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  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #10 (January 4)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    The JLB makes ready to deploy worldwide to address the situation of the world's technology coming alive, with deadly intent towards humans. Warhawk accuses Zod of being the culprit, but is reminded that Zod's control was of Kryptonian technology. The bickering is put on hold to cover various areas of the Earth, with Warhawk promising to keep an eye on Zod. Micron encounters the Metal Men and a new revelation: tech-based heroes are vulnerable and are being co-opted as well. Batman seeks the aid of friend and confidant, Max Gibson, who is keeping Batman's tech from falling prey to being usurped. She alerts Batman that the intrusive program has a purpose and is seeking the members of Undercloud. We're shown flashes of the JLB in action from Manhattan to Beijing, battling against the rogue tech, when old guard heroes the Ray and Red Star appear and add more confusion to the scene by attacking. Green Lantern (Kai-Ro) secures Red Star and discovers that his body is saturated with nano-machines. Superman realizes instantly that if nanotech is involved at this scale, only one being can be responsible. He takes to space to see his deduction realized. Brainiac has returned, with multiple ships that bear ominous features.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #11 (January 11)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Rob Lean
    The Justice League Beyond (JLB) is hard at the task of contending with an invasion from Brainiac. Earth's technology has been co-opted, in addition to heroes that have a foot in the tech world as well. Superman confronts Brainiac, who reveals that he has planned this attack for years if not decades. Brainiac's planning is shown when the Flash seeks out Dr Fate, and finds him a prisoner to Brainiac's simulacrum drones. When Superman seeks to contact off-world help, the result is the same. Brainiac has planned ahead, and the Guardians, New Genesis, even Apokolips is beset by the machinations of Brainiac. The Flash is able to gather some magic-users to the cause, and Orion arrives from New Genesis, but only looking to conscript Big Barda and Mister Miracle in the aid of New Genesis. The New Gods make the tough decision to stand with Earth, as Mister Miracle believes that Brainiac can only be defeated here. The decision bears a heavy cost, in that they are exiled, both, from New Genesis. The JLB is barely holding Brainiac at bay, using Mister Miracle's Mother Box to protect some of Earth's technology, knowing that when Brainiac has consumed it all, the game's done. However, at not quite the penultimate moment, Aquagirl returns and with an army behind her: The Atlanteans.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #12 (January 24)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Rob Lean
    A flashback shows that Aquagirl(Marina) returned to Atlantis, and reconciled with Aquaman and Mera, hence the Atlantean forces joining the fray. Superman believes that the Justice League Beyond(JLB) is turning the tide, as they're eking out a defense against Brainiac's insurgency. Magic is deployed in the form of the wizard, Shazam, and Black Adam. Warhawk and Zod encounter Brainiac, who tries to convince Zod to join him. Zod agrees, but once he has gained the information he seeks, betrays Zod with a blast of heat vision. Zod now knows Brainiac's plan, but is rendered unconscious before he can relay what he knows. However, anomalies begin to occur along the prime meridian, and by the issue's end, a face that can only belong to Brainiac has etched itself into the Earth, which Superman can now see from space.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #13 (February 8)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Rob Lean
    It's a week later after Brainiac has taken over the Earth. It took only two days, and the Justice League Beyond (JLB) continues to fight on, their opposition has turned into an insurgency, as they've barely managed a foothold with their resistance. The magic-users of the League are all that stands between ultimate defeat, and the most potent of them is Captain Marvel. However, Brainiac has sorted out a way to remove Captain Marvel from the equation, infusing his body with Nth metal nanites, and restocking him in the column for Team Brainiac. The JLB, while pressed, is not completely out of resources, and they move to where they will make their last stand, on the island synonymous with magic, Paradise Island.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #14 (February 22)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Rob Lean
