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  • Supergirl #58 (January)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal
    Cat Grant and Kara go to see Toyman in Arkham about some children who went missing in Metropolis. Cat brings out a Supergirl doll she was sent a long time ago, which arrived the same day one of the kids went missing. She then received two other robotic dolls on the days two other children went missing. As Toyman examines one of the robotic dolls, it recognizes his voice, activates and stabs him. They take him to the hospital and try to figure out who sent the dolls to Cat, and Cat reveals she got Supergirl to help her by almost blackmailing Lana over her relationship with Supergirl. Fed up with Cat's incessant griping, Kara leaves. As Kara fights Riot she talks to Lana, who explains Cat's backstory and how her son Adam died. Cat goes to visit Adam's grave, and one of the toy robots is watching her. When she gets home her door is open and she's attacked by another one of them, which she tases and puts down only to discover it was one of the missing children in disguise. And that's when she meets Anton Schott, who calls himself "the dollmaker". At STAR Labs, Lois goes to visit Lucy who is being restrained. Lois wants to talk, and Lucy's eyes glow red.

  • Supergirl #59 (February)
    Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal and Robin Riggs
    Anton Schott (The Dollmaker) has Cat Grant tied up, and explains that he was born on Christmas, and is the son of Winslow Schott (The Toyman). When he grew up his father and mother abandoned him. He found his father's old workshop and decided to continue his legacy. He's decided Cat can help him get revenge on Toyman, and in exchange she will get to be his new mother. Lois asks Lucy what she is and how disgusted she is by her. Back in her apartment, Cat Grant tells the Dollmaker she wouldn't love him if he were the last child on earth. This prompts him to want to kill all the children of Metropolis. As he and his dolls march for the door, Cat gives in and calls out to Supergirl. Kara arrives. Dollmaker says he's got bombs strapped to the kids and threatens to kill one, but Kara frees Cat and she knocks Dollmaker out. The kids are discovered and returned to their parents. Kara and Lana head to Smallville for Christmas with the Kents. Lois and Superboy arrive, and Lois brings a copy of tomorrow's newspaper, in which Cat reverses her stance on Supergirl.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Supergirl: Bizarrogirl reprints Supergirl #53-59]

  • Supergirl #60 (March)
    Nick Spencer & James Peaty, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    At Harvard University, two men debate the merits of invading forces. One of them thinks superheroes fighting off alien invasions is stopping the next great progress. In Metropolis, Lois meets with Catherine Devereux from Cadmus. Kara saves someone falling off a building, who did it so she would catch him and he could ask for her phone number. Back at Harvard, one of the guys has made an application called Flyover, for tracking superhero sightings. Turns out the guy Kara saved uploaded his sighting to the app, leading Parasite, Kryptonite Man, Silver Banshee and Metallo to her. Catherine gives Lois info on Cadmus that shocks her. Perry White wants some local news, when Lois busts in and shouts about Cadmus experimenting with Kryptonian DNA. The guy behind Flyover is revealed to be Alex, who has a way of "getting inside your head". Alex thinks superheros are a threat to humanity, and Supergirl is more of a threat than Superman because she's the future. One of his friends thinks he's talking about killing Supergirl, and he says he's thinking bigger. He then reveals that he knows intimate details about all of his friends and uses it to blackmail them into silence. Catherine finds her son, presumably dead, and there's a note from Alex that says "It's not nice to talk out of class. Sorry for your loss."

  • Supergirl #61 (April)
    James Peaty, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    Alex heads back to Metropolis after mind-wiping his friends of their memory of him. Alex watches Kara's battle on his FlyOver app, and then goes to a room with a massive computer called "Father" to watch the battle in more detail. Alex orders retrieval of the villains and they disappear from the rooftop and appear in his lab. Lois arrives via helicopter to ask Kara for help with her Cadmus story. Cadmus has apparently made a rogue metahuman with Kryptonian DNA and Lois wants Kara's help figuring out what's going on. Lois gives her a smartphone so that she can track the villains. In his lab, Alex has located Robin and Blue Beetle. Kara uses the FlyOver app and sees Robin battling Mr. Freeze and Clayface, and zooms off to help him. They battle the villains who go down rather easily, and Kara is then about to fly off to help Blue Beetle when the villains erupt in some kind of electricity and are revealed not to be the real villains.

  • Supergirl #62 (May)
    James Peaty, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    At Harvard University, Alex is preparing for Supergirl's arrival. Kara meets Lois at the hospital, where Cat Grant is... unconscious. Flash back to Kara and Robin in Gotham, where Kara pulled a Kryptonian sunstone out of one of the drones. Lois shares her files on Cadmus with Kara, who flies off to investigate. In Alex's lab, one of the people he's brought in is revealed to be Miss Martian. She was apparently joining Kara, Robin and Blue Beetle in trying to take down Alex and his FlyOver app as Kara finds the Cadmus lab with a dead Kryptonian inside. Supergirl returns to Blue Beetle and Robin, they investigate the emptied Harvard, locate Miss Martian and Kara goes barging in. Alex is revealed to be Cadmus' "designer Kryptonian" and knocks Supergirl out. Blue Beetle sets off some kind of sonic charge which seems to disable the drones and Alex's "Father" computer.

