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  • Superman Beyond #13 (January 16)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    At firehouse 23, Kal deals with the brash and arrogant Bennet, as the latter jabbers on about how remarkably fit he is. Kal would love to take the opportunity to humble Bennet a shade or two, but he has to make a stop to see an old friend - John Jones, private investigator. Of course, we're privy to the sleuth's real identity: J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter. J'onn helps Kal get a handle on memories concerning the Trillians, the aliens accusing the Man of Steel of destroying their livelihood and setting the stage for a war that ravaged their planet. As it turns out, the Trillians are not so peace-loving and Superman's intervention in their affairs was response to an appeal from the Mangals, a feline-like species used inappropriately by the Trillians as laborers. It seems the history on the matter is skewed, but the Trillians want their revenge. Enter: Lobo, the baddest fraggin' bounty hunter this side of Polaris. He's been hired by the Trillians and he's out to collect on the Man of Steel.

  • Superman Beyond #14 (January 23)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    Superman and Martian Manhunter rumble with Lobo in Metropolis. The Main Man doesn't care much about bystanders, so Superman has to take things out of city limits - with a quick right-handed wallop to Lobo's jaw. Safe on the outskirts, the two ex-Justice Leaguers try to reason with Lobo, but to no affect. Just then, the Trillians soar in, scorch J'onn, and capture Superman. Later, aboard the Trillian starship, an incapacitated Superman pleas his innocence: he didn't destroy Trillia, he was merely helping a weaker species gain freedom from the clutches of a superior one. It's a bootless entreaty, as it is not the work of a single Trillian to judge the Man of Steel, but that of the entire planet of Trillia.

  • Superman Beyond #15 (February 23)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    Epoq, the elected president of the planet Trillia praises the heroics of Tyro and his team for bringing Superman to justice for crimes against the Trillians. Epoq's idea of justice, however, consists of publicly punishing Superman, which Tyro insists are more akin to torture. Alone and bound in his cell, Kal-El experiences visions of Jor-El and Jonathan Kent. He is reassured of the life lessons they both taught him. Meanwhile, Tyro returns to his neighborhood a hero and is greeted by his own son who has been swept up by the thrill of the public displays of Superman's punishment. Tyro visits Superman in his cell, and just as Superman insists that Epoq, elected or not, is merely a tyrant satisfied with perpetuating a myth, explosions shake the cell. It seems Superman's disciples have arrived and they're determined on rescuing their savior. The Mangals are here!

  • Superman Beyond #16 (March 23)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    The Mangals have invaded Superman's cell to rescue their savior from the Trillians. Free of his binds, Superman finds himself unable to control the firefight between the Mangals and Trillians. In order to stop the fighting, Superman decides to join his would-be disciples and takes off with them in one of their crafts. In the wake of the fighting, one of the Mangals is captured by the Trillians. This POW, to the devious pleasure of the Trillian president, may prove useful in revealing the Mangals' elusive forest city. Worse still, the president aims to put into action an unfinished weapon of immense power, risking the existence of the entire planet. Deep in the afforested habitat of the Mangals, Superman is tended to by a Mangal named Skirg. Kal-El learns just how much the feline-like people revere him. He truly is a messiah to them, and that makes the Man of Steel uneasy. Compounding the disquietude is the answer to Superman's question of why the Mangals appear so differently from his memory. It seems that when Superman saved the Mangals from their plight they were all children. The adults, Skirg reveals, were all murdered at the hands of the Trillians.

