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  • Superman Beyond #1 (April 18)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    In a future where most of those he held dearest are gone, an aging Superman ponders whether Metropolis, indeed the world, still needs the Last Son of Krypton. Among the artifacts he has stored in the Fortress of Solitude, the Man of Tomorrow contemplates whether he's now just a caretaker of yesterday - little more than a relic. In Metropolis, a young woman called Lucinda Walters squanders her time in resentment of those who don't give her a chance. Out of work and having had the opportunity taken away to claim her late mother's estate, the young woman receives a phone call that may change her course of luck. Something lies in wait at Metropolis United Bank. Meanwhile, a shoot-out at Hobb's Bay gets the attention of Superman. However, as he begins to get the situation under control, Superman is startled by the arrival of a group of tech-armored heroes. Just who are they, and what does their presence mean for the Man of Steel?

  • Superman Beyond #2 (April 25)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    At Metropolis United Bank, Lucinda Walters collects the contents of her late mother's safety deposit box, something Lucinda had no idea existed. However, the contents - a key card - only adds to the mystery. Over at the Port of Metropolis, Superman admires the abilities of the freshly tech-armored Metropolis Police Department as they clean up a group of drug traffickers. While the police force has a handle on taking out goons, they are less adept at protecting the innocent, a vice Superman laments. In the end, the police and Superman bust up the drug ring, trade niceties, and go their separate ways. Superman visits Lois's grave, vainly seeking her advice: with such a well-oiled, high powered police force, where does he fit in? Since most of the people Clark Kent ever loved have died, why should he remain on Earth? What is the purpose of Superman? What's his reason for living? Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, Lucinda makes her way to an abandoned skyscraper, using the key card for access. Seemingly empty, Lucinda is startled by an ethereal holographic image. Calling her by name, the image tells Lucinda he is her father, and that he is none other than Lex Luthor.

  • Superman Beyond #3 (May 23)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    Lucinda Walters ponders back upon how disappointing her life has been. Now she's discovered she's Lex Luthor's daughter. The hologram of Luthor tells Lucinda that his absence from her life was to protect her from his greatest enemy and how Superman's purpose is to enslave humankind. Out for a stroll, Clark tries to clear his head. This modern city and its new team of elite supercops are all confusing to him, and not even the simple joy of one of his favorite things - a hot dog from an old time vendor - can ease his bewilderment. Looking out on the city, Nixon and Fitz clash on the early effectiveness of the Advanced Officer Program. Nixon wants to make more officers using the nanotechnology. Lucinda peruses her dead father's Superman database, ready to pick up where he father left off in his aim to kill Superman.

  • Superman Beyond #4 (June 27)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    Superman wonders whether he's really needed anymore, but concludes that he needs the world as much as it once needed him. He flies in to help the Supercops outside a GNX facility being attacked by insect-like robots. Realizing the robots are just decoys, Superman charges into the facility where he apprehends a humanoid robot. It's revealed that this robot is remotely controlled by Lucinda Walters and she's stolen files for GNX's nanotechnology. Later, Nixon provides Walker with an extractor: if GNX's nanotech is implanted in a foreign system, Walker will know about it. Meanwhile, Lucinda, armed with Lexcorp tech, forces her way into the club Vanity. There she meets a crime boss, Mr. Stone, for whom she has a gift - the nanotech files. She suggests Mr. Stone insert nanotech into his army of thugs to even the playing field with the supercops. Better yet, she suggests, Mr. Stone could insert the nanotech into himself. But he has little use for technology, for Mr. Stone is none other than Solomon Grundy!

  • Superman Beyond #5 (July 18)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    Lucinda watches her CCTV monitors while the hologram of Lex Luthor discusses their plan. Kryptonite fragments are moving closer to Earth's orbit. On the streets of Metropolis the battle between the Advanced Officers and nanotech enhanced criminals rages on. Officer Walker uses a device that extracts the stolen nanotech from one of the criminals, killing him in the process. When Superman confronts him, Walker shows no remorse. From beneath the road a hand grabs Superman's ankle and tosses him aside. Solomon Grundy has arrived on the scene. He knocks aside Walker before Superman flies back in to the fray. Grundy has timed this attack to coincide with Lucinda's plan. The Kryptonite fragments are now in place, in orbit around Earth, rendering Superman powerless.

  • Superman Beyond #6 (July 25)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    With Kryptonite fragments in orbit around Earth, Superman is being beaten to death by Solomon Grundy. He stops briefly to allow a hologram message from Lucinda Walters to inform Superman that this was one of Lex Luthor's long-term plans coming to fruition. The supercops try to save Superman, but Grundy makes light work of them. Superman still has some fight left in him, but it only buys him a little extra time. Just as Grundy is about to finish Superman off, Batman arrives.

