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Superman/Wonder Woman #2 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #2
Cover date: January 2014
"The Dark Age Begins!"
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel
Inker: Batt with Sandu Florea
Doomsday has beaten Wonder Woman and broken both of her arms. Wonder Woman tries to think a way out of her impending doom, but the ship suddenly moves thanks to Superman lifting it tossing Doomsday off. Later, Wonder Woman describes what she fought, and Superman recognizes it for what it is: Doomsday. Superman describes Doomsday as death, but Wonder Woman reassures him that he'll meet the challenge should Doomsday escape from the Phantom Zone again, and she will be at his side. The scene breaks to Hephaestus' foundry, where Superman and Wonder Woman petition Hephaestus for a creation by his hand. After a show of strength, the god of fire is on board. However, Apollo and Strife arrive, with Apollo bent on insulting Wonder Woman and baiting Superman. Superman takes the bait, and Apollo slaps him away as a mere trifle. Superman arises from the crucible he was smacked into, and returns Apollo's smack with a punch of his own. Apollo blasts Superman with an energy bolt, but it only super-charges him, and he dispatches Apollo. The scene cuts to the Sahara, where a caravan is attacked and slaughtered by none other than General Zod.

Superman/Wonder Woman #3 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #3
Cover date: February 2014
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel
Inker: BATT
Cat Grant opens a manilla envelope and boots the flash drive she finds within, only to have a look of astonishment on her face after having done so. We cut to the moon, where Superman has retreated, hoping that the excess energy that was given him in his fight with Apollo will eventually drain off. He speaks with Batman who reveals that while he's comfortable working with Superman, Diana's upbringing and values concern him. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman looks for a Christmas gift for Superman. In North Africa, Zod kills a surviving Bedouin, who pleas with him for help. Zod sees a bird in flight, and decides to take flight himself. He's successful at first, but then begins to fall, only to find himself brought to ground by the Martian Manhunter. Zod battles against the Justice League of America, until Wonder Woman and Superman arrive, and she restrains Zod with her magic lasso. Steve Trevor asks for Wonder Woman to escort Zod back with him into custody, but she refuses and follows Superman, where Zod is held at the Fortress of Solitude. Zod asks Superman if anyone like him has come through, a woman named, Faora, but Superman isn't able to confirm any such thing. Alone for the nonce, Wonder Woman bestows her gift to Superman: the gift of time. The rest of the League is monitoring the Earth and that will give them time, however brief, to be with each other. They share a kiss, only for Superman to break off when his super-hearing alerts him to people discussing Wonder Woman and Superman being together. Their relationship has gone public.

Superman/Wonder Woman #4 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #4
Cover date: March 2014
"What Any Man Would Do"/"The Blog Read Around the World"
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel/Paulo Siqueira
Inker: BATT with Sandu Florea/Hi-Fi
Somewhere in London, Superman is concerned about his relationship with Diana, as he hears the comments of the world chime in now that their coupling has been made public. Diana offers both comfort and questions, asking if Clark were to be Superman all of the time, would that be a bad thing. The discussion is tabled as Superman needs to be Clark Kent and visit Cat Grant, and learn how she broke the story of his relationship on Clarkcatropolis.com Clark meets with an ecstatic Cat, who is celebrating their new found fortune. Their site is now on the map, and she couldn't be happier or think about anything else. The reactions of prominent members of the DC Universe are shown, including Lex Luthor, Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Jimmy Olsen, Apollo, Eros, Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor. Superman returns to the Fortress of Solitude to check in on Zod. Unbeknownst to Superman, Zod has been about the Fortress, and even tried to open the Phantom Zone. Superman asks Zod about Doomsday, and Zod uses Superman's concern to have the Phantom Zone projector to him. Zod reveals that he can leave what Superman thought was a cell, which was merely a container. Zod then releases the other inhabitants of the menagerie, bring chaos to the Fortress long enough for him to retrieve his heart's desire from the Phantom Zone: Faora.

