woman off of the bridge and before Wonder Woman can save her a winged figure does her job for her. The winged figure heralds the arrival of Circe, who asks Magog which one of the heroes needs to die first.

Superman/Wonder Woman #16 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #16
Cover date: April 2015
"Vengeance So Dear"
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Penciller: Ed Benes and Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza, Doug Mahnke and Mark Irwin
Five years ago a small boy named David desperately runs home amid the invading forces of Apokolips. He is almost taken by a Parademon but is saved by his mother. The victory is short lived as his mother is eventually killed by another Parademon. As she is taken off she tells David to never stop moving forward. In the present Circe introduces herself to Wonder Woman and threatens the civilians around them. Superman attacks but Circe sends Magog to confront the Man of Steel. Circe magically binds Wonder Woman and whisks her away as Magog attacks Superman, who is busy holding the bridge together. Magog accuses Superman and his ilk of ruining not only his life but the lives of everyone on Earth. Eventually Superman has quite enough of this, blasts Magog with his heat vision over and over again, which knocks the supposed savior to the ground. After securing the bridge Superman breaks Magog's trident and disappears just as agents of ARGUS arrive and secure Magog. Meanwhile on the island of Aiaia Circe explains to a helpless Wonder Woman why she is Circe's prisoner. Years ago Circe made a deal with Queen Hippolyta to give the Amazons arms and armor in exchange for the men the Amazons kidnapped for reproductive purposes. Circe would use those men to create her own army but she learned that Hippolyta had made a secondary deal with Hephaestus to gain weapons capable of battling Circe. Feeling betrayed Circe planned her revenge against Hippolyta and was going to go through Diana to get it. Superman arrives and provides the distraction Diana needs to break free of Circe's spell. Circe hasn't run out of tricks and with Magog out of the way she weaves a spell on Superman that releases the animal inside of him. She turns this savage Man of Steel loose on Wonder Woman.

Superman/Wonder Woman #17 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #17
Cover date: May 2015
"Casualties of War"
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke and Ed Benes
Inker: Jaime Mendoza, Keith Champagne, Mark Irwin and Ed Benes
Magog breaks free from ARGUS' custody as Circe reveals that she has Superman under her power. She uses the Man of Steel to attack Wonder Woman. Diana knocks Superman back but is overwhelmed by Circe's minions. Circe informs Wonder Woman that Magog is loose again and gives her a choice; free Superman from Circe's control or stop Magog. Wonder Woman yells that there is no choice and jumps through the portal to face Magog, leaving Superman behind. Wonder Woman fights with Magog and uses his own trident against him. Meanwhile Circe tries to fully break Superman but thanks to Wonder Woman's lasso he is able to resist. Circe is thrown back and realizes that for the moment she has been defeated but notes that there is always tomorrow. Superman returns to Earth and helps Wonder Woman defeat Magog. Later Wonder Woman writes about the day Apokolips invaded Metropolis to connect with that part of Superman's life. Superman is impressed at the amount of research she did. Wonder Woman isn't sure if her efforts are good but she knows they make a difference.

Superman/Wonder Woman #18 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #18
Cover date: August 2015
"Dark Truth"
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza, Ray McCarthy, Jonathan Glapion and Marc Deering
With Superman's powers diminished Wonder Woman has resolved to stand by him as his sentinel. No harm will come to her love while she draws breath. After getting a frantic call from Lana Lang both Superman and Wonder Woman head to Smallville. Along the way Superman explains that Lana was his first real girlfriend and helped him deal with his powers. She was also his rock when his parents died. Wonder Woman points out that Lana obviously means a lot to Superman and that she looks forward to meeting her. They head to where Lana was staying and find no sign of Lana, John Henry Irons or a struggle. Wonder Woman suggests they go into town and gather intel. Superman spots two of the old timers and finds out that Lana is not the only one that is missing. Other people have disappeared and strange things are happening, such as dirt raining from the sky and objects like the Kents' mailbox showing up in the middle of the road. Superman and Wonder Woman investigate and find that the Kent farm as well as the house have disappeared. Not only that the bodies of his parents and other deceased citizens of Smallville have disappeared. Suddenly Superman and Wonder Woman are fired upon by the Suicide Squad. Superman tells them that they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Superman/Wonder Woman #19 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #19
Cover date: September 2015
"Dark Truth" - Part Two
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza
Superman and Wonder Woman battle the Suicide Squad. The fight is brutal and Wonder Woman spends most of it trying to keep the villains turned soldiers off of Superman. They finally overcome the Squad but Black Manta, the only member left conscious, has no idea what happened to the people of Smallville. Later Superman and Wonder Woman talk about Diana's desire to keep Clark safe and Clark not wanting that to compromise her in a fight. He leaves to find out what's going on by himself and that path leads right to the President of the United States.

