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  • Super Friends #1 (May)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    A group of school children are stuck in a cave, but the Super Friends arrive to save them. However not everyone is happy about it. Professor Ivo is angry that his magnificent inventions are always over-shadowed by the Super Friend's exploits, and introduces Amazo, his super robot who can do everything the Super Friends can do. Amazo defeats and traps the Super Friends while Ivo prepares to be interviewed on TV. However when the Super Friends escape, Ivo's TV debut is put on the back-burner. He sends Amazo out to destroy them once and for all, but Aquaman challenges Ivo, who makes the mistake of sending Amazo into the water, where he short circuits. Vowing his revenge, Ivo is sent to jail.

  • Super Friends #2 (June)
    Sholly Fisch, Joe Staton, Horacio Ottolini
    When three scientists break through the time barrier and create a portal to the Jurassic era, they unwittingly let through dinosaurs into Metropolis! The Super Friends do their best to round up the creatures on land, in the sky and at sea. They return them through the time portal as they three scientists return. The Super Friends warn them about using science responsibly.

  • Super Friends #3 (July)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Phil Moy
    Felix Faust uses magical finger puppets to control the Super Friends to do his bidding. He instructs them to find and return three magical objects - a jar, a wheel and a bell - which will give him access to all the world's magic. However, although they're unable to defy his orders, the Super Friends manage to use the wits, swap costumes, and trick Faust with the help of their new young friend "Snapper".

  • Super Friends #4 (August)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    Crazy pranks are befalling the Super Friends, and it seems any number of villains could be behind the crimes. It's actually discovered that Joke, Harley Quinn, Prankster, Trickster, Punch and Jewelee have teamed up to form the Jester's League of America. The Super Friends seem to be the laugh of the town when a TV news team seems to be at every prank the villains play on the heroes. But the Super Friends outsmart the villains, turning the tables on them.

  • Super Friends #5 (September)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Phil Moy & Mike Decarlo
    Everyone on Earth has been changed into some kind of ape. The Super Friends, in their satellite headquarters are unaffected, but have to head to Earth when a distress call from Solivar in Gorilla City is received. Arriving in Gorilla City, the Super Friends are all changed to apes, but are attacked by a group of humans. It turns out that everyone in Gorilla City was changed into humans by Gorilla Grodd, while all humans on Earth were changed into apes. The problem is Grodd, now a human himself, can't get back into his lab because the security systems don't recognize him. The Super Friends devise a way to get Grodd's machine out of his lab to put everything back the way it should be.

  • Super Friends #6 (October)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    The Super Friends have challenged themselves to see who can escape traps set up for each one of them by other members of the team. However the Key has other ideas, and has changed the traps to remove the possibility of escape. But the Super Friends use their teamwork and escape their traps, trapping the Key instead.

  • Super Friends #7 (November)
    Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Dario Brizuela
    Amos Fortune thinks his life is filled with bad luck. Instead of working hard and making something of himself, he creates a machine that gives him good luck and other people bad luck. He uses his Stimoluck to help his niece's skateboard team, "The Lucky Stars" win rounds of the Skateboard Championship. A competing team, the Comets, call on the Super Friends, who help them practice hard to overcome bad luck. Whem Amos uses an even larger version of his Stimoluck to create chaos around the city, his niece realizes that what he's doing is wrong, and helps save the day.

  • Super Friends #8 (December)
    Sholly Fisch, Stewart McKenny, Dan Davis
    The Scarecrow frightens off children on Halloween, before hearing on TV that Green Lantern is fearless. Taking up the challenge, he makes Green Lantern breathe in his fear gas, which has him seeing monsters everywhere. He even thinks the other Super Friends are monsters. Wonder Woman's lasso of truth makes him see that the gas has tricked him. When they attempt to capture the Scarecrow, he turns more gas on the Super Friends, making them fear their own super powers. The Super Friends work together and use their brains to fight off their fears and capture the villain.

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