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  • Supergirl #4 (February)
    Jeph Loeb, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund
    Lex is confronted by an evil version of Supergirl (dressed in black) who quickly overpowers him, sending him hurtling to the moon where he crashes through the JLA watchtower. When John Stewart confronts Lex, he's knocked out by the evil Supergirl. Meanwhile the real Supergirl is awoken by Starfire. As Lex teleports out of the Watchtower, Hawkman fails to stop him, and is also knocked out by the evil Supergirl. Black Canary, Flash, and J'onn J'onzz also fail to stop her... She appears unstoppable... when the real Supergirl arrives.

  • Supergirl #5 (March)
    Jeph Loeb, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund
    The dark Supergirl says that Zor-El sent her to Earth to kill baby Kal-El. Kara says that's a lie. As the two continue to fight, the evil Supergirl claims her personality is the real one. Their fight takes them from the Moon to Gotham, where they're confronted by Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Not knowing who is the real Supergirl, they set out taking them both down. Wonder Woman lassos them together... and the two Supergirls merge together. The real Supergirl returns.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Supergirl (Vol 1): Power reprints Supergirl #1-5, Superman/Batman #19]

One Year, One Month Later

  • Supergirl #6 (April)
    Greg Rucka, Ed Benes, Norm Rapmund
    Inside the bottled city of Kandor, the voice and face of Kal-El spouts racial propoganda to the people and warns them about Nightwing and Flamebird. Seems Kryptonians are the chosen people and all other species are damned and should serve the true children. Kara gets a tattoo on her back that reads HOPE in Kryptonian. As she leaves the tattoo parlor she's attacked by a group of aliens. Power Girl, disguised as a battle-armored Nightwing, comes to her aid, but Kara loses her temper and nearly kills the thugs. Power Girl berates her for her actions, and Kara apologizes but tells her she knows her home city of Argos is still out there somewhere and that she must find it. As Nightwing and Flamebird the two break up a hearing against non-Kryptonians. "Kal-El's" thugs fight them, and Supergirl's armor is breached, revealing her tattoo. Freeing the captives, the two heroes fly off. The tattoo is reported to "Kal-El", who, using his heat-vision, burns everybody who witnessed the breakout.

  • Supergirl #7 (June)
    Joe Kelly & Greg Rucka, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund
    Kal-El, revealed to actually by the Earth-3 Cryme Sindicate Superman, is on the search for Nightwing and Flamebird. Kara seems to be losing it, wanting only to hit something rather than find peace. Teamed with the rebels, the two super girls head to confront "Kal-El" when he tortures the artist who tattooed Kara's back. With Kal-El down, Kara hears voices in her head, removes her helmet, revealing herself to the world of Kandor, and kisses Kal-El!

  • Supergirl #8 (September)
    Joe Kelly, Ron Adrian, Robe Lea & Norm Rapmund
    With Power Girl captured, Kara prepares to marry "Kal-El". "Kal-El" (really Ultraman) bathes himself in yellow sunlight as Kara comes to him. As the sunlight hits her cells, memories and voices flood her mind, and she attacks Ultraman. Kara frees Power Girl and the two attack Ultraman, which in turn encourages the oppresses of Kandor to rise and fight against their dictator. Kara learns the truth from Ultraman's mother, and in return leaves Ultraman alive.

  • Supergirl #9 (October)
    Joe Kelly, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund
    Back in New York, Power Girl yells at Supergirl, angry that they left Kandor without freeing the people from Ultraman's reign. Power Girl flies away. Out at sea, at the place where Paradise Island used to be, Cassie and Kara think back to happier times. She flies to Smallville and watched the sunset with Jonathan, before taking a black Superboy T-shirt from Conner's old room. She has a flashback to a day on Krypton when her father asked her to help kill some woman. She takes an orb from her spacecraft to Batman in exchange for enough money to keep her out of trouble. Now, meeting with a young man called "Boomer", Kara plays pool at a club, and then suggests they go dancing at a loud night club. Afterwards the two youngsters hug as they say goodnight. Seconds later Kara saves a little girl from being hit by a car, before heading home to find Cassie crying on her sofa after another fight with her mother.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Supergirl (Vol 2): Candor reprints Supergirl #6-9, JSA Classified #2, JLA #122-123, Superman #223, Superman/Batman #27]

  • Supergirl #10 (November)
    Joe Kelly, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund & Andy Lanning
    With the help of Boomer, Kara decides to create a secret identity so she can go to school. As Claire Connors she befriends a group of teens, but soon discovers that everybody isn't as they seem. Becky gets jealous of Claire when the guy she likes appears to like Claire instead. At a sleepover at Becky's, the girls make fun of Sarah, a girl with a weight problem. After school Kara talks with Cassie about school life. Kara thinks back to her time on Krypton, when she herself was teased to the point where she apparently killed a group of teens who pushed her too far. Becky's jealousy pushes her to enlist the help of Sarah to play a mean trick on Claire... who reveals herself to be Supergirl, telling the teens to just be themselves.

  • Supergirl #11 (December)
    Joe Kelly, Joe Benitez, Victor Llamas
    Kara goes undercover with the Outsiders, trying to prove her worth. Together with Grace, the two girls try to join the ranks of a group of pirates. But the pirates are made up of mutants who have an alien captures, an alien who they derive their powers from. Kara finds the alien, who asks her to kill it, but Kara hesitates and is found out by the captain of the pirates. Grace comes to her aid, and kills the alien. Kara is badly injured and almost about to be killed when she is save by... Powerboy!