  • Supergirl #63 (June)
    James Peaty, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    At the hospital, Lois goes to see Catherine. Kara wakes up and tries to go after Alex and gets knocked out of the sky. Father is back online. Catherine reveals she helped set Alex free from Cadmus. Alex's friends decide to help Kara, and show her a room with a computer where they woke up. Alex has Blue Beetle and Miss Martian under control, but is having trouble with Robin. Alex forces him to face his worst fears. Catherine tells Lois she helped Alex get free because he promised to cure her son. Kara rips a sunstone out of one of the drones. Catherine reveals Alex was grown in a Cadmus lab, raised by the Father program, and she and he developed a bond, and then her eyes start glowing purple revealing that Alex is controlling her. Kara jams the sunstone into her phone and activates the FlyOver app, which somehow deactivates Alex's friends who were really drones. Alex shows up and beats up Kara with the power of his mind, and reveals he's not all Kryptonian but has just a little Kryptonian DNA in him and the rest of him was cloned from Dubbilex.

  • Supergirl #64 (July)
    James Peaty, Bernard Chang, Bernard Chang
    Blue Beetle and Robin attack Kara and weaken her. Alex leaves to take care of Lois who is talking with Catherine at the hospital, telling Miss Martian to extract from Kara's mind the information he needs on Superman. At the hospital, Catherine is sedated and Lois leaves to write her story. Father seems to think Alex is being overly emotional due to the "near depletion" of his Kryptonian solar cells. This angers Alex, who destroys Father. Kara arrives, punches Alex, and uses super-breath to instantly incapacitate Blue Beetle and Robin. Alex tries to control Kara's mind, but fails due to Miss Martian not being mind-controlled at all. After she reveals to Alex how she did it, Kara punches him again and puts him down for the count. Kara talks to Lois and reveals Alex's control over Catherine has been broken, but she can't write her story on Cadmus because they struck a deal with the "authorities" to rehabilitate Alex in exchange for keeping their involvement out of the press. The experience has left Kara feeling she's ready to step up if anything ever happened to Superman, and then she flies off to save a jet.

This Is Not My Life (3 Parts)

  • Supergirl #65 (August)
    Kelly Sue Deconnick, ChrisCross, Marc Deering
    As Lois travels with her neice Edna on the tram, a girl in a hurry just makes it onto the tram before the doors close. A horde of mechanical monkey-like creatures called M.O.N.Q.I.S attack the tram car. Looking on from a secret location, Professor Ivo discusses the girl's genious potential with a man and a woman when they notice Supergirl and Starman arriving at the tram. Ivo aborts the mission as Supergirl rescues the tram. Lois talks to Supergirl as the young girl the M.O.N.Q.I.S were chasing is loaded into an ambulance, talking incoherently. Lois asks Kara to go under cover for her at a college when she discovers other similar brilliant students have gone missing. On campus Kara meets a brilliant but eccentric student called Henry Octavious Flyte who thinks he'll be the next person abducted... and the next thing Kara knows, he goes missing.

  • Supergirl #66 (September)
    Kelly Sue Deconnick, ChrisCross, Marc Deering
    Apparently Henry Octavious Flyte has gone missing into the tunnels underneath the fraternity house. Meanwhile, Lois confronts the school's president and her husband over the missing students. Kara and friends go into the tunnels to look for him, and come across a room with electrical equipment. Ivo has Flyte tied up, but the young man refuses to cooperate with the mad scientist. The school's president contacts Ivo and says he's out of time. Angry at the demands, Ivo sees Flyte's friends looking for him, and sends his robotic rats to attack them. Kara takes care of the rats and heads into an underwater tunnel and comes to the surfance as Supergirl to confront Ivo.

  • Supergirl #67 [Final Issue] (October)
    Kelly Sue Deconnick, ChrisCross, Marc Deering
    Defeating Ivo's M.O.N.Q.I.S., Supergirl faces off against Ivo in a battlesuit. Meanwhile her friends manage to cobble together some weaponry from the equipment around them. Lois is given some additional information for her investigation by a student named Ngoze Onwualu showing a connection between the head of the school and the Order of Ponce De Leon who were obsessed with immortality. Kara's friends arrive to help in her fight and eventually out-power Ivo. After his arrest Kara meets up with Henry and the two share a kiss as he promises never to forget her.

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