Superman/Wonder Woman #5 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #5
Cover date: April 2014
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel
Inker: BATT with Sandu Florea
Wonder Woman has taken a retreat to Themyscira(Paradise Island). She speaks to the ossified body of her mother about her relationship with Superman. While Wonder Woman enjoys Superman's companionship, she is uncertain about his need to be less than he is, in her opinion. The transmogrified Amazons of Themyscira, once warriors, now snakes, lead Wonder Woman to Doom's Doors, which have been broken, and a creature from Tarturus has escaped. Wonder Woman tracks down the creature and slays it, then reseals the doors using her enchanted lasso. As she leaves Paradise Island, Cyborg raises her and alerts her to Superman needing assistance. Superman has unwillingly allowed the release of not only Zod, but Faora, two of the Phantom Zone's worst criminals. When he attempts to engage them, his inexperience and lack of skill is made apparent as Zod and Faora buffet him about, until Wonder Woman arrives to assist him. Wonder Woman is able to contend with Zod, but Superman allows Faora to get the better of him, and Wonder Woman needs to intercede again. Zod gains a hold of Superman, and breaks his arm. He then offers Wonder Woman a bargain: everyone goes their own way, and no one dies. Not today. Wonder Woman accepts, and watches as Zod speeds of with Faora, while she tends to a badly wounded Superman.

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #6
Cover date: May 2014
"Until the End"
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel
Inker: BATT with Sandu Florea
General Zod and Faora have compiled the necessary components to create a device that will open the Phantom Zone. While they finalize their construction, Superman and Wonder Woman briefly discuss their relationship. They visit Hephaestus, the master craftsman of the gods, and retrieve armor Wonder Woman had commissioned earlier, in addition to Hephaestus' chariot, which renders them undetectable, allowing them to surprise Faora and Zod. The battle coming finally ensues, with Superman and Wonder Woman taking the victory thanks to the armor designed by Hephaestus. However, Apollo, whom Superman had humbled previous, reveals that he was behind Zod and Faora, and gives them a surge of power, more than tipping the odds in their favor. Wonder Woman and Superman are defeated and left within the core of a nearby nuclear power plant. Zod and Faora return to the task of opening the Phantom Zone, while Superman and Wonder Woman come upon a desperate plan. They will use Wonder Woman's magically enhanced sword to split the atoms in the power plant, causing a nuclear explosion, sealing off the Phantom Zone. The deed is done, and when we next see the duo, they are embraced in what appears to be their death.

Superman/Wonder Woman #7 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #7
Cover date: June 2014
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Paulo Siqueira, Eddy Barrows, and Barry Kitson
Inker: Eber Ferreira with Barry Kitson
A healthy and happy reunited Wonder Woman and Superman fly over a damaged city of London. They haven't been alone in quite a while, and look to reconnect. Wonder Woman recommends a place that she knows, and the duo make for a change of attire and a change of setting. Previous to this, Superman and Wonder Woman are in a macabre embrace after having set-off a nuclear explosion. Superman's cape shielded Wonder Woman from the blast, and she revives first to see what appears to be Superman's remains; a cadaver wearing his perforated armor. Wonder Woman finds what appears to be an invisible jet, now visible due to the fallout from the explosion, and uses it to allow a sliver of sunlight in, which touches Superman's skeletal hand. Wonder Woman passes out, but awakens when ghost soldiers stand before her with ill-intent. The ghost soldiers blast her, but Superman has regained enough strength to destroy the soldiers weapons. Weaponless, the soldiers shrug and retreat. Together they fly out of the destruction and into the sunlight, where Superman beings to heal, but Wonder Woman is still in need. Superman flies her to Hessia, who takes to restoring Wonder Woman, while Superman makes for the Fortress of Solitude, where he has an apparatus designed just for such an emergency. A return to the present brings us deep beneath the ocean surface, where Doomsday is swallowed by a shark the size of a megalodon, kills it, and continues to make his way towards an unknown destination. A submarine belonging to the Tower attempts to collect Doomsday, with disastrous results. Returning to London, Clark and Diana enter a nightclub and reconnect, while dancing the night away, enjoying the time they have together while it lasts... and it seems that it won't, as the last image shown is that of a massive grey fist, with spiked knuckles punching upward from the ocean.