1001 Years Later

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #16 [retitled "Legion of Super-Heroes" monthly comic] (May 2006)
    Mark Waid, Barry Kitson, Mick Gray
    1000 years in the future, the teenage Legion of Super-Heroes, in capturing a criminal disguised as a science police officer, upset the local residents who are unhappy with their behavior. Having recently been sanctioned by the United Planets, the Legion are by no means accepted by the community at large. Meanwhile, they're called on by the Ambassador for the U.P. to stop an unidentified celestial object that is on a collision course with Earth. They help slow down the object, but it's finally destroyed by... Supergirl!?! Having flown at top speed for days trying to stop the object, Supergirl believes the LSH are all just a figment of her imagination.

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #17 (June 2006)
    Mark Waid, Barry Kitson, Mick Gray
    A robot cult is bringing about the construction of their electrolord, but the Science Police and LSH arrive to thwart their plans. They look out-gunned, but Supergirl arrives and wins the battle for them. She still thinks this is all just a dreamstate she's in, a Kryptonian adulthood ritual called Tarukori. Flying off, she stops an earthquake caused by an unsuspecting metahuman called Seiss who didn't even know he had powers. A shadowy figure offers Seiss guidance once the limelight is off him. Supergirl is made a member of the LSH, although some members aren't too impressed.

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #18 (July 2006)
    Mark Waid, Barry Kitson & Adam DeKraker, Mick Gray & Drew Geraci
    The Science Police scramble to put down an underground robot cult, with Chameleon amongst the SP undercover. Brainiac 5 has Dream Girl's body in stasis, hoping to return her to life. The Legion help the Science Police with their robot battle, with Supergirl proving the difference. Afterwards they locate Brainiac 5, angry at what he's doing with Dream Girl, when Naltorian's send Rol Purtha, a replacement for Dream Girl to join the Legion, much to the team's anger.

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #19 (August 2006)
    Mark Waid, Barry Kitson, Barry Kitson
    Chameleon is discovered. He quickly tells the science police how he had to go undercover to try and solve the mysterious death of a prisoner involved in a alien-espionage plot. Teamed with the beautiful telepath Jeyra Entinn, he discovered that it was indeed she who had murdered the victim, but it took all his guile to outsmart her. Meanwhile, Supergirl is looking for Seiss. She flies with Timber Wolf and Cosmic Boy to Brainiac 5's lab, only to find that he, Dream Girl and Lemnos have all vanished.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Strange Visitor From Another Century reprints The Legion of Super-Heroes #14-15, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #16-19]

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #20 (September 2006)
    Mark Waid & Tony Bedard, Barry Kitson, Barry Kitson
    The United Planets opens the new Legion HQ with a massive sign saying the LSH are sponsored by the UP and an advertising campaign that makes them look like the UP's lackeys. The heroes fly to the UP HQ distraught and angry, but they need to put aside their differences quickly as giant people from Colossal Boy's home planet are rampaging across the galaxy. Meanwhile Brainiac-5 reveals how he plans to bring back Dream Girl from the dead using his ancient ancestor's old technology.

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #21 (October 2006)
    Mark Waid & Tony Bedard, Adam Dekraker, Rob Stull
    Colossal Boy confronts his fellow giants, but is tricked by a few normal sized humans who free the criminals who start beating up Colossal Boy. Brainiac 5 moves forward with his plans to bring back Dream Girl. Her body vanishes, and he scuffles with his teammates (who realize he has defenses against them all), before retreating to his room, where he dreams/meets Dream Girl. Supergirl meantime still thinks she's dreaming her whole experience in the future.

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #22 (November 2006)
    Mark Waid & Tony Bedard, Barry Kitson & Adam Dekraker, Rob Stull & Rodney Ramos
    A year on from their break-up, Karate Kid and Shadow Lass talk about her current relationship with Ultra Boy. Karate Kid thinks maybe Ultra Boy has a crush on Supergirl, and sets about proving to Shadow Lass that it isn't so. At a rally, an energy-caster fires at Science Police who try break up the gathering. Ultra Boy and Supergirl ease the situation, inviting the youth to join the LSH's training program. Invisible Kid tells Ultra Boy that his feelings around Supergirl are a direct result of her electromagnetic field interfering with his, nothing more. Actually, Invisible Kid wants Kara for himself. On Narchus III Sun Boy and team are attacked by a super Dominator and enslaved. Supergirl fakes being weaker than Ultra Boy as they help save a city from meteors, proving that he doesn't have a crush on her, he was just perturbed that maybe he wasn't stronger than her... much to Shadow Lass' relief.

  • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 (December 2006)
    Mark Waid, Barry Kitson, Mick Gray
    Supergirl wakes up thinking she's back on Krypton, but soon realizes that Brainiac 5 and others tricked her with Kryptonite to bring her to Rokyn, a world like Krypton inhabited by the survivors of the enlarged Bottled City of Kandor. Element Lad and others find a young man who can spontaneously grow flora, and invite him to the surface, but someone has planted him there to do something sinister. Light Lass re-earns her position as the Shadow Champion of Talok, and considers running for leader of the LSH. Back on Rokyn the LSH members are suspected of being involved in a break in at the museum where they battle the real villains, a group of super-powered teens... but the spectre of Mon-El calls out to them from the Phantom Zone.

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