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  • Superman/Batman #78 (January)
    Joe Kelly & Jack Kelly/Amanda McMurray, Ed Benes/Brett Booth, Ed Benes/Brett Booth
    Two young boys debate about who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman and why while Superman and Batman watch from a distance./Power Girl flies to Gotham to help out after a small earthquake. She runs into the Huntress and is once again reminded of the fact that her reality is gone and that this Huntress is not her friend. Huntress tells Power Girl that her help is not needed. Suddenly they are both hit with a psionic blast from an alien that crashed to Earth. That crash was what caused the earthquake. The ship is beyond repair but Power Girl and a reluctant Huntress promise to help him find a way home no matter what it takes.

  • Superman/Batman #79 (February)
    Chris Roberson, Jesus Merino, Jesus Merino
    Epoch, the Lord of Time, is read a list of his crimes by a robotic Robin, including the recent incursion into the 853rd Century where he was arrested and incarcerated by the Superman and Batman of that era. Epoch electrocutes the robot and makes his escape eventually heading into the future Batcave where he steals a poly-alloy battlesuit. The future Batman is already there and informs him that the tech in the suit is useless without the core control. Epoch has that covered and leaves. Epoch arrives at the Justice Legion's headquarters, which is located via tesseract inside the team's meeting table. He attempts to retrieve his equipment but the future Batman is already there and the two fight. Epoch manages to escape again and reaches the future Superman's Fortress of Solitude but once again Batman is there this time with the future Superman. The battle is brief as Epoch manages to freeze the future World's Finest heroes and escapes into his Palace of Eternity located in the Phantom Zone. He takes the Palace to Earth in the early 21st century and announces that he will be taking over the planet. Suddenly the present day Superman, Batman and Robin the Teen Wonder confront Epoch expressing their objections to his hostile takeover.

  • Superman/Batman #80 (March)
    Chris Roberson, Jesus Merino, Jesus Merino
    Epoch faces off against Superman, Batman and Robin and quickly grows tired of the battle. He conjures an Omega Barrier, a trap that is as impassable as the event horizon of a black hole, and imprisons the heroes before flying off to conquer the world. Back in the 853rd Century the Superman of that era manages to break free of the time loop Epoch had placed him and Batman in. He breaks Batman free but even though they are aware of the time loop they are still stuck in it. Batman, as ever, has an idea. Back in the present Epoch traps more heroes before declaring himself ruler of the world. Inside the Omega Barrier Superman and Batman use theoretical physics to break free of their trap. They attack Epoch, who jumps back into the time stream. His ride is uncontrolled however and he ends up facing off against the Batmen and Supermen of various eras until he is finally back in the 853rd Century. The Superman and Batman of that era are waiting for him having escaped the time loop by going into the 5th Dimension and then coming back to the 3rd.

Sorcerer Kings (4 Parts)

  • Superman/Batman #81 (April)
    Cullen Bunn, ChrisCross, Marc Derring
    Laura, Ragman and Blue Devil, members of the group known as the Shadowpact, are on a mission from the Phantom Stranger to be on the lookout for a magical catastrophe of Biblical proportions. Suddenly a fight between an armored man and a hoard of demons materializes before them and in the end the armored man is killed. After fighting the demons off Blue Devil and the others are shocked to discover that the dead man is Superman. Meanwhile in the "Batcave" "Batman" and a woman called Nina talk about "Clark" leaving despite all of their discussions not to. Elsewhere the Phantom Stranger contacts a very much alive Superman and brings him to the Oblivion Bar to examine the body of the other Superman. Before they can find out anything "Batman" and Nina arrive and after a quick battle kidnap Superman. Later Detective Chimp contacts the Dark Knight and tells him about Superman's disappearance. Meanwhile, Superman wakes up and assumes that he is on a parallel world. "Batman" is quick to point out that it isn't a parallel world; it is Superman's future.

  • Superman/Batman #82 (May)
    Cullen Bunn, ChrisCross, Marc Derring
    Detective Chimp, Doctor Occult and Batman question members of the Acolytes of the Void. Seems someone is searching for the Witch's Highway to perform the Final Spell that will allow them to cast their oppressors into eternal torment. Batman says they need to find it first leading Occult to say they will need a witch. In the future Batman explains that the world died when a coven of the most powerful magic users (Blackbriar Thorn, Morgan Le Fay, Brother Blood and Felix Faust) enacted the Final Spell and offered up the sun for limitless power. The magic using heroes breathed new life into the sun but all technology was wiped out and demons roamed free. The Creeper and his army of undead monsters attacks. Superman's powers don't work as they should. Batman tells him to use the sword and when he does it sends the Creeper away in a flash of light. Under the new sun Superman has new powers. Back in the present Dr. Occult, Detective Chimp and Batman follow a pathway into the sewers, which takes them to Klarion the Witchboy.

