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  • Adventure Comics #4 [#507] (January)
    Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates/Geoff Johns and Michael Shoemaker, Jerry Ordway/Clayton Henry, Bob Wiacek/Clayton Henry
    Superboy-Prime discovers he's part of the very comic we're reading and is upset with the ending of the main story: "Superboy-Prime dies next issue." Black Lantern Alexander Luthor is the bearer of that message. Prime's parents are frightened into driving him to the comic store so he can find out what happens next! At the comic shop, Prime rages searching for spoilers for the next issue when BL Alex Luthor shows up. In his weakened state, Prime's rage isn't strong enough so BL Alex powers him back up./Brainiac 5 tells Blok that his wounds have healed but there was a complication. Blok responds that he has to get to Sorcerer's World where we last saw Mysa, the Black Witch (nee White Witch). Blok breaks out of Brainy's lab with Phantom Girl chasing after him only to stop when Brainy calls a pair of Legionnaires who can relate to Blok's heartache: Dawnstar and Wildfire. While it's not clear exactly what's happening to Blok, at the very least, his outer shell is breaking apart. Knowing they can't beat him, Dawnstar and Wildfire join Blok on his journey to the Sorcerer's World. Under Mysa's new management, the place is actually looking pretty good. Blok collapses while talking with Mysa who tells the team that it's taking all her strength to contain Mordru's power and convert it into good. Mysa touches Blok, who is healed but Mysa says that if she can stay the Black Witch, she and Blok can stay together. They kiss and Dawnstar reaches for and holds Wildfire's hand. Mysa painfully changes back into the Black Witch and Blok vows to stay by her side always.

  • Adventure Comics #5 [#508] (February)
    Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates/Geoff Johns and Michael Shoemaker, Jerry Ordway/Clayton Henry, Bob Wiacek and Jerry Ordway/Clayton Henry
    Superboy-Prime fights off the Black Lanterns and heads for the offices of DC Comics, where he attacks the editors and writers. Alex Luthor Black Lantern taunts Superboy-Prime, who puts on a Black Lantern ring which sends him back to his home. His girlfriend Laurie appears before him, but she's a Black Lantern too./Conner and Krypto catch Lori vandalizing a doctor's office. He flies her home and discovers she's angry at the doctor who failed to help her disabled mother. There's a knock at the door. It's Lori's uncle... Lex Luthor! And he's got Kryptonite with him.

  • Adventure Comics #6 [#509] (March)
    Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Francis Manapul
    Lex Luthor explains how he and Lori are related as he exposes Conner to Kryptonite. Conner calls him out on the fact that Lex blames his inability to be the great man he should be on Superman's presence on the Earth and asks why he can't cure his own sister. To everyone's surprise Lex reveals that he can. Using Lori as a hostage Lex sends Conner on a quest to find certain elements he needs to make the cure and injects Lena with a green liquid which does indeed cure her. Suddenly he injects her with another syringe and explains that he can just as easily give her the disease as cure it and as long as Superman is alive his sister will remain ill. Conner loses it and throws him out of the house. Brainiac arrives and saves Lex from a worse beating and the two villains escape. As Conner sits around the camp fire with his friends he burns his journal because he knows he will never be like Lex Luthor. Meanwhile Brainiac chides Luthor for putting their plans in jeopardy but Luthor insists that what he did was worth doing. He also disowns Conner as his son and says that the next experiment will be better.

    [Trade Paperback Collection: Superboy: The Boy of Steel reprints Adventure Comics #0-3 and #5-6]

  • Adventure Comics #7 [#510] (April)
    Tony Bedard, Travis Moore, Dan Green with Keith Champagne & Bob Wiacek
    As Black Lantern Conner Kent attacks Cassie, Conner's conciousness within thinks back on his history, recalling how the Legion put his dead body within a chamber at Superman's Fortress of Solitude where it was revived in the future, before he came back in time to the present. This knowledge allows him to temporarily take control of his body and leave a clue for Cassie. She flies to the Fortress, with Krypto's help, and when Black Lantern Conner follows her there, the ring is confused about which Conner to control, the one it is currently attached to, or the corpse in the opened-chamber that Krypto digs up. Before the ring can decide, Conner uses his newly discovered Freeze-Breath to freeze the ring and Cassie sends it to the far side of the moon.