  • Superman Beyond #7 (August 22)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    Batman (Bruce Wayne) comes to Superman's aid, and the two pummel their way through Solomon Grundy and his nanotech ruffians. The two aging allies are having a hard time of it, and with the Metropolis supercops incapacitated, there's little in the way of help. Superman pulls out a Hail Mary attack on Grundy to get him off of the Dark Knight, leaving the latter open to call his Batwing and therefore escape. The only place that offers any real kind of protection for Superman is his Fortress of Solitude. The Man of Steel makes a fingers-crossed promise to stay put while Batman heads back to Gotham to work on getting the kryptonite out of orbit. Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, holo-Lex tells his daughter Lucinda that powers or not, Superman always comes to the aid of those in danger. The danger this time is a massive demon-like robot set loose on Metropolis.

  • Superman Beyond #8 (September 26)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    Metropolis's supercops are having a rough go of it taking on Luthor's giant skyscraper-robot. In an effort to even the odds, Walker injects himself with the nanotech he had recently extracted from Solomon Grundy's ruffians, but it isn't enough. So Walker extracts the nanotech within his supercop partners. The powerful technology obliterates any semblance of Walker's reasoning. He's now a brute, but a brute capable of taking on the robot destroying his city. From the Fortress of Solitude, Superman watches the drama unfold. The Man of Steel sits idle, unable to leave his stronghold due to the kryptonite meteor belt encircling the Earth. Unable to stand the madness, Superman makes a desperate effort of his own, and sets in motion an emergency strategy, one that utilizes an augmentation that will protect him from the kryptonite. It's a risky move, however, but he has no choice. Eradicator Protocol has been activated!

  • Superman Beyond #9 (October 20)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, John Livesay
    As her giant robot attacks Metropolis, Lucinda has doubts whether or not Superman will show up and do what he does best. Her holographic father, Lex Luthor, assures her that the Man of Steel will show, despite the ring of kryptonite orbiting the planet. As Walker makes vain efforts to slow the robot, Superman zooms in to the rescue. The Last Son is sporting Eradicator, having initiated the protocol in order to bypass the kryptonite radiation permeating the troposphere. During his struggle with the robot, Superman is forced to fend off Walker, who attempts to absorb the Eradicator technology right off of Superman's back. Superman makes short work of the mechanical menace. Facing the justice of the Man of Steel, Lucinda blathers on about how it is Superman's fault that she grew up not knowing Lex was her father. Holo-Lex rhymes off a few lines from F.W. Nietzsche, a dark prologue to his master plan: form a gigantic sphere out of the kryptonite fragments for the destruction of the entire planet!

  • Superman Beyond #10 (October 27)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    As Luthor's kryptonite shards form a massive satellite between Earth and the moon, natural disasters devastate the globe. Still sporting Eradicator technology, Superman bursts into motion, hurling himself at the green glowing mass, pummeling and pushing it out of Earth's orbit. The disasters die down. Everyone praises Superman, but Lucinda Walters is far less enthused or thankful. She quietly slips away. The concentrated kryptonite radiation begins to eat away at Superman's Eradicator tech-suit. He throws the Kryptonite into the Sun just as Eradicator disintegrates. Basked in the sun's rays, Superman's strength returns. Later, Superman discusses with Bruce Wayne a new identity. It's now Kal Kent, firefighter. Elsewhere, at Genetix Industries, Nixon oversees the devastating results of Walker's overdose of nanotechnology.

  • Superman Beyond #11 (December 1)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    An inferno devours a building, challenging Metropolis Firehouse 23. Kal Kent comes to the calculated rescue of a mother and her boy. Within the building, firefighter Bennet has saved a civilian and leaps from a seven story window, ignoring that there's no catcher in place, and assuming his grappling line will do the trick. Kent slips into his other hero's uniform and speeds to the plummeting Bennet before the line can be tested. The Man of Tomorrow then puts the entire blaze to bed. In the distance, viewing the whole super-heroic spectacle is a suspicious looking alien. Back at 23, Bennet argues that the team sometimes needs to take risks in order to save lives, that they can't rely on Superman. Kal agrees and praises the idea of team work and backup, but puts in a good word for asking for and accepting outside help, too. Elsewhere, the creepy alien, named Tyro, returns to his ship. He informs his comrades that he has located the one who the humans call "Superman". The crew is pleased because after all these years, Superman will pay for what he did to their home world!

  • Superman Beyond #12 (December 29)
    JT Krul, Howard Porter, Livesay
    A young Trillian boy learns the truth of a savage attack from a bizarre alien that all but ravaged his planet. The strange alien appears to have been a gnome-like Superman. With the resulting war still being waged, the Trillians aim to seek justice against the alien responsible. A Trillian mission is underway to seek out and apprehend Superman. Late on Earth, Superman investigates unusual power surges at Metropolis Light & Power. Simply a ploy to lure the Man of Steel, the Trillian missions pounce upon their quarry. The triumvirate of Trillians surprise and confuse Superman, but are unable to contain him. In the scuffle, one of the generators is damaged, forcing Superman to rescue his would-be assassins. Beaten, the task force uses its technology to escape, leaving the Last Son dumfounded about the accusations of his attack upon their home world. Back at their ship, cloaked in a field outside Metropolis city limits, the Trillians lick their wounds. The leader contacts the one who seems to have given them the goods on Superman's whereabouts. The Trillian embraces his failure and is ensured by his acquaintance that Superman can be taken out... Lobo!

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