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  • Super Friends #21 (January)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Dan Davis
    The Super Friends are transported through a book to a world of fables and stories, which is controlled by the Queen of Fables. She plans to keep them in her realm forever, and sends them off in different directions. Each of the superheroes comes across a different story character. Wonder Woman meets Baba Yaga, The Flash meets Rip Van Winkle, Aquaman meets a shark god named Dakuwaqa. Superman meets John Henry, Green Lantern meets a chief at the Baobab Tree, while Batman meets the Trickster Spirit fox in the form of Robin. Each prevails in their own way, and come back to face the Queen of Fables and her monsters. But the Super Friends defeat her with their own imagination and a few choice words.

  • Super Friends #22 (February)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    Answering their Christmas mail, the Super Friends decide to personally answer one letter from a girl called Ellie who can't walk. She asks them to fix her legs, but the Super Friends show her that there's lots of things she can still do even without being able to walk. At the Watch Tower they show her famous people who were like her but overcame their disability to do great things. When Amos Fortune turns up and wipes the Super Friends' memories, Ellie comes to the rescue, using her knowledge of the Super Friends to defeat Amos Fortune and save the day.

  • Super Friends #23 (March)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Dan Davis
    The Super Friend's new security system warns them of a break-in on the satellite. Despero is trying to steel a magic Jar, which when joined by a magic wheel and bell, will give him control of all magic. He tells them other villains are after the other objects. Sure enough, when the Super Friends go to secure those other items that find Mongul and Queen Bee attempting to secure them. The Super Friends bring all three magic items back to their satellite, which was exactly what Despero had planned would happen. He grabs the three items and is set to escape, but the satellite's new automatic security system stops him.

  • Super Friends #24 (April)
    Sholly Fisch, J. Bone, J. Bone
    All the scientific villains are holding a conference to see who is the best and the brightest. Lex Luthor decides to raise the stakes by tipping off the Super Friends to the Oolong Island convention. The villains are helpless, until they work together. However once they capture the Super Friends their internal fighting undoes their work, and the Super Friends once again gain the upper hand, capturing the villains, challenging them to use their scientific knowledge for good rather than evil.

  • Super Friends #25 (May)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    While finishing off the Olympic Torch relay on Earth, the Super Friends are transported to another planet where they are forced to compete in Intergalactic Games. They find themselves up against people from Daxam, Dryad and Durla. The problem is, whoever doesn't win will see their home planet destroyed. Through games of strength, skill, stamina and speed, we see Superman win in strength, Batman come second in skill, and Wonder Woman come fourth in stamina. But in the race for speed, Batman notices something about the scoreboard, and has the Super Friends finish third. The tally on the board shows that all four teams have tied. The Super Friends challenge the hosts of the game, which forces them to own up to their lie. They never intended to destroy anyone's planet, it was just an incentive to win. But they realize the error of their way, and the games are on for everyone to compete in of their own free will.

  • Super Friends #26 (June)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Stewart McKenny
    Two street performers, Hocus & Pocus are performing on a side street when Felix Faust & the Super Friends crash into them. Suddenly, Hocus has mastery of the mystic arts and before they know it the city is being overrun with cheeky little bunnies! Local criminals want to make use of the new magic users to rob a bank. The Super Friends save the two helpless magicians who accidentally came into possession of Faust's Gem of Ibis. When Faust confronts them wanting it back, they call on the help of the Super Friends. The gem, which was in the possession of their pet rabbit is handed over to the heroes.

  • Super Friends #27 (July)
    Sholly Fisch, J. Bone, J. Bone
    Flash and Green Lantern are trying to organize a surprise birthday party for each other when they are captured by Sinestro and Professor Zoom, who take over their identities and fool the other Super Friends into helping them steel a train full of gold. The problem is the villains don't know about the birthday plans Flash and Green Lantern had, and this alerts the rest of the Super Friends to the villain's real identities. Flash and Green Lantern escape and help their friends capture the villains. The Super Friends throw a party for both Flash and Green Lantern at the Justice League Watchtower.

  • Super Friends #28 (August)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    As the Riddler and other villains try to devise a tricky plan, they overhear of an ancient tablet that leads to some kind of treasure if the puzzle written on it can be deciphered. The villains try to divert the attention of the Super Friends elsewhere by creating a puzzle of their own. Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman investigate the villain's riddle while Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman try to solve the mystery of the ancient riddle. Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman have a little trouble with the villains, but ultimately win out. Riddler and his other pals find the "treasure" referred to in the ancient riddle, but Batman thinks it's a fake, and he's right. The ancient tablet was a trick itself, one played by the Duke of Deception. The villains have unwittingly released a giant automaton that will likely destroy the world. Unable to stop the robot which can solve any problem, the Super Friends are amazed and pleased with the Riddler and his cohorts throw unsolvable questions at the giant robot, which causes it to slow down enough to enable the Super Friends to shrink it and restore it to its original box.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Super Friends Vol 4: Mystery in Space reprints Super Friends #22-28]

  • Super Friends #29 [Final Issue] (September)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Dan Davis
    Mxyzptlk, Mopee, Shaggy the Leprechaun, Bat-Mite, and Quisp attend Super-Con, the biggest comic convention in the world. The Super Friends are there, but while Mxy promises not to use his magic to ruin the convention, he can't help but coax his friends to use their magic to create havoc. Everyone at the convention is given super powers, and things get a little crazy, forcing the little villains to realize their error, thanks to the Super Friends, and everything is set right once again.

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