  • Superman Beyond #17 (April 20)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    Superman wanders the wooden halls of the Mangal village, learning more about the harsh reality the Mangals faced at the hands of the Trillians. Especially jarring is the revelation that in order to maintain a slave workforce, the Trillians forced a select few Mangals to a life of breeding. Over and over, as the Mangal elder Morgantha explains, the breeding factory tore to shreds the love between mother and child, taking away the baby Mangal to be raised in a life of slavery, while the mother is again forcibly impregnated. Superman is shocked by this, and utters a deep, shaky apology for not having known of the breeding factory and not saving all of the Mangals all those years ago; however, the Man of Tomorrow is unmoved concerning the Trillians: war is not the answer. Skirg cannot accept non-confrontation, insisting justice will be served through combat. A divide is cut between Superman and Skirg at what may prove to be a crucial time: the eve of war. Meanwhile, in the Trillian capital, President Epoq prepares his entire armada. He vows to his people that no Mangal will remain, that they will all perish in rivers of blood. It is the eve of more than a simple war; tomorrow, Armageddon.

  • Superman Beyond #18 (April 27)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    War! That's the one thing the Mangals and Trillians agree on: war must be waged and only one side must stand victorious in the ashes, thick with blood. Yet, for Superman this isn't the way it should be, not the way things must come to pass. Unfortunately, Superman's words are hollow to the vengeful Mangals, and he doesn't exactly stand on firm diplomatic ground with the Trillians. War is coming, and the Man of Steel is stuck in the middle. The Trillians move first, attacking the Mangals in their afforested home. Superman takes an onslaught of firepower from the Trillian armada in an attempt to protect the Mangals. Likewise, Kal-El moves in on the Mangals, swooping in to block their counter fire. Superman's pleas to convince the Mangals to stand down are weak compared to Skirg's cry of "We will not be slaves again!" Superman is failing at getting the enemies to see the wisdom in dialogue, and he's taking a beating protecting both sides from themselves. Luckily, Superman has some very powerful friends, and they've arrived just in time. Enter, Justice League Beyond.

  • Superman Beyond #19 (May 25)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    The Justice League have joined Superman in the attempt to smooth out the conflict between the Trillians and the Mangals. Although the League makes great effort to get the two enemies to stop their battle, it's all in vain. After Skirg and his soldiers break onto the bridge of the main Trillian ship, the fleeing Epoq convinces Tyro to launch the aforementioned bomb, an untested weapon that could potentially eradicate the entire planet.

  • Superman Beyond #20 (June 29)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    The war between the Trillians and the Mangals is creeping closer to utter annihilation. Epoq's bomb is counting down and the Justice League can't defuse it. The Mangals aren't willing to give up. All this leaves Superman stuck for options. Tyro's vocal reservations with the sour turn of recent events drive Epoq to attempted murder as the maniacal president tosses Tyro from the warship. Saved by Superman, Tyro, the bomb's designer, rushes to defuse it. Meanwhile, Epoq is served a gruesome comeuppance at the hands of Skirg. With the bomb defused and Epoq dead, the Trillians are at a loss. Superman stands before the Trillians and Mangals, pleading with them to stop the war and learn to live together. Tyro says his people will now work towards peaceful coexistence, and the Mangals agree. Peace on Trillia is finally achieved, and Superman and the Justice League soar off into space, onto the next adventure.

[Trade Paperback collection: Justice League Beyond: In Gods We Trust collects Justice League Beyond Digital Chapters #17-25, and Superman Beyond Digital Chapters #11-20]