  • [30] Adventure Comics #8 [#511] (Early May)
    Sterling Gates/James Robinson/Eric Trautmann, Travis Moore/Julian Lopez/Pier Gallo, Julio Ferreira/Bit/Pier Gallo
    Brainiac 5 muses on his namesake, the problems it caused him growing up and the reasons his father had for naming him after a hated ancestor. Earthgov Science Outpost Delta 2 is being enveloped by a strange energy rift. The Legionnaires save the scientists. Brainiac 5 reveals that six such rifts have opened up across the universe and that the source of the anomaly goes back one thousand years. They must stop the original Brainiac from killing Superman or a thousand years of history will be destroyed./Conner Kent flies into his room and is immediately called downstairs to talk with one of his teachers, Mr. Janson. To Conner's surprise Janson reveals himself to be Element Lad. Later, after Superboy convinces Mon-El to accompany him to Smallville, a meeting of the Legion Espionage Squad convenes in the Kent Barn. Chameleon Boy reveals that the next step of the plan takes them to New Krypton./At the headquarters of Project 7734 Car-Vex (who had been masquerading as Officer Romundi of the Metropolis Science Police) muses on her past as a scared prisoner in the Phantom Zone and how she was recruited to be one of the General's sleeper agents on Earth. After giving General Lane some intel on one of Zod's other sleeper agents Lane accepts her as part of the group. Thanks to the intel given to Lane by Car-Vex Squad K goes into action to hunt down Quex-Ul.

  • [35] Adventure Comics #9 [#512] (Late May)
    James Robinson/Sterling Gates/Eric Trautmann, Travis Moore/Eduardo Pansica/Pier Gallo, Julio Ferreira/Eber Ferreira/Pier Gallo
    With the universe ending around them the Legion look to Brainiac 5 for answers. As he contemplates what to do next he once again muses on his namesakes. Finally Brainy is able to travel through time thanks to the combined energy and speed powers of the Legion and he swears that they will meet again./Superboy is frustrated by the fact that the Kryptonians cannot rise above their prejudices and band together to fight against Brainiac. With the help of Supergirl the Legionnaire known as Tellus-Ganglios is able to telepathically eliminate that prejudice in a group of the Kryptonians, who might be of use to Superboy, Supergirl and the rest of the Legion. Tellus explains that he is unable to unite all of the Kryptonians leading Superboy to rally everyone together to get back to their original mission to save the other bottled cities Brainiac has captive./From the Tactical Operations Center Office Romundi, secretly the Kryptonian sleeper agent Car-Vex, watches as General Lane's men plant a bacterial tracker on Quex-Ul and then finally attack and kill the Kryptonian. Car-Vex is conflicted because Quex was the first one to show her kindness in the Phantom Zone. Her mission, though, is more important than her feelings and manages to maintain some composure, which General Lane chalks up to her being conflicted about the transition from cop to soldier.

  • [38] Adventure Comics #10 [#513] (June)
    James Robinson & Sterling Gates/Eric Trautmann, Travis Moore & Eduardo Pansica/Pier Gallo, Julio Ferreira & Eber Ferreira/Pier Gallo
    A Brainiac drone catches Superman. The drone is being controlled by the Legionnaire Quislet. Superboy, Chameleon Boy, Matter Eater Lad and Element Lad fight their way through Brainiac's forces to find the other bottled cities. Cham and Element Lad are swallowed by one of the walls. Lex Luthor appears with a Kryptonite powered robot. Superboy collapses and is transported into the bottled city of Kandor. Trapped, Mon-El is unconscious and hallucinating. From inside Kandor Superboy sees this and wonders where Brainiac's bots are taking Mon. Minus his powers, Superboy finds General Zod. Superboy uses his tactile telekinesis to attack Zod, but Zod takes Superboy down hard. Using the reverse engineered Brainiac tech Zod and his soldiers enlarge and prepare to ruin Brainiac's day./Car-Vex rests in her quarters at Project 7734. She is called to meet with General Lane. Car-Vex enters Lane's command center and sees images of Brainiac attacking New Krypton. Lane reveals that he knows she is really Kryptonian. Car-Vex attacks and manages to get out of the room. She finds Nadira and Az-Rel in a cell and realizes that the two had been tortured. Lane enters the room and reveals that he knew of her mission to infiltrate the organization and kill him from the start. Lane points a gun at the powerless Car-Vex's forehead and pulls the trigger.