  • Superman/Batman #83 (June)
    Cullen Bunn, ChrisCross, Marc Derring
    In the future, Batman and Scream Queen lead Superman to the Hall of Doom, which serves as the headquarters for that era's Justice League. Superman is introduced to Traci 13, Arthur Curry, Jason Blood, Stanley, his Monster and Klarion. Klarion and Batman argue over the decision to send their Superman back in time./In the present, Klarion leads them to the First Wellspring of Magic. Batman looks and sees Brother Blood, Morgan Le Fay, Blackbriar Thorn and Felix Faust and their massive army./The future League tells Superman how his future self was convinced that if he could go back in time he could save the world. Lois was killed./Batman and the Shadow Pact fight against the massive army. Suddenly a giant tentacle monster flashes into existence./Jason Blood tells Superman that they think the sorcerers sent the monster back to hedge their bets and it did a fairly spectacular job doing so. Batman puts on his cowl and explains that they are going to stop the villains in the here and now before they have a chance to send the creature back. With a smile Batman asks Superman if he is ready to remake the world.

  • Superman/Batman #84 (July)
    Cullen Bunn, ChrisCross, Marc Derring
    In the future Batman gives Superman a key looking object, which will bring Superman back to his own time should their plans fail. Superman, Batman, Nina, Aquaman and the others head into battle only to face Firestorm, who kills Nina. Aquaman sacrifices himself to allow the others to escape. Superman, Batman and company head to Gotham City. The heroes attack the magic villains. Batman saves Superman from being killed but ends up mortally wounded. Morgaine unleashes Gargora, the she-beast with a thousand heads. A dying Batman tells Superman to use the key to return to his own time but Superman refuses. He takes the sword and uses it to banish Gargora. Jason Blood becomes the Demon to kill Morgaine but Superman tells him not to. The Demon tells him that if he wants Morgaine to live he needs to head to the past and fix this. In the present Superman flies in and takes down the would-be Sorcerer Kings with a blast of heat vision backed by the last of the magical power he acquired in the future. His gambit works but Superman is weakened giving Blackbriar Thorn an opening. Batman puts a stop to that with a handy batarang.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Batman: Sorcerer Kings reprints Superman/Batman #78-84]

The Secret (3 Parts)

  • Superman/Batman #85 (August)
    Joshua Hale Fialkov, Adriana Melo, JP Mayer with Greg Adams
    As Jimmy takes photos of a young woman he's trying to win over, he notices a dead body wash up on the shore. Back at the Daily Planet Perry informs Clark that the man was Garrett Remington, an old friend of his from the Gotham Gazette. He wants Clark to investigate the story, because Remington apparently had worked out Batman's secret identity. Clark heads to Gotham and confronts Batman, but the Caped Crusader doesn't want his help. The police think Batman killed off Remington to keep his secret safe, but Batman finally admits to Superman that Remington found out about Bruce Wayne's connection to Batman due to a serial number he'd forgotten to file off on a part taken from Waynetech when it was a publicly listed company. Batman refuses Superman's help.

  • Superman/Batman #86 (September)
    Joshua Hale Fialkov, Tomas Giorello, Blond
    Batman confronts the Gotham Gazette's editor Martin Mayne about Remington's story. Clark goes to interview Mr. Fox at Waynetech. As Matches Malone, Bruce Wayne goes to a bar that Remington frequented and learns about a box where snitches could leave info on Batman. He finds the box and discovers the Joker is behind it. The last note left in the box was in reference to Clark Kent having the folder containing Remington's story. The note was signed by Martin Mayne. In his apartment, Clark Kent sits at his computer, as the Joker looms over him with a giant mallet ready to strike!

  • Superman/Batman #87 [Final Issue] (October)
    Joshua Hale Fialkov, Tomas Giorello
    Clark dodges out of the way of the Joker's strike, and even though Batman comes in to try and help, Clark is thrown out of the building and towards the street below. Batman swings in (and with Superman's flying ability) saves Clark from revealing his secret identity. Clark goes to confron Martin Mayne for ratting him out to the Joker. Later Superman and Batman discuss the whole situation with Batman telling Superman he's an architect, building the future, while Batman's a firefighter putting out fires.

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