Superman/Wonder Woman #20 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #20
Cover date: October 2015
"Dark Truth" - Part Three: "A Matter of Trust"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza and Sean Parsons
Superman is in the Oval Office but instead of talking with the President he ends up discussing recent events with Steve Trevor. They argue back and forth until finally the President arrives and agrees to talk with Superman against the advice of everybody working for him. Superman tells him his life story and why he kept a secret identity. They discuss why the revelation has hit everyone so hard, before the Parasite arrives and attacks. Turns out he was part of Task Force X and one of the President's men activated him against the President's wishes. Despite the fact that the President had nothing to do with the attack Superman leaves but not before Trevor gives him the coordinates where his friends are being held. Meanwhile Wonder Woman is already there and uses her lasso on Jimmy, Perry, Cat Grant, Mister Santiago, Lana, John Henry Irons and Ms. Takahara to find out what they really think of Clark. She finally uses the lasso on Lois Lane who just wants to get this whole thing over with.

Superman/Wonder Woman #21 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #21
Cover date: November 2015
"Dark Truth" - Part Four: "Truth Hits Everybody"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza, Mark Irwin, Sean Parsons and Scott Hanna
Firestorm is captured on the orders of Mr. Bend. Meanwhile Lois Lane is interrogated by a government agent on her knowledge of Superman's double identity. Wonder Woman is allowing the agent to use her lasso which compels Lois to tell the truth but Lois is willful through the whole process. Just after Wonder Woman tells the agent that Lois and the others are not a danger to national security Superman busts into the room and announces it is time to go. Superman and Diana discuss why Diana came to the facility and how they both were played by Steve Trevor as they head to where Superman's friends are being held. Everyone is freed and Superman talks with each of the prisoners before shadowy creatures break in and start absorbing the villains the government had detained in the facility. With Diana's help Superman succeeds in defeating the shadowy creatures but it is not a happy ending. He feels both Diana and Lois betrayed him. Superman uses a JLA teleporter to go take care of something on his own. Meanwhile Mr. Bend is fired but this doesn't stop him from entering a portal to another place and finds that he is not the first to arrive.

Superman/Wonder Woman #22 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #22
Cover date: December 2015
"Heart of the Sun"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Jaime Mendoza, Sean Parsons, Johnny Desjardins
A blood spattered and pensive Clark teleports to the Justice League satellite. The security system, readying weaponry doesn't recognize him until he verifies his voice and identity. Racing to investigate, Flash greets his team mate but is shocked when he spots his blood soaked friend. In Virginia, Diana sees off a helicopter with all the captives. Steel, Lana and Lois have remained behind on the base much to her chagrin. Lois is adamant she wants to go with Wonder Woman to help Clark as is Lana. John however points out that Clark didn't want anyone to follow him. Lana interjects that Clark didn't want Lois and Diana with him, not her. John reluctantly has to stay behind as the base is not yet running at full capacity. When Lois makes a snide comment, Lana loses her cool and punches Lois square on the jaw. After they bicker for a few moments Diana activates her teleporter and vanishes leaving Steel to recall the helicopter to collect the two angry women. Diana meanwhile arrives on the satellite to see blood everywhere and Flash out cold. Waking him she finds Superman has taken a shuttle out into deep space and she races in one of her own to intercept him. Radioing Clark she discovers he wants to try recharging his powers by getting as close to the sun as possible. The shielding on the shuttle holds but the craft is being pushed to its limit, so much so, the electricals are beginning to fail and Clark's clothes are catching fire. Diana instructs Flash to do a two step teleport, first she materializes on Clark's shuttle, the second to teleport them both back to the satellite. Sadly it is at this moment when they are face to face again that Clark chooses to tell Diana he wants to finish with her. Flash makes a quick exit from the med-bay as Clark and Diana have a heart to heart. Diana swears she didn't lie to Clark when she located the Planeteers. Clark denies her justifications of her actions and tells her, for now at least, he need to focus on what's happening to him - not them. Back in the monitor room, Flash, Wonder Woman and Clark activate the scanners looking for power surges. The attack earlier was specific. They needed powerful beings either to feed off of or to power something else. The scans reveal nothing, the attackers have gone dark. Clark then realizes he could draw them out with another source and equips himself with dampening insulated gloves. Diana insists on accompanying him and when Clark misreads it as a boyfriend/girlfriend team up, Diana tears him down a strip. Aside from relationships they are Justice League team mates first and foremost. Flash offers to call in the League to assist but Clark smiles that he has the God of War at his side. A helicarrier passes over Louisiana carrying a prisoner of great value to Belle Reve. The crew are unprepared for Clark's fist as he smashes through the windscreen and silences their comms. The pilots unload clips into Clark as he makes his way to the cargo hold. Clark crushes their pistols and instructs them to continue on their flightpath. Diana enters the cargo hold from below and forces the soldiers protecting the cargo lockbox into submission. Wonder Woman rips the door off the lockbox to reveal Parasite inside. Superman grabs the Parasite and they leap from the helicarrier hurtling to the ground. The impact shatters the villain's muzzle and he swears to punish them, laughing off their gloves to prevent his absorption powers. Diana, short of patience, punches him in the face but it doesn't silence him, so Clark slams his boot into the villain. The force sends Parasite through the trunk of a tree and once he stops snarling, Clark offers him a deal he can't refuse.

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