  • [43] Adventure Comics #11 [#514] (July)
    James Robinson/Sterling Gates, Travis Moore/Bernard Chang, Julio Ferreira/Bernard Chang
    The Legion of Super-Heroes concludes their mission in the past by returning the various bottled cities stolen by Brainiac to their new homeworlds. Meanwhile Brainiac 5 is transporting his ancestor to Colu. The original Brainiac breaks free and the two go a few rounds before Vril Dox, Brainiac 2, shows himself and helps to restrain the elder Brainiac. Brainiac 5 turns over custody of the prisoner to Vril and returns to the future. Mon-El assists the Legion in finding new homes for the bottled cities stolen by Brainiac. His final task is to convince Jemm, Son of Saturn to allow the Lanothians, a telepathic race, to make a new home on the moon of Titan. At first the two exchange blows but finally Mon-El is successful and suddenly Jemm has a city full of new subjects. Mon-El returns to Earth and after a short talk with Jimmy Olsen he rescues the female Daxamite held by Doc Calomar and flies to the Fortress of Solitude where he is joined by Superboy. They put the girl into a rocket ship and send her back to Daxam. Mon-El is ready to resign himself to death when Chameleon Boy appears and tells him there is a chance to save himself. If Mon enters the new Phantom Zone there is a chance that one day they can save him. At first Mon-El is resistant but he enters the Zone anyway and after a thousand years Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes pull him out of the Zone and welcome him to the 30th Century.

*The "War of the Supermen" takes place in between these issues.*

  • Adventure Comics #12 [#515] (August)
    Paul Levitz, Kevin Sharpe, Marlo Alquiza and Marc Deering
    Clark leaves a note letting his parents know he's taken a day off school. He's gone into the future with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Saturn Girl shows him around, when an emergency situation requires Clark's super-speed to fly a vaccine to Mars. The Legion help Clark to cross off items he's written down on a wish list, which include playing Baseball without having to hold back. In the middle of the game Clark flies off to save Brainiac 5 from a fire inside his lab. Phantom Girl kisses him, causing his heat-vision to flare off. Saturn Girl takes Clark back to his own time, erasing the memories from his mind, but when he gets home he tells Pa that he knows in his heart that he had a perfect day.

*ADVENTURE COMICS returns to its historical numbering.*

  • Adventure Comics #516 (September)
    Paul Levitz and Jeff Lemire, Kevin Sharpe, Wayne Faucher
    Everything begins on a somber note reflecting on the past with "The Last Will and Testament of R.J. Brande"!

  • Adventure Comics #517 (October)
    Paul Levitz and Jeff Lemire, Kevin Sharpe, Marlo Alquiza
    When Superboy learns about his future exploits, he discovers the heavy burden that comes with being the kid destined to grow up to be Superman.

  • Adventure Comics #518 (November)
    Paul Levitz and Jeff Lemire, Kevin Sharpe, Marlo Alquiza
    Far from Earth in the 31st Century the Legion of Super-Heroes attempt to capture a villain named Zaryan. Back on Earth Phantom Girl is charged with keeping Superboy company. As soon as young Kal-El was brought to the future for his regularly scheduled visit Brainiac 5 ran off, which struck Superboy as a little odd. Phantom Girl explains that people have been complaining about hearing voices. On the planet Naltor, Zaryan finds practically every member of the Science Police waiting for him. The surprises continue as the Legion arrives and trash his fleet. On the ground an old priest compliments Nura Nal, the future Dream Girl, on "seeing" the impending invasion with her precognitive abilities. Nura sees not only the Legion fighting Zaryan in the future but also the death of a Legionnaire. Meanwhile Superboy explores the Superman Museum and comes face to face with a statue of Doomsday. As if that wasn't creepy enough he starts hearing a disembodied voice telling him to go home. He heads back to Legion headquarters where Brainiac 5 decides that he needs to go home until his next scheduled visit and reluctantly Superboy agrees. After the Time Bubble disappears the voice returns and says, "Good... at least you'll be safe."

    [Trade Paperback collection: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Early Years reprints Adventure Comics #515-520]

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