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Power Couple (The New 52) [Hardcover] reprints Superman/Wonder Woman #1-7]

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman: Doomed (The New 52) [Hardcover] reprints Superman #30-31, Action Comics #31-35, Action Comics Annual #3, Superman/Wonder Woman #8-12, Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1, Supergirl #34-35, Batman/Superman #11 and Superman: Doomed #1-2 with select pages from Action Comics #30 and Superman/Wonder Woman #7]

Superman/Wonder Woman #8 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #8
Cover date: July 2014
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Tony Daniels
Inker: Mat Banning with Sandu Florea
Wonder Woman is looking for Clark Kent, and her first stop is Cat Grant. Diana tells her that she, Diane Prince, is Clark's girlfriend to gain quick access. Cat relates her last encounter with Clark, in which he acts very much like a troubled man. Wonder Woman next encounters Lois Lane, who is about to be arrested by the US military for breaking and entering. Diana displays a new ability, the power to speak telepathically to soldiers and compel them, and thus secures Lois' release. Lois informs Diana that while Clark made a queer call akin to a drunk dial-up, she hasn't seen Clark in weeks. The Batman is Wonder Woman's next stop. Batman tells Wonder Woman that Clark is changing into another Doomsday or something like it. He asks Wonder Woman if she checked Clark's home. Wonder Woman responds that she has checked the Fortress of Solitude, and Batman leads to check Clark's apartment, something she hadn't thought on. Wonder Woman enters Clark's apartment to find it damaged, dark, and disheveled. Clark speaks to her in a lurid tone, making accusations and attempting to goad Wonder Woman into action. Clark continues to accuse Diana, saying that she doesn't believe he's good enough to be with her. Clark then tells Wonder Woman that she'll have to kill him, as he's slowly transforming into something resembling Doomsday. She refuses and Clark lashes out. Batman arrives to assist, but Wonder Woman has him leave off so that she can get through to Clark. Wonder Woman implores Clark to use his mind, to control the disease as it respond to his will. It takes a hideous effort of will, and a scream that shatters windows for streets that abound, but Clark sets himself to right. However, Clark tells Diana that while he was successful, what was possessing him isn't gone, and it's waiting to come back.

Superman/Wonder Woman #9 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #9
Cover date: August 2014
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Tony Daniels
Inker: Mat Banning with Sandu Florea
In the recesses of his mind, a conversation takes place between Clark and "Superdoom". Superdoom seeks to antagonize Clark into losing what restraint he has left, but Clark counters that he will stop what is occurring, that "there's always a way." Wonder Woman enlists the aid of Hessia, who dons armor under the pretense of trying to heal Superman of his affliction, but in truth tries to kill him. Hessia is unable to contend with Superdoom, and Wonder Woman comes upon the scene, stopping the one-sided melee. Hessia reveals that she exposed the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman, in an attempt to prove that Superman is unstable and needs to be done away with. Superdoom attacks, but Wonder Woman removes her bracers and comes between Hessia and Superdoom. Wonder Woman flies Superman above the Kryptonite cloud, and he is able to reassert himself. Superman resolves to leave Earth until he can sort things out, but as he's leaving, he's attacked by Red Lanterns, Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, being among them. Wonder Woman intercedes once more, and Superman is left alone to fly away from the Earth, and seek a solution to his infection.

Superman/Wonder Woman #10 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #10
Cover date: September 2014
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Paulo Siqueira and Pascal Alixe
Inker: Pascal Alixe
Outside the orbit of Jupiter, Steel and Lana Lang desperately try to find Superman and deliver a message. Superman, or Superdoom, is busy demolishing alien spacecraft, and continuing his tete-a-tete with himself i.e. Clark Kent and Doomsday. Steel and Lana find Superdoom, and are shocked at his appearance. In Metropolis, Lois Lane completes the possession by Brainiac, and becomes his thrall (Lois Laniac). Wonder Woman appears and tries to sort out what's happened to Laniac, but is attacked for her concerns. Laniac bombards Wonder Woman with the mental pain of her past, but Wonder Woman is able to resist. However, Laniac summons the mental essence of Metal-Zero (Metallo), and uses him to attack Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman seeks to reason with Laniac once more, but to no avail. Laniac takes the head of Metal-Zero and flies off to unite with Brainiac at an undisclosed location. At the orbit of Mars, Cyborg Superman heads a fleet that is preparing for the conquest of Earth, but the appearance of Superdoom, changes things. Cyborg-Superman exits and confronts Superdoom, while within Superdoom's consciousness, Clark Kent and Doomsday vie for dominance of Superman's mind.

