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  • Superman/Batman #66 (January)
    Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins
    In the swamps a Black Lantern ring takes over the body of Solomon Grundy. Meanwhile, in Gotham City, Man Bat is hunted by the police. Bizarro is also in town seeking friendship. Man Bat is finally captured but it turns out that one of the people behind his apprehension is his wife Francine. Bizarro comes upon Francine trying to cure Man Bat and he "saves" the former Kirk Langstrom. He eventually lets Man Bat go and has a little tussle with one of the people in Francine's group before Blackest Night Solomon Grundy attacks. As Grundy tries to kill Bizarro the Man Bat is offered a cure by Francine.

  • Superman/Batman #67 (February)
    Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins
    Black Lantern Solomon Grundy tries to rip Bizarro's heart out. Frankenstein, a member of S.H.A.D.E. steps in and cuts off Grundy's arm with the Sword of Michael. From a distance Man-Bat watches the melee while his wife Francine begs him to change back to human form so the cure can take effect. Bride, Frankenstein's wife, fires a few shots and says that this isn't the Solomon Grundy they faced before. Meanwhile Francine reminds Man-Bat of when they first met. As Frankenstein goes in for the kill Solomon Grundy begs for Bizarro to help him, which Bizarro does by taking the sword away from Frankenstein. Francine manages to get Kirk to transform back to human form and he nearly takes the serum when Francine is hit with a stray bullet. Filled with anger Kirk changes back to Man-Bat. Solomon Grundy tries to kill Bride but Frankenstein intervenes only to have Grundy rip his heart out, which seems to kill him. Bizarro sees this and decides that Grundy is "good", grabs Grundy, flies him into space and throws him into the sun. Back on Earth Man-Bat, thinking he has killed his wife, flees. Francine comes around as does Frankenstein, who survived his attack. Francine comes around as well. Man-Bat and Bizarro fly off, lost in their own solitude.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Batman: Night & Day reprints Superman/Batman #60-63, 65-67]

  • Superman/Batman #68 (March)
    Joe Casey, Ardian Syaf, Vincente Cifuentes & David Enebral
    In the Himalayas Anderson Gaines reaches a summit and finds what appears to be a crashed space craft. Suddenly his base camp loses contact with him. Six months later Batman fights Death-Man in Gotham City. After taking the villain down Superman arrives and reminds Batman of the ship they had found earlier and tells him this is something that needs to be dealt with. Batman maintains that their priority is the single escape pod. Later Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are in S.T.A.R. Labs central headquarters to meet with Garrison Slate for a profile for the Sunday section. They are interrupted by Anderson Gaines, who is unhappy with the interview. Clark and Gaines shake hands and something clicks with Anderson. Clark leaves and Garrison and Gaines discuss Gaines showing up during the interview and what Anderson refers to as destiny. In the Batcave Batman studies the cell sample that he had previously taken and discovers that whatever the cell belongs to is a shape shifter. In Metropolis a giant fireball hits the Daily Planet building. NRG-X (which stands for Nuclear Radiation Generator, Experimental), the man behind the attack, ponders why a reporter (Clark) was his intended target. Suddenly Superman reveals himself and informs NRG-X that now it is just the two of them.

  • Superman/Batman #69 (April)
    Joe Casey, Ardian Syaf, Vincente Cifuentes
    Superman battles NRG-X above Metropolis, but the villain gets away. Bruce Wayne meets Anderson Gaines at a fundraiser, and has his suspicions about him. Superman compares notes with Batman about NRG-X and why he was sent to kill Clark Kent. Batman discovers that the DNA sample he got from shaking hands with Gaines shows he's a Durlan, an ancient race with a vendetta against Kryptonians. In his own apartment Gaines indeed shape-shifts into a tentacles creature. Batman and Superman formulate a plan...

  • Superman/Batman #70 (May)
    Joe Casey, Ardian Syaf, Vincente Cifuentes
    As Batman fights the Hooded Hangman his thoughts are on the alien pretending to be Anderson Gaines. At STAR Labs Gaines finds the data Batman intended him to find regarding the Kryptonian spacecraft and Superman's Fortress of Solitude. At the Batcave Batman reveals his plan to Superman. NRG-X, as Gaine's hired help, enters the Fortress, defeats Kelex and a Superman Robot, before Superman arrives. Batman flies into space and approaches the Kryptonian craft, which Gaines has already boarded.

  • Superman/Batman #71 (June)
    Joe Casey, Ardian Syaf, Vincente Cifuentes
    As Anderson Gaines sets the old Kryptonian battle ship on a collision course with Metropolis, Batman boards the craft and attempts to stop him. Superman puts a stop to NRG-X and flies directly to the spaceship to aid Batman, who is attempting to change the trajectory of the ship. Anderson and Superman do battle, with Superman freezing the Durlan. Anderson chooses to die, shattering his iced-self into millions of fragments as he tries to shape-shift. The spacecraft crashes into the ocean.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Batman: Big Noise reprints Superman/Batman #63 and #68-71]

  • Superman/Batman #72 (July)
    Paul Levitz, Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway
    Superman deals with a rogue comet in space. On Earth Lois Lane leaves a funeral for a Daily Planet staffer and is kidnapped by a religious cult. Before being knocked out she activates the signal device in her ring. In Gotham City Batman is watching over a church due to a recent rash of muggings involving priests when he gets a signal that Lois Lane is in danger. He rushes off to help Lois. Back in space Superman smashes a comet but unfortunately the comet contains Kryptonite and a weakened Superman plummets to the surface causing a good bit of damage to one of the structures below. He immediately fixes the damage and rushes home to try to keep his date with Lois. After the Man of Steel leaves the people that had watched him fix the building immediately begin drawing his symbol on the ground. Back on Earth Lex Luthor watches Superman's action thanks to an experimental quantum spy-satellite. Lex wants to study the alien race they have observed. Meanwhile Batman tracks the signal to a parking garage and chases after the thugs when they try to escape. He catches up with them after the car crashes and asks where Lois Lane is. At that very moment Lois is tied to a tree and surrounded by cultists in ceremonial robes. One of the cultists informs her that she is to be burned at the stake for refusing Superman in favor of a mortal. She was supposed to be the vessel for a Kryptonian child and now that she has turned that chance down she must die. The Man of Steel rushes back to Earth thinking that Lois is going be burning because he is so late.

