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Superwoman #16
Cover date: January 2018
"The Midnight Hour" - Part Two
Writer: K. Perkins
Penciller: Stephen Segovia
Inker: Art Thibert
Lois collapses inside Steelworks, her body engulfed in electricity. She is mumbling about Steel and every other word is spoken in binary, making it difficult for Lana and the others to understand her. "She took him, Midnight... She took him," Lois manages to say. Inside the Void, Steel is bound, he can't move, he can't speak, but his captor can hear his thoughts. Steel learns that he is bait for the true target... Lana Lang. Midnight needs her to complete her Master's directive. Nat and Traci try to track down where John might be, since Lois is speaking partially in binary, they look in every computer across the city. Using patterns of the same binary code, they see videos of the black holes that have been opening up across the city. They also discover who exactly is behind all of this.... Lena Luthor. Right outside Steelworks, more black holes start appearing. Multiple, bigger, stronger black holes. Warping reality and threatening to collapse reality into itself. Lana jumps through one of the black holes and comes face to face with Midnight. Midnight informs Lana that she was created when Superwoman impressed Lena back in Superwoman #7. Midnight asks Lana what kind of hero creates evil. Lana begins to question who she is as Midnight says, "There is nowhere left to go Superwoman. Submit.

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Superwoman #17
Cover date: February 2018
"The Midnight Hour" - Part Three
Writer: K. Perkins
Penciller: Federico Dallocchio
Inker: Federico Dallocchio
Lana is still in the grips of Midnight, her power draining, her life essence slipping away, when Maxima and Natasha enter and save Superwoman, for the timing being. While recouping Lana dreams of being back in Smallville and questions Superman about the role of a hero. "One life to save the masses, or by giving in am I giving up?", Lana asks. Midnight proclaims that if she can take Lana's power, she can free herself and rewrite her directive. Lana insists to go back into the void, despite her still being in a weakened state. In the void, Lana calls out Midnight and when she appears, there are multiple versions of Lana telling her, "I came to fight". One by one as Midnight defeats a copy of Lana, Midnight's power increases. Completely defeated Midnight tells Lana to take the orb and end this, Lana reaches for the orb, an explosion of light and Lana tells herself, "I guess this is the end after all".

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Superwoman #18 [Final Issue]
Cover date: February 2018
"The Midnight Hour" - Finale
Writer: K. Perkins
Penciller: Max Raynor
Inker: Max Raynor
The battle is over, Superwoman stands victorious and the city and its inhabitants are free from Midnight's Void. All seems well when Superwoman collapses. Inside the void Lana and Midnight discover that for whatever reason, they both now share one body. Outside the Void, Lana is sitting on the roof, her friends hoping the absorption of the yellow sun with snap her out of her catatonic state. One by one her friends and allies, Natasha, Maxima, and Lois Lane, come to thank Lana, and say their goodbyes. It is here Midnight feels human emotion and the two agree to work together in the void so Superwoman can come out of her coma. All this human emotion is too much for Midnight to bare, knowing these feelings are not her own and proposes to Superwoman a chance to be free. Sacrificing herself by allowing Superwoman's powers to destroy here but at the cost of Lana giving up her powers. Lana agrees and in a flash of light Midnight is no more and a powerless Lana is ready to begin her life anew.

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