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Torment (continued)

  • Superman/Batman #42 (Early January)
    Alan Burnett, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
    Superman is unable to escape the Source. Batman saves Bekka and the two fall into each others arms. Desaad betrays Darkseid, stealing his powers for himself, but it proves too much for him, and Darkseid uses him as a conduit to regain his powers. Arriving at the scene, Batman grabs High Father's staff, which acts as a means to extract Superman from the Source. Superman attacks Darkseid, who escapes by jumping into the opening to the Omega Realm. The planet Tartaros is sucked into the breach in the Source Wall created by Superman. Back on Earth, Orion arrives to retrieve his wife from Batman. But back on New Genesis, Bekka is kidnapped by someone the minute Orion leaves her side.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superman/Batman: Torment reprints Superman/Batman #37-42]

  • Superman/Batman #43 (Late January)
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning; Mike McKone; Andy Lanning, Jonathan Glapion & Rebecca Buchman
    A Wayne-tech and STAR Labs join space facility is attacked by anti-matter versions of the Teen Titans. Disguised as Bruce Wayne, Superman jumps in to help John Henry. The Titans duplicates are actually holograms made to look like dark matter. Dr Light appears in Superman Fortress of Solitude, but he didn't count on Batman being there. The two fight it out while Superman finishes off the Titans in space. Superman joins Batman at the Fortress. Meanwhile Dr Light is saved by some mysterious figure.

K (6 parts)

  • Superman/Batman #44 (February)
    Michael Green, Shane Davis, Matt "Batt" Banning
    As Superman and Batman watch on, a movie about the World's Finest heroes is interrupted by Livewire, who explodes a Kryptonite prop when Superman and Batman arrive on the scene. The Kryptonite turns out to be real, and Superman goes down as small shards pierce his body and even an eye. The Flash speeds Superman to the Fortress of Solitude where Alfred operates on him. Recovering, Superman asks Batman to use his computer to help him locate and dispose of all the Kryptonite on Earth... but the world is litterally littered with Kryptonite!!

  • Superman/Batman #45 (March)
    Michael Green, Shane Davis, Matt "Batt" Banning
    Removing the larger chunks of Kryptonite scattered around Earth, Superman and Batman receive help from other superheroes. Even the new Toyman, Hiro, offers his assistance in removing Kryptonite at the molecular level. However when the World's Finest duo attempt to remove a large chunk of Kryptonite from beneath the sea, they're confronted and attacked by the new Aquaman, who warns Superman that not everyone is thrilled about him removing every last piece of Kryptonite from Earth.

  • Superman/Batman #46 (April)
    Michael Green, Shane Davis, Matt "Batt" Banning
    Defeating Metallo and taking his Kryptonite heart, Superman and Batman find that a strange type of Kryptonite is hidden within a mystical amulet. The silver kryptonite draws Superman to it and when he later wakes up, he sees everything through the eyes of a child. Leaving Superman at the JLA watchtower, Batman goes with Zatanna to Dinosaur Island to find the amulet's other half. He returns it to the watchtower and the child-like spell over Superman is removed.

  • Superman/Batman #47 (June)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Shane Davis, Matt "Batt" Banning
    Superman and Batman discover a hidden kryptonite arsenal under a diner in Kansas. They discover that it belongs to the U.S. government, who have created a team known as the Last Line, kryptonite enhanced meta-humans, whose purpose is to take down Superman should he ever go rogue. Batman is captured and taken to Amanda Waller, who tells him that he and Superman are now considered enemies of the state for trespassing on government property. Superman valiantly battles and defeats the Last Line... but "All-American Boy" is released... a Kryptonite-enhanced version of Doomsday!

  • Superman/Batman #48 (July)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Shane Davis, Matt "Batt" Banning
    Superman's battle with the All-American Boy coincidentally frees Batman from Waller's clutches and ends up in the streets of Smallville. Batman discovers that the All-American Boy was a U.S. solder named Josh Walker who Amanda Waller did experiments on, turning him into a Kryptonite-Doomsday. When Batman brings Josh's parents to Smallville, he calms down and stops fighting. Waller reveals to the superheroes that Lexcorp was behind the Kryptonite weaponry used on Superman.