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #1 (August 13)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    S.T.A.R. Labs is under attack by the Nanodemons, but their actions are quickly interrupted by the arrival of the Justice League Beyond (JLB). The Nanodemons reveal that their attack was a ruse to draw out the JLB, and use their powers of possession to turn Barda and Micron. Superman arrives and dispatches them all, but in trying to help the Flash, he realizes that his powers are surging and making him a potential threat. Batman (Terry McGinnis) explains that something impacted with the sun, altering its solar energy and increasing Superman's powers. Superman asks Bruce Wayne for advice, and attempts to discuss why Bruce is no longer advising Batman. Bruce ends the call and Superman seeks to gain control over his powers. He trains with Warhawk to master his flight, meditates with Green Lantern (Kai-ro), races against the Flash (he wins!), and spar with Barda, but with no helpful results. Captain Marvel returns from visiting Shazam, and tells Superman that there is no magical solution to the problem, but as he informs Superman of this, a blast of heat vision sears a nearby Aquagirl, leaving Superman and Captain Marvel in shock at what has transpired.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #2 (August 24)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    The Justice League Beyond (JLB) has gathered in the med-bay to view Aquagirl, who was seared by heat vision last issue. Warhawk throws Superman against a wall, angered by his part in Aquagirl's accident. Superman resolves to remove himself from others, and asks Captain Marvel to take his place. Superman retreats to the Fortress of Solitude, where he reminisces about a past occurrence with Lois Lane, and is reminded that he cannot fully withdraw from the world and continue to understand it. Superman enlists Micron's assistance to block his powers using Kryptonian technology, and decides to continue his life as Kal Kent, firefighter. While on the job, Kal Kent and his colleague Rita, enter a burning building to check for possible homeless that may be there. Kal rescues a cat, but the building then implodes with he and Rita trapped inside.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #3 (September 14)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    Kal Kent (Superman) and his firefighter colleague, Rita, are trapped inside of a burning building. It seems grim, but they're able to jump to safety, which leaves Superman remarking at how he didn't need to be Superman to get the job done, and neither did the firefighters. He resolves to go on a date with Rita, but solicits the Justice League for help, as he hasn't been on the scene for some time. He's given different advice from each member, but Captain Marvel, who is "old-school," gives Superman the advice he needs and Superman takes Rita for a time at the city fair. The date is going well, and Rita is about kiss Kal, when they're attacked by a giant robot.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #4 (September 28)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    Kal Kent (Superman) and his date, Rita, have their night out interrupted by a giant robot, but a powerless Superman is rescued by the timely intervention of Captain Marvel and the Justice League Beyond. Superman recognizes the design of the robot, and returns with the League to the Watchtower to further investigate. Superman alerts the League that the UFO which impacted the sun and caused his power fluctuation is from Krypton. He reasons that it could only be fomented by the activity in the Phantom Zone. Instructions are given to the League, and Superman enters the Phantom Zone. There he finds the cause of his problems: a young boy who can manipulate technology outside of the Phantom Zone, and he just happens to be the son of Jax-Ur.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #5 (October 11)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    Superman and Jax-Ur engage in battle, with Superman's concern being Jax-Ur's son. While this occurs, Captain Marvel and the rest of the JLB contend with Superman robots under the control of Jax-Ur's son. Jax-Ur explains that he was the cause behind Superman's powers being thrown into flux. He goes on to tell Superman that once he's defeated Kal-El, he will open the Phantom Zone and let its occupants have at the Earth without restraint. Superman surprises Jax-Ur with a backflip, and alerts him to the fact that he's lost his powers before; Jax-Ur won't find him an easy fight, which Jax-Ur welcomes. The fight continues until Jax-Ur lays his hands on his son, for allowing the Flash to re-enter the battle. Superman knocks Jax-Ur back, and Jax-Ur's son becomes engrossed in the battle, letting his focus on the Superman robots wane. The Justice League takes full advantage and begins to press the robots back, but Jax-Ur reasserts himself using an unknown technology, and has Batman made unconscious. A robot uses Batman's hand to authorize the Zone's opening, and counts the seconds until Jax-Ur's plan will have succeeded.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #6 (October 26)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    The Phantom Zone is preparing to open, and there seems to be little that the Justice League (JLB) can do about it. Superman is within the Zone, and yells for Batman to wake up. Batman responds in the nick of time, and the portal to the Phantom Zone remains shut. The Flash takes Batman and makes off with him, rationalizing that the best thing to do is to keep him as far away from the portal controls as possible. Batman leads a pursuing Superman robot out into the arctic desert, and defeats it with assistance from Aquagirl. The JLB returns to the Fortress of Solitude to deal with the rest of the remaining robots. Superman continues his battle with Jax-Ur, dodging strikes from Jax-Ur's energy gauntlet, and evening the field with a low-blow and laptop. Superman begins to overpower and overwhelm Jax-Ur, leading Jax-Ur to order his son to detonate the functioning Superman robots. Superman is horrified at the prospect of the JLB being destroyed by his own creations, but Jax-Ur restrains him, leaving little recourse as the robots begin the sequence to detonation.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #7 (November 9)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    Superman continues to battle Jax-Ur in the Phantom Zone, while the Justice League Beyond (JLB) contends with his Superman robots. Superman alerts the Flash that she's the only one who can avert the disaster posed by the Superman robots self-destructing with the Fortress of Solitude. Flash races out of the Fortress and returns with Batman, who sends the robots to the Phantom Zone before they explode. The waiting Zoners exit expecting to find freedom to rend and pillage, but are met with a ready JLB and think about it. Batman closes the portal to the Phantom Zone, and all is safe for them and the Earth. However, Superman remains in the Phantom Zone, and within the pocket that makes his corporeal. Superman defeats Jax-Ur, but the other Zoners enter the pocket, keeping him from leaving, and now outnumbering him. Superman takes them all on, but is eventual overtaken by the greater numbers. Alone and at the mercy of the Zoners, Superman remains defiant as Jax-Ur makes ready to kill him, but the timely intervention of the JLB, who have entered the Phantom Zone resets the clock.

