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SuperBat (Continued)

  • Superman/Batman #54 (Janaury)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Rags Morales, John Dell
    Superman trains Batman at the Fortress to help with his new super powers. Batman uses his new powers to stop all crime in Gotham, while Clark has trouble adjusting to being powerless. Batman confronts Bane and apparently kills him. While Clark tries to stop a mugging, and gets shot for his troubles.

  • Superman/Batman #55 (Febraury)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Rags Morales, John Dell
    Clark is shot as he and Lois spend an evening trying to be a normal couple. Kara rushes in to the hospital to see her cousin, and soon Clark is transported to the JLA watchtower where their machines and Zatanna's magic help to heal him. Meanwhile Batman works around the clock, and around the world, using Superman's powers to eradicate crime. He is drunk with the power and when the JLA voice their concerns Batman warns them not to get in his way. When Batman attacks and nearly kills Catwoman Nightwing arrives and attempts to take him down, thinking that because Batman has kept to the night that he might not be as strong as he could be. But Batman defeats Nightwing. At Wayne Manor Clark and Zatanna get information from Robin, and Alfred gives Superman a reinforced suit to help him take on, and hopefully save, Batman.

  • Superman/Batman #56 (April)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson; Rags Morales; John Dell, Drew Geraci & Derek Fridolfs
    Batman recharges near the Sun. On his way back he's hit hard by Wonder Woman. She and other superheroes confront Batman on the moon, wanting to bring him in to help him. He refuses violently. Elsewhere Superman and Zatanna find the women possessed by the Silver Banshee. Removing her amulet, and thereby freeing the Banshee, Zatanna and Superman take the amulet with them. As Batman continues to fight his fellow superheroes, he hears the voices of his dead parents. Flying to Gotham he is confronted by Clark Kent. He and Zatanna trick Batman, using the amulet on him, freeing him of the curse and returning him and Superman back to normal.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman/Batman: Finest Worlds reprints Superman/Batman #50-56]

Nanopolis (3-Parts)

  • Superman/Batman #57 (May)
    Dan Abnett, Andy Lanny & Mike Johnson, Whilce Portacio, Richard Friend
    Superman walks into a Prankster trap, and is shrunk down to microscopic size. Batman receives an emergency signal from Superman, takes out the Prankster and takes him to John Henry Irons. They discover that the Prankster has reduced Superman to nanite size, and Batman uses a device to locate Superman. Meanwhile, Superman is amazed at the surroundings he finds himself in. The problem is time is moving faster for him, and Batman deduces that Superman will die before the day is over... so he gets John Henry Irons to shrink him so he can go retrieve Superman.

  • Superman/Batman #58 (Early June)
    Dan Abnett, Andy Lanny & Mike Johnson, Whilce Portacio, Richard Friend
    Batman shrinks down to nano size to try and find Superman. He loses communication with John Henry Irons and Robin. Superman is confronted by the nano machines, who attack him. Their weapons increase his powers so much that he overloads and passes out. Batman crashes and is knocked unconcious. When he comes to he is welcomed by nomad people who live in this reality, however they've been dislocated and enslaved by the nano machines who invaded their homes. Batman is taught their language and discovers that his coming was foretold. The nano machines plan to overload the captured Superman so that his energy will be unleashed and they will be able to grow and invade the world at large. Batman goes on the search for Superman, but Superman finds him. The only problem is that Superman isn't himself.

  • Superman/Batman #59 (Late June)
    Dan Abnett, Andy Lanny & Mike Johnson, Whilce Portacio, Richard Friend
    Batman manages to avoid the crazed Superman, who is brought back to normal when the Nanomads siphon off the excess energy. The Nanobots attack them in the form of a huge robot, but together the heroes and the Nanomads manage to overload the Nanobot's core, breaking the programming. The Nanobots are welcomed back to the fold by the Nanomads, Superman and Batman are beamed back to the "real" world by John Henry Irons and Robin.

Mash-Up (2-Parts)

  • Superman/Batman #60 (July)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Francis Manapul, Francis Manapul
    Batman and Superman find themselves in a city that resembles both Gotham and Metropolis. They're confronted by the Justice Titans, who are mashed up versions of heroes they know, such as Night Lantern (Nightwing and Green Lantern). After a brief fight they convince the heroes that they're not villains, and explain the situation to them. Their meeting is interrupted by an emergency, DoomStroke is on the rampage. As they fight DoomStroke, he gets away and goes to Lex Joker, who promises he'll bring in backups to help fight the heroes.