  • Superman/Batman #73 (August)
    Paul Levitz, Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway
    As Lois is about to be burned, she manages to break free, and knock out the leader of the cultists. Batman arrives, scaring off the rest of the group. Lex meets with his scientists to get an update on his plan to rule over the alien planet he calls Lexor. Superman gets the captured cultist to talk, and Batman, Lois and Superman go off to investigate in their own ways. Later they gate crash a gathering of the cultists, and save them from the firey trickery. They don't know that Lex was behind it all... it was another of his experiments called "operation false god".

  • Superman/Batman #74 (September)
    Paul Levitz, Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway
    Lex continues to send rockets to Lexor, while his gangs in Gotham keep Batman busy. On Lexor Superman is assaulted by the locals, who hate Superman and have Kryptonite to harm him, thanks to Luthor. Superman intercepts a rocket headed for Lexor and discovers Luthor is behind the "gifts" the people of Lexor have been receiving. Batman, aware of Lex's gangs in Gotham gets to Lex first. Superman arrives afterwards to confront Lex, who destroys the evidence Superman has against him. Superman meets Batman outside...

  • Superman/Batman #75 (October)
    Paul Levitz and various others, Jerry Ordway and various others
    A religious zealot in the 30th century steals a time bubble to return current time to destroy Superman. The Kryptonite infused Luthor look-alike attacks Superman. Dawnstar flies a defeated Superman to the Batcave. Batman goes to Metropolis, breaks in Lexcorp, and steals a specimen from some secret cloning project. Back in the Batcave Brainiac 5 tries to create something to help defeat the Kryptonite villain while Superman recovers. The LSH goes back in time even further, to the days of Superboy in Smallville where the Kryptonite villain is attacking the Boy of Steel. Brainiac fires his weapon, grabbing the Kryptonite meteor in the villain's possession as the creature ages rapidly and dies./Steven. T Seagle turns down writing a Superman/Batman story./Two boys imagine they're Superman and Batman at a comic convention./Two page origin of Supergirl and Batgirl./Robin asks Batman for help with the newly returned Superboy. While Superboy goes to Superman for advice./Portraits of Catwoman and Lois Lane./Mini-Batman weeps over the "death" of his pal mini-Superman... who's just sleeping./A comparison between Krypto and Ace the Bat-Hound./Lex and The Joker have a heart to heart./In the future Conner and Damian remember Kal-El and Bruce Wayne./A father helps his son be a superhero and get back to sleep.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Batman Vol. 6 [Paperback] reprints Superman/Batman #64-75 and Superman/Batman Annual #4]

  • Superman/Batman #76 (November)
    Judd Winick, Marco Rudy, Oclair Albert & Julio Ferrera
    Lois wakes up and finds her husband sitting on the edge of the bed. She asks if the Final Crisis is over and Superman says it is and adds that Batman is dead. Previous to that moment Nightwing and Robin (Tim Drake) are in the Batcave. Superman and Wonder Woman enter the Batcave with Batman's cape and cowl. Nightwing starts screaming that he wants to see the body. At JSA Headquarters Dr. Mid-Nite performs the autopsy on Batman. The story returns to the present at Batman's funeral Dick insists that while Bruce is dead Batman is not. Later Superman is floating above the Earth monitoring police bands when he catches a report on Batman stopping Scarecrow's rampage. After a quick meeting with Wonder Woman Superman confronts Dick, the new Batman, and tells him to take off the costume because Superman believes it to be wrong. Superman discusses the confrontation with Wonder Woman, who boils all of the various feelings Superman is having regarding the death of those he loves to the fact that Superman misses his friend. Superman flies to the Batcave and apologizes for his actions but points out that it won't be the last time because that's what happens when people work together. Dick tells Superman he looks forward to that and the two shake hands.

  • Superman/Batman #77 (December)
    Joshua Williamson, Ale Garza, Oliver Nome
    Supergirl arrives at the scene of a grisly murder. In Gotham City the new Robin, Damien Wayne, is busy with Killer Croc. Supergirl busts in and takes Croc out. It turns out that Damien is already aware of the murders and the pair head for Metropolis. All of the victims apparently died of heart attacks, were students at the University of Metropolis and part of an intern program at Lexcorp. When Spalding at Lexcorp says he doesn't know anything about the murders, Damien hacks into the human resources computer to get the names and addresses of the remaining interns. As luck would have it all of them were invited to a Halloween party that very night. Supergirl notices one of party goers and questions him about the dead interns. The pumpkin headed man hits her with something and suddenly she is seeing a Black Lantern Reactron though in reality it is Damien. Supergirl's hallucination continues as Damien evades her attacks. Finally she snaps out of it and the villain is revealed to be the Scarecrow, who has developed a new, stronger batch of his fear toxin. Turns out Scarecrow has a mad on for Lex Luthor because Luthor stole his yellow ring.

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