    Brainiac makes for Paradise Island/Themyscira to defeat the remaining resistance that is the Justice League Beyond (JLB). Brainiac's forces are easily defeated, but both sides realize that this is just an examination: The JLB wants to see how strong their defenses are, and Brainiac needs to measure what it will take to defeat them. Superman, however, has long-range plans that involve Kryptonian crystals, a Mother Box, Klarion's sorcery, and Max Gibson's coding skills, all of which make a virus capable of disabling Brainiac. Micron and the Flash are tasked with uploading the virus into Brainiac's network, and are successful in causing Brainiac to retreat. However, instead of withdrawing to a remote zone, Brainiac amasses himself in one of his anthropomorphic constructs and takes the fight to the JLB.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #15 (March 8)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Rob Lean
    Aquaman attempts to stop Brainiac from setting foot on Paradise Island, and has his efforts easily rebuffed. The JLB seeks to press their forces against Brainiac's final form, but begin to lose their magical allies, Faust and Klarion, who abandon the fight to save themselves. Mister Miracle devises a plan to infect Brainiac's body with the help of Aquaman's trident. The attack is successful, but Aquaman is incinerated in the process. Aquagirl seeks to avenge him, and with the rest of the JLB, a pile-on attack ensues to deny Brainiac a chance at escape and reforming elsewhere. While the battle rages on, the Flash and Micron continue to spread the virus throughout Brainiac's network. After Brainiac stumbles into a structure, a flash of energy strikes a rostrum, and from out of it appears what seems to be a familiar Amazon.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #16 (March 22)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Rob Lean
    Brainiac is resisting the JLB's efforts to destroy him, as they need a strong force of magic to be effective against his Nth metal protection. They receive timely magical aid in the form of Wonder Woman, who joins the melee and hacks through Brainiac's limbs. Despite Wonder Woman's magical addition to the battle, Brainiac is still able to resist, and channels his energies into an attack that staggers the JLB. However, the Flash arrives with Captain Marvel in tow, as the magic virus that was uploaded to Brainiac's system was efficacious. Marvel is able to cause Brainiac's system to overload with one magic word, and Brainiac falls prostrate in defeat. While the others are seeing to the injured and fallen, Queen Mera asks Aquagirl to return to Atlantis and assume the throne. Aquagirl is hesitant and Mera leaves her to the decision on her own. Batman is in good spirits from the victory, but Superman reveals that Wonder Woman may have helped the JLB only to further the cause of her own team, the Justice Lords.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #17 (April 5)
    Christos Gage, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    Wonder Woman enters the Batcave and sees Bruce Wayne for the first time in many years. She's taken aback by the fact that Bruce has aged, but they embrace nonetheless. Elsewhere, Batman discusses Wonder Woman's reappearance with Superman. Superman relays the events that transpired, which proceeded with the adventure of the Justice Lords. The Justice Lords were dispatched, but Lex Luthor, who was instrumental in their defeat, reveals that the process by which their powers were removed was temporary. The Justice League returned to the Justice Lord's dimension and found the world at war. The League remained to fight against the Lords, but had to return to their world once it was attacked. Wonder Woman remained out of disappointment with her analogue, and Lord Batman sealed off the way. Superman is concerned at what Wonder Woman is about, and Batman offers that they cannot be sure which Wonder Woman returned to their world. Batman is given the assignment to go to the Justice Lords' world, and contact Lord Batman there. Superman returns to monitoring Wonder Woman, pondering how much people can change as he does.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #18 (April 19)
    Christos Gage, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    Wonder Woman is greeted by the JLB and they cannot come to a consensus as to whether or not it's truly Diana, or her Justice Lord doppleganger. The war between Lord Superman and Lord Batman is recounted, with Diana relating that Aquaman of the Justice Lords' world injected himself into the process, causing a final battle that claimed Lord Batman's life. A peace was etched out, and a new mandate towards maintaining it. The Justice Lords and Diana have no compunction about killing. Brainiac, Darkseid, and others who thought to attack were killed. Threats like the Joker, Poison Ivy and the Parasite have been rendered harmless by lobotomy. Superman listens to all of it, while the rest of the JLB monitors their conversation. When the teleporter activates and recognizes Superman as the authorized user, the JLB is caught by surprise at the appearance of Lord Superman. He is quickly followed by the rest of the Justice Lords. Melee ensues and Superman looks for Wonder Woman, whom he identifies to further surprise, is his "lovely wife!"