  • Superman/Batman #61 (August)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Francis Manapul, Francis Manapul
    Lex Joker brings together the Brotherhood of Injustice, a team of villains including Doomstroke, Brainycat, Penguello, Jimmy Two-Face, Ventrilomaker, and Lana Quinn. Batman deduces that this reality is just a dream he and Superman are having. The Justice Titans aren't impressed that Batman doesn't think they're real. Terranado, the spy on the team, is confronted by Batman, as the Brotherhood of Injustice attacks. Batman realizes Doctor Destiny is behind this dream world, and frees one of the (supposedly) dead magic users to defeat him. Bruce Wayne wakes up to a world where he and Zatanna are married with kids, but again he realizes it's not real. As does Superman, who wakes up to a world where he's trapped by Raven who is possessed by Trigon. With the spell broken, Batman and Superman meet in Gotham. Batman has made arrangements to ensure that John Dee (Doctor Destiny) stays in a coma.

  • Superman/Batman #62 (September)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael Albuquerque
    Kara travels to Gotham City to visit with Tim Drake and meets him at a diner. As they eat lunch the two remember their first case together. Superman had brought Supergirl to meet Robin and the older heroes were called away on a case. A priority alert comes in and the two travel to Arkham Asylum to deal with a hostage situation. The first inmate they come across is the Joker and Supergirl nearly kills him until Robin talks her down. They make their way through the Asylum and take care of all of the escaped inmates before finally coming to Mr. Zsasz who Robin nearly beats to death before Supergirl stops him. Tim and Kara finish talking about the incident before Tim gets an alert that the Floronic Man is loose again and the two young heroes rush into action.

  • Superman/Batman #63 (October)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael Albuquerque
    Batman fights on in a world where Grodd is ruler, having defeated all the other heroes. Superman is forced to remain off-world due to the Kryptonite poisoning in the Earth's air. With everyone under mind control, Grodd eats anyone who has a doubtful thought. Batman attempts to save people, but when Alfred has a heart attack, Batman is vulnerable and is captured by Grodd. As he's about to be killed, Superman arrives to save his friend. Batman's solution to combat the Kryptonite poisoning was successful. Superman defeats Grodd, and his presence alone is enough to give people hope and break the hold Grodd had over them. Batman's "Grodd" simulation concludes on his computer as Alfred prepares to reheat Bruce's dinner for him.

  • Superman/Batman #64 (November)
    Joe Casey, Scott Kolins, Scott Kolins
    Several millennia ago a battle wages in space between a Kryptonian battleship and another Kryptonian craft, the Grand Majesty. The Grand Majesty has been hi-jacked by aliens and the two ships are on a collision course until the aliens activate the Neo-Recombinant Drive, which causes them to disappear through time. In the present Batman discovers the ship in space and investigates. He stumbles across some Kryptonian battle robots which live up to their name and attack. Superman arrives and after discovering the origin of the craft utters a code word that deactivates the robots. The two discovers the bodies of the crew, which hits Superman hard. He reveals that the ship is from an era long before his father. A single escape pod was jettisoned recently. Left with more questions than answers, they wonder where the pod escaped to.

  • Superman/Batman #65 (December)
    Peter Johnson & Matt Cherniss; Brian Stelfreeze, Brian Haberlin, Kelley Jones, Joe Quinones, Federico Dallacchio
    Superman dreams he's flying along having a very nice day when he spots a plane which is about to crash. Using his x-ray vision he realizes that Lois and all of his loved ones are on the aircraft. The plane crashes and everyone Superman cares about is killed. In reality Scarecrow stands above Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor and the Joker after hitting them with his fear gas. In Joker's dreams he performs at a circus. When the audience laughs at him he drops to his knees and insists that he isn't a joke. Luthor goes to the 18th floor of the Daily Planet in his dream to kill Superman but discovers that somehow he has become Jimmy Olsen. Scarecrow and his minion load Superman, Batman, Joker and Luthor into coffins and prepare to bury them. Scarecrow's minion asks him why there is a fifth coffin and the Scarecrow shoots him. In Batman's dream Bruce finishes his workout and joins his family for breakfast. Suddenly Alfred comes in and starts shooting everyone. Finally he forces Bruce to shoot his father. Suddenly Batman wakes up and attacks the Scarecrow unleashing the dream gas on the villain. In the Scarecrow's dream a young girl (and her little dog too) look at a scarecrow in a field along a yellow brick road.

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