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #8 (November 22)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    The Justice League Beyond has come to Superman's aid, but they are without the benefit of their super abilities to do so. Jax-Ur taunts the JLB, letting them know that they will be facing the deadliest women and men that were once on the planet Krypton. The JLB takes the threat in stride, and proceed to dismantle the Phantom Zone criminals, as they display their training, discipline, and resolve, until Jax-Ur's comrades abandon him, believing that there is no future in continuing. Defeated, Jax-Ur can look on while Superman offers Jax-Ur's son freedom from the Phantom Zone, and an escape from his abusive father. Jax-Ur's son accepts and Jax-Ur pronounces his son dead to him. On exiting the Phantom Zone, the JLB welcomes Jax-Ur's son, with Superman going so far as to say he believes the world might be ready for a "Superboy". Jax-Ur speaks to an unseen figure, who cautions Jax-Ur to have patience and see their plan through. The figure is none other than Brainiac, who tells Jax-Ur that once he has what he wants, the Earth will be Jax-Ur's, at least what is left of it. Superman finally gets around to asking Jax-Ur's son his name. When he answers "Zod", all Superman can do is look on with surprise, while the rest of the League surrounds Zod with unknowing smiling faces.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Justice League Beyond: Power Struggle [Paperback] reprints Chapters #1-8]

  • Justice League Beyond 2.0 - Chapter #9 (December 22)
    Christos Gage, Iban Coello, Iban Coello
    Jax-Ur's son, ominously named, Zod, is treated to some time away from the Watchtower. Billy Batson initiates a snowball fight, but Zod, not having been allowed to be a child, doesn't relate to recreation without purpose. Zod sees a father playing with his children, and request to return to the Watchtower. Superman is at the Watchtower, receiving an earful from Bruce Wayne, who believes that Zod is a fruit from the tree of Jx-Ur, who is a psychotic criminal. Superman debates with Wayne, but on Terry's arrival, Bruce ends his communication. Zod is given a tour of the trophy room, but soon after, a Manhunter comes to life in the trophy room, followed by an Amazo. Mister Miracle manages an escape with a Boom Tube, and later discovers that the technology on the Watchtower has come alive. Batman and Miracle agree on a total system shutdown, but the logistics of the plan pose a threat to the Earth. It's surmised that the energy can be sent to the dimension of the Speed Force, but the ramifications for the Flash are unknown. The Flash is successful, but immediately the JLB is presented another, exponentially worse situation, as the technology of Earth proceeds to outdo what happened on the Watchtower.

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