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1
Cover date: September 2014
Superman Doomed: Last Sun - Chapter Three: "The Promise"
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Ed Benes, Tony Daniel, Pascual Alixe, Cliff Richards, Jack Herbert
Inker: Jaime Mendoza, Matt Banning, Vicente Cifuentes, Pascual Alixe, Cliff Richards
Superdoom engages with Cyborg Superman, but after tearing off his arm, Superdoom leaves Cyborg Superman to assist with the battle on Earth. The scene cuts to the Watchtower, where the Justice League is deliberating their next move against Brainiac's approaching army. The receive a call from Steel, who is accompanied by Lana Lang. They let the League know that if 36% of the invasion nodes are destroyed, Brainiac's plan to knock the Earth into a planet-wide coma will be unable to be executed. The scene cuts to Clark Kent engaging in an internal struggle with Superdoom. He convinces himself that he can return and help the League defeat the nodes, and Superdoom encourages him to do so, knowing that the Earth is still covered in a Kryptonite cloud, which causes Doomsday to gain power over Superman. On Earth, Superdoom assists with the destruction of the nodes, but is emitting an energy that kills anything to close to him. Consumed by Doomsday's need for death and destruction, Superdoom moves to take on a village of innocent people and kill them just because. Wonder Woman arrives to stop him, battling Superdoom, while internally a battle rages between Clark and Doomsday. Clark is losing the battle for dominance, and Wonder Woman begins to believe that she has no choice but to kill Superdoom. However, the Batman's plan to remove the Kryptonite form the skies takes effect, and Clark regains control in classic fashion, just as Wonder Woman is about to decapitate him. The combined forces of Earth's heroes decimate enough of the nodes to make them ineffective, but they have all been fooled, as the nodes were not needed for Brainiac to attack, and through an undefended portal, Brainiac's ship appears, and the world's heroes know that it is not over.

Superman/Wonder Woman #11 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #11
Cover date: October 2014
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Thony Silas
Inker: Thony Silas
Mongul and Non have been freed from the Phantom Zone, but after seeing the state the physical world is in, they decide to return to the Zone. Above the Earth, Superman and Martian Manhunter plow through Brainiac's constructs to save a jettisoned Cyborg, Steel, and Lana Lang. Martian Manhunter returns to Earth with Steel and Lana, protecting them from Brainiac's intrusions as they go, while Cyborg elects to stay and fight the constructs. However, Cyborg is quickly co-opted by the constructs and becomes yet another thrall of Brainiac. The remaining heroes sort out Brainiac's plan, and look to beef up their ranks. Wonder Woman enters the Phantom Zone and calls for Mongul. Mongul and Non come to her, and Wonder Woman begins to offer a deal that involves Warworld. Meanwhile, Superman revisits his mind to where Doomsday resides, caged and waiting. He releases Doomsday, and allows himself to be totally consumed by his evil persona when Doomsday snaps his neck. Free of Superman restraints, the bone-spikes of Doomsday's body shred away Superman's costume, as he prepares to unleash himself on a very desperate Earth.

[Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 3 [Paperback] collects Superman/Wonder Woman #8-11 and Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1]

Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1
Cover date: November 2014
"War & Peace"
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Bart Sears
Inker: Bart Sears
The Superman from present day helps the Diana of five years from now fight their way to Olympus. Along the way Wonder Woman sees her fellow Amazons and on Olympus she speaks with Apollo before using the scrying pool. In the end Superman holds off an army of monsters to allow Diana to ascend to a higher level of power.

Superman/Wonder Woman #12 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now Superman/Wonder Woman #12
Cover date: December 2014
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Jack Herbert, Walden Wong and Cliff Richards
Inker: Jack Herbert, Walden Wong and Cliff Richards
Superman and Wonder Woman are reunited and want nothing more than to spend some alone time together. A plant that Superman gave Wonder Woman turning into an oil guzzling tentacle monster puts the kibosh on those plans. The Kryptonian plant consumes oil and eventually threatens the world's oil supply while Superman and Wonder Woman argue about whose fault it was that the plant was allow to grow to a monstrous size in the first place. Wonder Woman realizes that their bickering is the result of Strife, so while Diana takes care of that problem Superman enlists the aid of Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing eventually calms the creature down and Wonder Woman and Superman are able to finally spend some time together as they watch the sun set in the west.

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