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  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #19 (May 3)
    Christos Gage, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    The battle between the Justice Lords and the Justice League Beyond continues, with the heroes pairing off with their doppelgängers. However, the League is unbalanced by the sudden appearance of the Lords, and the revelations that their counterparts bring. One by one the League falls until each of them has been dispatched. Lord Micron discovers that Batman has been sent to their world, and Lord Superman determines to go back to his world to deal with him. In Neo-Gotham, Bruce Wayne charges Wonder Woman to tell everything that has transpired with her on the Lords' world. Wonder Woman reveals that she loved Lord Batman, and was also the one who killed him. A shocked Superman and Bruce Wayne eye her as the issue comes to as close.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #20 (May 16)
    Christos Gage, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    Wonder Woman relates the events that led to Lord Batman's demise, and her marriage of convenience to Lord Superman. Unwilling to lay siege to the Batcave, Lord Superman and Lord Wonder Woman lay waste to Gotham City to force Lord Batman and Wonder Woman into battle. Lord Batman was close to synthesizing Kryptonite, minutes from success, and Wonder Woman decided for him to keep working, while she held off Lord Superman. However, Lord Superman and Lady Wonder Woman has concocted a ruse, and tricked Lord Batman into believing that Wonder Woman had been beaten and defeated. Lady Wonder Woman killed Lord Batman, and on her return, Wonder Woman killed Lady Wonder Woman, throttling her with the lasso of truth, which disintegrates immediately after her actions. Wonder Woman and Lord Superman both mourn the loss of their loved ones, and agree to a marriage of convenience to unite the fractured people of the Lords' world. The marriage was efficacious, and peace was achieved. Wonder Woman returned to assist her world against Brainiac, and also to her find her son.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #21 (May 31)
    Christos Gage, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    Zod transports to the Watchtower to find it the Justice Lords in control. He's overwhelmed by numbers, but not before he alerts Superman of the situation. Superman immediately blames Diana, which leads to fisticuffs that Bruce Wayne quickly breaks-up. Wayne advises that they plan under the cover of the Batcave, and while en route, Diana reveals what remains of her story. Wonder Woman's co-rule with Lord Superman produced more antipathy between them, and to resolve the friction, they decided that an heir was necessary, as he would be a sign of their unity. Their child was stolen by Brainiac and given to Jax-Ur in the Phantom Zone. Wayne decides that it's time to take the fight to the Watchtower, but the sudden arrival of the Justice Lords puts them on the defensive, with Wayne being secured, Superman engaged with both Orion and White Adam, and Wonder Woman facing off against Lord Superman.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #22 (June 14)
    Christos Gage, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    Wonder Woman and Superman engage in a battle that's long overdue, while Superman and Bruce Wayne contend with the rest of the Justice Lords. The rest of the JLB is under guard in cells designed by none other than Mister Miracle. Miracle states that he can't find a way out, and that infuriates Big Barda. However, the Barda of the Justice Lords world is taken with Miracle and wants him to come back with her. He agrees, and once free, incapacitates Lady Barda and frees the JLB. Wonder Woman is faring poorly against Lord Superman, but an intervention from Zod saves her, and he quickly learns that he is the son of Lord Superman and Wonder Woman. While the dysfunctional family is reunited, the JLB and the Justice Lords square off within the Batcave for the final contest that will determine the outcome of both worlds and possibly the DC Beyond Universe as well.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #23 (June 28)
    Christos Gage, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    Zod is confronted with the truth of his origins: he is not the son of Jax-Ur, but the progeny of Lord Superman and Wonder Woman. Zod lashes out in denial of the truth, but is calmed by Wonder Woman's refusal to fight him. Lord Superman takes advantage of the calm, and attacks Wonder Woman, holding her by the throat, while he propositions Zod. Lord Superman tells Zod to join him, and together they can unite his divided Earth. The plan would be to use the alternative Earth as an enemy, kill Wonder Woman, and thereby unite Lord Superman's world with a cause and culprit. Zod rejects this proposal, and the fight with Lord Superman begins anew. Meanwhile, the JLB continues to fight against the Justice Lords. Bruce Wayne shows the Justice Lords a stream of Lord Superman's proposal to Zod, ceasing their battle and moving the fight to Lord Superman vs both Leagues. Lord Superman fires Lex Luthor's weapon, stripping the Leagues of the their respective powers. However, Batman returns from the Justice Lords' Earth in time to take the fight to Lord Superman, complete with a synthetic Kryptonite batsuit. Still, it's not enough to defeat Lord Superman, who trains his heat vision on Batman. Superman retrieves Batman's Kryptonite batarang and impales Lord Superman with it. Lord Superman is at Superman's mercy, and while greatly angered, Superman refuses to kill him. Lord Superman removes the batarang and attempts to kill Superman, but Batman catches it, putting an end to the conflict.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #24 [Final Issue] (July 8)
    Christos Gage, Dexter Soy, Dexter Soy
    Lord Superman chastises Superman and Wonder Woman for letting him live. They respond by sending him to the Phantom Zone. Lord Superman encounters Jax-Ur, who immediately sees Lord Superman as a peer with which to plot and plan. The two move off together to plan for their escape, and whatever else their minds can conjure. Wonder Woman tries to connect with Zod, but he is totally resistant to her, once he learns the true reasons for his conception. The rest of the JLB resolves various issues with the Justice Lords, before seeing them off. However, Wonder Woman is deemed unfit to return to the Justice Lord's world, as she represents the old ways. Superman invites Wonder Woman to return to the League, and she accepts. The Trinity look at the world through the windows of the Watchtower, with Superman commenting that the future is, and could not be, in the best hands possible.

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