  • Superman/Batman #49 (August)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Shane Davis, Matt "Batt" Banning
    Superman confronts Lana Lang at Lexcorp, but Lana won't back down and give him the Kryptonite Lexcorp has hidden. She threatens to set off a series of "dirty bombs" that'll contaminate Earth's atmosphere with Kryptonite molecules, making it impossible for Superman to live on Earth. He doesn't believe her. But she pushed the button. Thankfully Hiro, the Japanese Toyman, comes through which microscopic drones that can clean up all the Kryptonite, in exchange for a date with Power Girl. With all the Kryptonite now in their posession, Superman throws it into the Sun, but leaves on small piece for Batman to keep safe... just in case. It appears Batman actually has a small collection of Kryptonite variants of his own already.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman/Batman: Search for Kryptonite reprints Superman/Batman #44-49]

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superman/Batman Vol. 4 [Paperback] reprints Superman/Batman #37-49 and Superman/Batman Annual #2]

  • Superman/Batman #50 (September)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson; Ed Benes, Matthew Clark, Allan Goldman & Ian Churchill; Matt "Batt" Banning, Norm Rapmund, Marlo Alquiza & Rob Hunter
    As the JLA help to rebuild Smallville, a Kryptonian artifact is found, which has Superman and Batman experiencing the same vision... Thomas Wayne discovered something in Smallville in the past which sent his mind to Krypton where he met Jor-El, and was instrumental in helping Jor-El to decide upon Earth as the destination for Kal-El. While the Kryptonian technology he found helped Thomas Wayne to build his financial empire. Back in the Batcave, the Kryptonian technology buried by Thomas has awoken and absorbed the technology within the Batcave and sets off on a rampage across Gotham before vanishing. At the Fortress of Solitude Superman and Batman are faced with all their worst enemies... but realize they are only creations made by the Kryptonian technology. With the technology secured, Superman and Batman realize how intertwined their origins really are.

Lil' League (2 parts)

  • Superman/Batman #51 (October)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael Albuquerque
    When mini versions of Superman and Batman make rescues on Earth, the real Superman and Batman arrive to confront them. Neither side can make heads or tails of what is going on, and the mini versions call in their mini Justice League teammates to aid them. The confrontation is moved to the Batcave where it's discovered that the mini versions are from an alternate reality that's not as brutal as the one Superman and Batman are from. Mr Mxyzptlk is discovered to be behind it all, wanting to bring the two versions together to lighten the mood. Mxy brings in mini versions of all Superman and Batman's villains!

  • Superman/Batman #52 (November)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael Albuquerque
    The mini villains, realizing this big world is more to their liking, break in to Lexcorp Towers. Meanwhile, the JLA decide the mini heroes should stay at the Hall of Justice while they go out looking for the mini villains. Batman is left behind to watch over them. The JLA approach Lex Luthor when the mini villains arrive. A battle ensues. Meanwhile some of the mini villains break in to the Hall of Justice's trophy room to get themselves weapons. The two Supermen and two Batmen go up against the mini villains, but mini Lex enhances mini Doomsday, and mini Superman sacrifices himself to defeat the monster. The mini heroes don't know what death is, and mourn their lost friend. Mxyzptlk is shocked, and Batmite arrives gloating. The mini heroes return to their own dimension, with Mxy promises to try and find a way to get mini Superman back. Mini Joker stays behind however, finding his counterpart locked up.


  • Superman/Batman #53 (December)
    Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Rags Morales, John Dell
    With Bruce Wayne in Metropolis on business, Superman takes care of Gotham for him. The pair meet at an exhibition as Clark and Bruce, when the Banshee crashes the party, stealing a brooch. Superman and Batman are unable to capture her. However the fight seems to have given Batman Superman's powers, while Superman begins to lose them one by one. As Superman loses the ability to fly, crashing into his apartment, Batman arrives... floating in mid-air.

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