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  • Super Friends #9 (January)
    Sholly Fisch, J. Bone, J. Bone
    Metropolis is throwing Superman a birthday parade. Lex Luthor's fake pinata explodes and a group of robots fly out. The Super Friends get the people to safety and stop the robots. But Lex isn't done yet. He exposes Superman to a ray which turns Superman into a baby. The Super Friends have a hard time keeping Superbaby in one place, but the Flash races him around the world at super-speed, aging Superman back to his normal age. But Lex shoots the ray again, making Superman an old man. But the wise old Superman talks Lex down. Seems Lex was only upset at not being a part of the Superman celebration... Superman shows him inside the new Superman Museum where a statue of Lex stands in the middle of all Superman's enemies. With Lex captured, Superman flies home to Smallville to celebrate his birthday with Jonathan and Martha Kent.

  • Super Friends #10 (February)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    The Super Friends arrive at the Wayne Foundation Community Center to help the children celebrate the range of holidays celebrated at the end of the year, including Christmas, Chanuka and Kwanzaa. However Dr. Light kills all light sources across the city. The Super Friends try to stop him, but Dr. Light creates multiple holographic images of himself and evades their grasp. With time running out, Wonder Woman tells the children to have faith and their lights return. Angrily confused Dr. Light steps in to investigate. Batman grabs his light stealing contraption, returning the lights to the city. In jail, Dr. Light receives a gift from the Super Friends, who are all about good will to all people... even Dr. Light.

  • Super Friends #11 (March)
    Sholly Fisch, Cynna Clugston, Cynna Clugston
    As the Super Friends try to catch the Royal Flush Gang, Bat-Mite drops in. He wants Batman to stop the gang on his own. He gives Batman all the Super Friends' powers. Powerless, the Super Friends still chime in to show how teamwork is the answer. Bat-Mite decides to make them all a Bat-Squad, changing their costumes. Unhappy, Mxyzptlk arrives to challenge Bat-Mite. Chaos ensues, but the Super Friends continue to work together to stop the craziness created by the two imps. Bat-Mite tricks Mxy back to the 5th Dimension, but other imps arrive to challenge Bat-Mite to turn their favorite superhero back the way they're meant to be. Bat-Mite relents, going back to his own dimension where he formulates a plan to join all the imps together into their own team.

  • Super Friends #12 (April)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Dan Davis
    When Pirates attack a whale watching ship, the Super Friends arrive to investigate. Locating the pirates, the superheroes discover that they are in fact research scientists who have been over by Starro. Starro, a giant sea star, wants to take over Earth and is trying to melt the North Pole ice to flood the world. Aquaman uses his telepathy with other sea creatures to scare off Starro's smaller counterparts and the Super Friends unite to defeat the would-be conqueror and set things right.

  • Super Friends #13 (May)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    Colonel Lane's Mammoth Circus is in danger of closing down. To drum up some publicity he advertises that the Super Friends are part of his circus, with his own people dressing up as the superheroes. The real Super Friends arrive, and soon agree to help out by joining the circus. Flash villain Abra Kadabra wants to steal the show, creating havoc and putting people in danger. Unable to reverse his hocus pocus, it's up to the Super Friends and the new circus friends to save the day. Bruce Wayne signs up the circus to perform to sick children around the country.

  • Super Friends #14 (June)
    Sholly Fisch, Scott Shaw with Mike Kazaleh, Terry Beatty
    Ch'p, the alien chipmunk Green Lantern arrives on Earth and finds that humans everywhere have been frozen still. When Ch'p locates the Super Friends he communicates with them via his ring and learns that Kanjar Ro is behind their current problem. Ch'p rounds up all the Super Pets, including Krypto, Streaky, Beppo, Ace, Jumpa, and Topo and takes the fight to Kanjar Ro. Ro calls upon an alien ant armada who invade Earth. With a plan in mind, Beppo flies to the JLA Watchtower, uses a machine created by Gorilla Grodd which turns all humans into Apes, thus freeing them from Ro's trap. The Super Ape Friends defeat the giant ants, capture Kanjar Ro, and return everything to normal with the help of their animal friends.

  • Super Friends #15 (July)
    Sholly Fisch, J. Bone, J. Bone
    A mysterious villain calling himself The Unknown sends the Super Friends on a chase around Gotham with cryptic clues. Each time they defeat one of his tricks one member of the Super Friends vanishes. First Superman, then when the Unknown somehow gets inside the Batcave the Flash is gone. Then in their Watchtower Green Lantern and then Aquaman disappear. As Wonder Woman too vanishes Batman is left alone. The Unknown gives him another clue and Batman walks in on his friends who have set up the whole thing as a Birthday surprise for Batman with the help of Robin.

  • Super Friends #16 (August)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    Captain Cold, Mister Freeze, Killer Frost, Minister Blizzard, The Icicle, and the Blue Snowman have joined forces to freeze an entire city. They squabble amongst each other and come up with a game to see who can pull off the biggest crime. The Super Friends are on hand however, and stop each crime as it happens... the only one they haven't caught is Mister Freeze, who they find walking down the street out of his confining costume. Seems he just wanted to be able to walk around as a normal man... however he has no thought for the rest of the city's population who are freezing. The Super Friends unfreeze the city, and put all the villains in jail.

  • Super Friends #17 (September)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Dan Davis
    The Super Friends have to go back in time because Chronos has changed American history and stopped the Declaration in Independence from being signed, making himself the King of America. With the help of STAR Labs the Super Friends go back in time and save Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams from a time loop, while also helping George Washington avade the futuristic tanks manned by Chronos. Capturing Chronos, the Super Friends help set things right, and return to their own time.

  • Super Friends #18 (October)
    Sholly Fisch, J. Bone, J. Bone
    With everything on Bizarro World perfectly trashed, the Bizarro Super Friends head to Earth, where they find the real Super Friends fighting an improved Amazo. The Bizarro Super Friends cause chaos everywhere they go, but the Super Friends cleverly use their backwards behavior to trick Amazo and have him duplicate the Bizarros' powers, rendering him useless. Unhappy at the gratitude shown to them, the Bizarros head back to their own ungrateful planet.

  • Super Friends #19 (November)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    Headmaster Mind has put an ad in the paper looking for young wannabe villains. Kids answer the ad and hope to learn how to become villains. When Headmaster Mind sends a clue to the Super Friends they'll be up to no good at the Zoo, the young villains find themselves learning hard lessons. The Super Friends make a few of them realize the error of their ways, and the would-be villains turn on their teacher and help the Super Friends capture them and put them away.

  • Super Friends #20 (December)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    The Shaggy Man has been set loose on Vermont on Halloween, with the Super Friends called in to help secure him. However he's too strong for them, and nothing they do seems to subdue him. Until Wonder Woman realizes that the newly created creature is scared and just needs a friendly face to calm him down, and the Shaggy Man is removed to live elsewhere in peace.

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